Year 6 saw a return of the Twice as Fancy ponies with some of the most sought-after TAF ponies collectors now search for. It also saw new ponies with some standard old toy gimmicks- ponies with magic picture symbols, growing hair, nodding heads and sweet scents. The Big Brother ponies made a brief comeback and new newborn twins came prancing into hearts everywhere. While there were quite a few extensions of existing pony groups in year 6, Hasbro tried once more to vary the Sea Ponies and re-did the Flutter Pony idea as Summerwing Ponies.

**Ponies have multiple images which sometimes include backcards and accessories. Make sure to click through the galleries!


Munchy, Yum Yum and Night Glider pranced on after the end of G1 to become top collector’s items, but all of year 6’s TAFs are high up on pony aficionado’s lists. 

Twice as pretty for double the fun! (*from packaging)

 Munchy: After the last baseball game of the season, Munchy called the ponies together to give them a special surprise. “Follow me!” she cried, leading them to a pile of baseball bats and baseballs. When she wiggled her nose, the bats burst into hot dogs, and the balls turned into bags of french fries! “This is better than a home run!” Slugger cheered, biting into his third hot dog! (*from backcard)

The most sought-after of the TAF ponies, Munchie is probably the most unique of all ponies in her markings!

Yum Yum: Yum Yum likes to make special candy for the ponies. One hot summer day, she flew to a cloud and gathered cool raindrops. When she sprinkled a little stardust and rainbow dew on the raindrops, the drops turned into colorful candy! The ponies nibbled the cool candies in the warm sun, delighted with all the delicious flavors in Yum yum’s magical candy! (*from backcard)

Buttons: Buttons loves to decorate her dresses with beautiful buttons. One night, when all the ponies were asleep, she decorated Ponyland with a basket of buttons. In the morning, the ponies looked outside their windows and were delighted to see buttons glittering in fluffy clouds and twinkling in trees. Buttons wove buttons in their hair to finish her unusual decorations! (*from backcard)

Buttons had an earlier So-Soft version produced which is a different colour scheme from her TAF release.

Night Glider: One evening, Night Glider gave a midnight party. When the ponies arrived, Night Glider blinked her eyes to make twinkling stars dance in the sky. As Mr. Moon sang a lullaby, the ponies waltzed with the glittering stars until Mr. Sun smiled in the sky. Night Glider sprinkled stardust on the ponies to give them sweet dreams, as the sleepy ponies slipped into their beds. (*from backcard)

Merriweather: Merriweather likes to go on summer picnics. One day she packed a basket of snacks and skipped to a field of soft grass. As she opened her picnic basket, a dark cloud floated by and began to rain on her! Merriweather winked at the cloud, turning the raindrops into tiny rainbows. “What a beautiful day for a picnic!” she laughed, nibbling a slice of watermelon. (*from backcard)

Bonnie Bonnets: Bonnie Bonnets strolled in a pretty garden. “These are such lovely flowers!” she thought, admiring a bush of red roses. She picked a rose and wove it into her hair. Suddenly she had an idea! When she blinked her eyes at the rose, she turned it into a bonnet of rose petals! “Now I can always wear beautiful roses,” Bonnie Bonnets smiled to herself, trying on her new bonnet. (*from backcard)


Magic Message ponies aren’t terribly rare but they still hold a fond place in memory with collectors and many will still change if heat is applied long enough (from a finger rub).

Gently rub pony’s design to reveal hidden surpise! (*from packaging)


Cuddles: In the corner of the nursery, a little teddy bear was crying because his stuffing was coming out at the seams and he lost the buttons from his vest. Cuddles saw the bear and had an idea. She took some silken threads from a spider’s web and sewed his seams up and down. Then she replaced the missing buttons with sparkling seashells from the beach. She even wrapped a pretty bow tie around his neck. The bear was so happy, he picked a special bouquet of flowers just for Cuddles! (*from backcard)

Cuddles’ teddy bear symbol changes when heat is applied. On one side the bear’s tummy shows a heart, on the other side, a flower.

Cloud Dreamer: As Cloud Dreamer watched the clouds forming different designs in the sky, one cloud turned into a fluffy white castle! Cloud Dreamer rode the rainbow’s arch to the drawbridge. Inside the castle, the walls sparkled with silvery glitter. She climbed to the top of a tower and found a little dragon who wanted to play with her! The two friends floated through the sky, waving hello to the ponies on the ground and sprinkling them with the cloud’s silver glitter to wish them a happy day at play. (*from backcard)

Cloud dreamer’s symbol is a blue cloud. When heat is applied, one siode shows a castle in a lighter blue cloud and on the other, a dragon. Please note the symbol also includes a tiny white cloud to the upper right and a matcjing small white cloud on her right cheek.

Magic Hat: “Abracadabra, presto chango!” Magic Hat chanted, trying to pull a rabbit from a hat. But her trick didn’t work. “You forgot to wave the wand,” said a little bird flying by. Magic Hat tried the trick again and followed the bird’s advice. “It worked,” she sang as she pulled out a bunny. Suddenly, the hat started to wobble. Magic Hat reached down and pulled out another bunny, and another, and yet another! “All it takes is a little magic,” Magic Hat laughed, hopping around with the bunnies! (*from backcard)

My Magic Hat had her symbol either removed somehow or painted over but it should be an upturned purple magic hat with a bouquet of red flowers coming out. When heat is applied, a chick appears in the flowers on one side, a rabbit with a bowtie on the other.

Floater: Floater was very excited as she stepped into the basket with Lofty for her first balloon ride. Up, up, up they went. They waved to Mr. Sun along the way, rode down the rainbow like a slide, then glided over to a cloud that looked just like an ice cream cone! “Take a lick,” lofty laughed, as the cloud magically became a giant scoop of chocolate ice cream. Ponyland was such a wonderful place, even high above the clouds! (*from backcard)

Floater’s symbol is 2 pink balloons and one green balloon in the middle. When heat is applied, the symbols for I Love Ice Cream (I-heart-ice cream cone) appear. On the o side, the symbols for I Love You (I-heart-U) appear. Though I had Floater and I can’t remember ever getting the symbol to change all the way! 

Mirror Mirror:  “It’s storytime,” Mirror Mirror said to the Newborn Twins, carefully placing her magic hand mirror on her lap. “Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess,” she began, holding up the mirror. Suddenly, the twins saw a Princess Pony in the mirror! As Mirror Mirror described a wicked witch, the character appeared in the glass. “Now it’s naptime,” said Mirror Mirror at the end of the story. She held up the mirror, and the twins laughed with delight. The mirror showed them fast asleep in their cribs! (*from backcard)

Mirror Mirror’s symbol is a framed oval mirror. When heat is applied, a princess appears on one side and a witch on the other. Please note there is a matching tiny mirror frame symbol on her right cheek.

Windy: One March day, Windy was flying her colourful new kite in the cool Spring breeze. Suddenly a gust of wind carried her kite into a tree! Windy tugged on the string, but it was hopelessly tangled in the branches. “Mr Tree, could you untangle my kite?” asked Windy. The tree wiggled his leaves and slipped the kite off his branches, gently placing it on the ground. Windy winked an eye at the tree and filled his branches with big red apples to thank him for freeing her kite! (*from backcard)

Windy’s symbol is a dark tree (which often looks like the pony has been taken to with a Sharpie!). When heat is applied, one side shows a kite caught in the tree and the other side shows green apples on the tree.


Their hair makes them the envy of all the ponies in Ponyland (and me too!). Brush ‘n Grow Ponies’ tails can be brushed out to twice the length for styling and pulled back in by turning their head from side to side. These ladies came with a bursh and comb, 2 barrettes and 2 ribbons for all that hair.

Dazzling pony with a tail that grows extra long hair! (*from packaging)

Bouquet: One windy day, the wind blew Bouquet’s new hat right off her head. Just as she caught the colorful hat, the wind pulled it higher – carrying Bouquet into the air! The surprised pony flew into the bright blue sky. She nibbled marshmallow clouds as she sailed past them. A little robin flew beside her, chirping merrily with her new flying friend. After the wind gently placed Bouquet on the ground, she offered her hat to the other ponies. “Anyone for a ride?” she asked with a smile. (*from backcard)


Braided Beauty: Braided Beauty relaxed on the beach beneath the warm sun. The soothing sound of the waves soon put her fast asleep. As she dozed, a little starfish wove her hair into braids. When she awoke, she was surprised at her new hairdo! Braided Beauty and her little friend spent the day building a big sandcastle and splashing inthe waves. At the end of the day, Braided Beauty hurried home to tell all the ponies about the little starfish who makes pretty braids. (*from backcard)

Ringlets: One day, Ringlets and her friends dressed in some old clothes and shoes they found. As Ringlets placed a floral headband on her head, the flowers on the headband changed into sparkling jewels with long ribbons that touched the floor, and the dress she’d put on turned into a satin gown. Attached to a ribbon was a note that read: THIS HEADBAND BELONGS TO THE PRINCESS PONIES. WHOEVER FINDS IT WILL BECOME A PRINCESS FOR A DAY. As Ringlets pranced about regally, the ponies wondered what her majesty would do next! (*from backcard)

Curly Locks: 

It was the day of the Pony Springtime Ball. Curly Locks arrived at the Pony Perm Shoppe to find that Fifi had no more ribbons to decorate the ponies’ hair! Curly Locks noticed beautiful flowers growing outside the window of the Perm Shoppe. She quickly raced outside and gathered colorful flower petals in a basket. When she blinked her eyes at the basket, the petals turned into silky ribbons! Curly Locks returned to the Pony Perm Shoppe to surprise Fifi with her basket of magical ribbons! (*from  backcard)

Twisty Tail: At Twisty Tail’s slumber party, the ponies dressed in their nighties, then munched snacks in the living room. “Let’s try new hair styles,” Twisty Tail suggested. Combs and curlers were scattered everywhere as the ponies styled each other’s hair. As Bouquet brushed Twisty Tail’s hair, she noticed streaks of color appearing with every stroke. “Your hair is changing color!” Bouquet cried. “I tried a new rainbow rinse and it really works,” Twisty Tail laughed, passing it to the others to try. (*from backcard)

Pretty Vision: One day, Pretty Vision found a magical hand mirror that helps make everything prettier. As she looked in the mirror to admire the curls she had arranged on top of her head, a stream of light popped out of the mirror and onto her hair. When Pretty Vision looked in the mirror again, she saw dozens of colorful ribbons wrapped around her curls. “Where did you get such a fabulous hairdo?” Ringlets asked, entering the room. “It was magic,” said Pretty Vision, winking at her mirror. (*from backcard)


The Princesss Ponies were back for another round in year 6, this time without any royal friends/attendants.

Royal beauty with a glimmering jeweled medallion! (*from packaging)

Princess Moondust:  One night, as Princess Moondust admired her glittering medallion, she wished that all of Ponyland could shine like the Princess Ponies’ jewels. “It can shine with your magic,” the night wind whispered to her. When Princess Moondust nodded her head, sparkling moondust drifted from the sky, covering trees and grass until all of Ponyland looked as if it was decorated with twinkling jewels. The ponies waltzed in the night, enjoying Princess Moondust’s glistening surprise. (*from backcard)

There are variants of Princess Moondust int he UK which had Princess Dawn’s symbol/cutie mark, both with and without tinsel.

Princess Taffeta: “I need a new hairdo!” Princess Taffeta cried, rushing into the Perm Shoppe an hour before the Royal Ball. While Fifi curled her hair, Taffeta sewed shiny pearls to her gown. “Do you like it?” Fifi asked, finishing the french twist. Excitedly, Taffeta turned to look in the mirror and accidentally spilled lotion all over the dress! Like magic, each drop turned into a dazzling sequin, making the dress even more beautiful! “You’ll really be the belle of the ball!” Fifi laughed. (*from backcard)

Princess Taffeta has a UK variant.

Princess Pristina: As Princess Pristina watched the Baby Ponies picking flowers in a field, she thought of an amusing surprise for her little friends. She blinked her eyes at the flowers, then sat under a tree to enjoy the fun. When Snippy picked a daisy, she found a glittering jewel in the center of the flower! “Look, I found one, too!” cried Graffiti, holding a sweet pea twinkling with jewels. The Baby Ponies gathered bouquets of magical flowers to surprise the Princess Ponies. “Thank you for the surprise!” Snippy laughed as she handed Princess Pristina a bouquet of flowers. (*from backcard)

Princess Pristina had UK variants with different coloured tails and different symbols.

Princess Misty: Deep within the enchanted forest, Princess Misty searched for the answer to how she became a princess. She asked the evergreen trees, but they didn’t know. Neither did the snowy mountains nor the little woodland creatures. But the wise west wind heard her plea and told her that Princess Ponies are the most magical ponies in Ponyland. Their jeweled medallions hold secrets for happiness and their glittering streaks of hair glimmer with good wishes. Hearing this, she set off to make a special wish come true. (*from backcard)

Princess Misty has several international variants including male variants.

Princess Sunbeam: Princess Sunbeam watched the grey clouds gather in the sky. Inside the castle, the ponies sadly put aside their plan to join the Princess Ponies for a tea party in the courtyard. Princess Sunbeam called upon her magic to save the day for her friends. She sent sunbeams from her medallion and pushed the grey clouds beyond the farthest hills, until the sky was bright blue. The ponies cheered at the beautiful day created for them with Princess Sunbeam’s royal magic. (*from backcard)

Princess Sunbeam had several UK variants including a hybrid variant between she and Princess Ruby.

Princess Dawn:  “Rise and shine,” Princess Dawn smiled, calling her sleepy friends to breakfast. But no one got out of bed. Princess Dawn had an idea! She arranged a tray of food and placed it in the center of the bedroom. She blinked her eyes and the juice pitcher magically became a flowing fountain. Platters of eggs, toast and muffins floated around the fountain as the ponies jumped out of bed. “Pass the jam please,” they laughed, munching on this unusual breakfast in bed. (*from backcard)

Princess Dawn had several international variants, including a hybrid combination version with Princes Ruby in the UK and also a male Prince Pony variant.


The Sundae Best Ponies all had an ice cream theme and were scented like the treats in their raised, molded symbols. While not as long-wearing as say, the Strawberry Shortcake doll line, I still totally remember the scent of my Peppermint Crunch and it was pretty great while it lasted!

Ice cream scented pony with a sweet tooth for treats! (*from packaging)

Coco Berry: Coco Berry likes to top her double decker ice cream cones with chocolate sprinkles. One evening, while sleepily making herself a midnight snack, she accidentally dropped some juicy grapes into her ice cream cone then covered them with chocolate ice cream. “DEE-LICIOUS,” she thought as she bit into the creamy grape, wondering why she hadn’t thought of this tasty idea before! (*from backcard)

Coco Berry has international variants.

Swirly Whirly: Swirly Whirly adds creamy strawberries to all her desserts. The ponies especially like to nibble her strawberry cookies and candies. One day, Swirly Whirly surprised her friends with a special treat. She swirled juicy red strawberries into her ice cream, then made double decker ice cream cones for the ponies. After they tasted this new treat, they named it “Swirly Whirly’s Sensation.” (*from backcard)

Swirly Whirly has international variants, most notably with different coloured hair.

Peppermint Crunch: Peppermint Crunch flavors her desserts with the cool taste of peppermint. She mixes together drops of peppermint and a dash of honey, then adds the sweet-smelling mixture to her ice cream. On summer days, she makes ice cream cones for all her pony friends. The ponies eagerly nibble on the tasty treats, enjoying the cool peppermint flavor as they play in the warm sunshine. (*from backcard)

Peppermint Crunch has international variants.

Crunch Berry: Near the licorice stick forest is a magnificent hill made of rich chocolate. Crunch Berry chips off bits of choclate from the hill, mixes them with honey-dipped sugar crystals, then lets the gooey mixture simmer in the sunshine for a hot fudge topping that’s Sun-sational! Her friends always meet her at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe when Crunch Berry makes her tasty treat! (*from backcard)


Sherbet: On hot summer days Sherbet flies to a fragrant valley where tropical fruit grows. She fills a basket with fruit and heads to the Satic Slipper Sweet Shoppe to create cool tropical treats for all her friends. She adds magical powder to the sundaes so that the ponies taste a different fruit flavor with each sweet spoonful! They happily agree that this tasty treat is “Sherbet’s Surprise”! (*from backcard)

Banana Surprise: Every banana in Banana Surprise’s magic banana grove has a tasty surprise beneath its peel. Banana Surprise adds them to the desserts she makes for her friends. Under the scoops of ice cream, layers of toppings and mounds of whipped cream might be a chocolate bar, licorice stick, or gumdrops! It’s always fun to see what’s hidden in a banana split made by Banana Surprise! (*from backcard)

Banana Surprise has international variants.


Happy Tails Ponies had a mechanism in the rear that enabled the tail to twirl around when it was squeezed. The symbols/cutie marks of these ponies are all animal-themed with a scene featuring 2 animals. Each of these ponies came with a tailed hair pick and animal-shaped ring clip that fit around the tail.

Give her a hug to make her tail twirl with love! Gently hug your pony to make her tail twirl around and around! Create lots of hair styles with the tail clip, hair clip and ribbon! (*from packaging)

Woosie: As Woosie strolled past a pond, she met a group of mice sitting on the shore. “We were sailing, but our paper boat sank,” they sadly explained to Woosie. Glancing around, Woosie spotted a big maple leaf. With a twirl of her tail, she magically turned the leaf into a little wooden boat with a tiny white sail! As the happy mice leaped into the boat, Woosie twirled her tail again to send the boat sailing across the water. “Bon voyage!” laughed Woosie, waving to her friends. (*from backcard)

There is a lavender variant of Woosie both domestic and international and in the UK there are unicorn Princess pony variants of Woosie without the “happy” tail.

Squeezer: Squeezer was planting flowers in her garden but soon grew tired of digging holes in the ground. Just then, adorable little puppies romped by. Squeezer had a wonderful idea! “Let’s play a game,” she said to the puppies. She began to dig a hole, and the puppies eagerly began to dig holes, too! When the puppies finished digging, Squeezer twirled her tail and the flowers magically popped into the holes! “What a fun way to plant flowers!” laughed Squeezer, joining the puppies for a nap under the trees. (*from backcard)

There are several UK variants of Squeezer with no tail mechanism including one also missing her symbol.

Romper: “Come and play, bunnies!” Romper called to her furry friends one sunny summer day. They all hopped to a field to play a game of tag, then they stopped to nibble sweet clover when it was time for a snack. Romper was so happy that her tail began to twirl around and around! With each twirl, her pony magic drifted over the field, turning the clover into tiny bells that chimed gently in the breeze! What a beautiful sound the little bells made, calling all the pony friends to play. (*from backcard)

Romper also has UK variants with and without her symbol and without the tail mechanism.

Tall Tales: Tall Tales watched fluffy clouds float by. “That cloud looks like a castle! And that one looks like a bear!” she said. “I’d love to play with the clouds,” she thought, twirling her tail. Suddenly, the clouds magically turned into giraffes! “Come and play with us!” they called to Tall Tales. Tall Tales and her new friends played hide-and-seek until stars filled the sky. As tall Tales climbed into bed, she could hardly wait until tomorrow to see what other friends her pony magic could make with the clouds! (*from backcard)

Tall Tales has some interesting variants which include those without tail mechanisms, a Princess variant, one with no mane, and the most famous of all- Bobbie. Bobbie is not an official Hasbro name but rather one assigned by the My Little Pony Scrapbook website author E. A. Woolley who owns one of these pink-haired ladies and afterwards it spread through collectors as an “unofficial” official name for this particular variant. 

Tabby: As Tabby skipped through a field, the long grass tickled her tummy, making her giggle. Her magical tail twirled as she laughed, brushing against the rainbow. Suddenly, lion cubs scampered down the rainbow and tumbled around Tabby! “We love to tickle each other!” they shouted to tabby, pouncing on each other and tickling their furry tummies. Tabby joined the baby lions in a game of tickling, until they were all tired from giggling so much! In Ponyland, even tickles are magical! (*from backcard)

Tabby has several Princess variations in the UK with no symbol or tail mechanism.

Tossles: One day, Tossles met fuzzy bear cubs playing in the forest. “Join us for honeycakes and tea,” they said to Tossles. Inside the cave, Tossles nibbled the sweet cakes and sipped the tasty tea. “You’re so pretty and colorful,” said the baby bears, glancing at their dark, gloomy cave. Tossles had a bright idea! When she twirled her tail, rainbow ribbons and shimmering sunbeams floated into the cave, filling it with color and light! “What a beautiful surprise!” exclaimed the cubs as Tossles took another slice of cake. (*from backcard)

Tossles was issued with one of 3 alternative squirrel-shaped tail clips.


Big Brother Ponies in year 6 remain very sought-after, especially with their accessories. There were only 3 issued this round.

A playful pony that’s ready for adventure! (*from packaging)

Chief: One hot summer day, Chief found the newborn twins sitting beneath a shady tree. “We’re too young to swim in the pool,” they sighed unhappily. Chief glanced at his toy fire truck and got a refreshing idea! When he blinked his eyes at the hose on his fire truck, it sprayed a cool stream of water into the air, sprinkling the newborn twins with cool water! The happy twins leaped and jumped in the magical fountain, playfully splashing Chief with the cool water to thank him for his delightful surprise! (*from backcard)

Chief had international releases.

Wigwam: Wigwam and Tex like to play Cowboys and Indians. One day, they playfully chased each other through the woods, then toasted marshmallows over the campfire. That night, while Wigwam slept in his teepee, Tex turned Wigwam’s feather headband into a magnificent Indian headdress with a wink of an eye! In the morning, Wigwam eagerly tried on his new headdress of colorful feathers. “Let’s play another game of Cowboys and Indians!” cried Wigwam, as Tex put on his cowboy hat. (*from backcard)

Wigwam had international releases. His headdress is hard to find.

Barnacle: The ponies dressed in pirate clothes and gathered on Barnacle’s ship for an exciting pirate party. When Barnacle landed at a tropical island, he gave each pony a treasure map. Slugger followed the map to a cave where he found a huge treasure chest! As Barnacle and the other ponies arrived at the cave, Slugger opened the chest and found a mound of golden coins. “They’re pieces of chocolate wrapped in golden foil!” Slugger laughed with pleasure as Barnacle threw a handful of “treasure” into the air. (*from backcard)

Barnacle had international releases.


The Peek-a-Boo baby pony group was unique in that it included two Baby Brother ponies as well as two First Tooth Ponies. The “peek-a-boo” bit was a movable head which you turned to give the pony a curious/quizzical look. 

With a movable head for peek-a-boo fun! –My head is poseable! (*from packaging)


Baby Noddins: Baby Noddins joined Mrs. Rabbit in a field for a clover party. As they sipped clover tea and nibbled cakes dipped in clover honey, the sun became very warm. When Baby Noddins wiggled her nose at the clover around their table, the clover grew high above their heads and shaded them from the sun. “It’s a perfect cover for a clover party!” laughed Mrs. Rabbit, passing Baby Noddins another slice of cake. (*from backcard)

Baby Noddins has several Argentinian variants where she is a baby pegasus.

Baby Sweet Stuff: Everyone was having fun at Baby Sweet Stuff’s birthday party when a mysterious package arrived. Inside the box was a beautiful doll, but no one knew who sent it. When the cake was served, Baby Sweet Stuff made a wish and blew out the candles. Suddenly, the new doll came to life! “Happy Birthday, Baby Sweet Stuff. I’m the special playmate you wished for,” giggled the doll. “Let’s have some cake.” (*from backcard)

Baby Graffiti: Baby Graffiti was sad because it was raining. “Let’s draw a picture of a sunny day,” said Buttons. They drew a sun, a rainbow, and ponies jumping rope under a tree. Suddenly, the rainbow popped up and slid under the door! To Baby Graffiti’s surprise, the rain had stopped and the sun was shining as her friends twirled a jumprope under a tree. “Your turn,” Baby Snippy smiled to her friend. (*from backcard)

Baby Graffiti has an Argentinian variant.


Baby Snippy: As Baby Snippy played with her paper dolls, a wind carried one of them into the air! It passed through Mr. Sun’s rays, then jumped onto a cloud and began to dance! “It’s magical sunshine!” cried baby Snippy as the doll waltzed in the sky. The doll hopped to the ground, carrying drops of sunshine in her hands. Baby Snippy sprinkled the drops on all her dolls, and they began to dance, too! (*from backcard)

Baby Snippy had an Argentinian variant as a baby pegasus.

Baby Ribbs: Baby Ribbs dreams of becoming a courageous knight when he grows up. While taking his nap, the rainbow gently carried Baby Ribbs to a place in the clouds. “Where am I?” he wondered when he woke up. “At the Dream Castle,” answered Majesty, the unicorn. “And there’s a party for you in the courtyard,” added her dragon Spike, handing him a shield and sword of his very own. (*from backcard)

Baby Ribbs had an Argentinian baby pegasus version.

Baby Whirly Twirl: Bees buzzed nearby as Baby Whirly Twirl dozed in a field. He dreamed that the buzzing sounds came from a little helicopter that took him for a ride in the sky. Suddenly the buzzing became so loud that he woke up! “I still hear buzzing,” he thought. When he glanced toward the noise, he saw the helicopter from his dream! Happily, he hopped inside for a dream-come-true ride in the sky! (*from backcard)


Like the first sets of Newborn Twins, year 6’s also came with a ton of accessories.

Adorable twins for double the fun! (*from packaging)

Baby Jabber and Baby Jebber: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the Newborn Twin Ponies, Jabber and Jebber! One day in the nursery, the twins discovered their unicorn magic. When a golden sunbeam touched Jabber’s horn, the top Jebber was playing with jumped to the floor and spun around the room. All the other toys joined the spinning top, whirling and twirling across the floor while the Twins laughed at the sight. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way. (*from backcard)

Baby Jabber and Baby Jebber are identical twins. They came with a sandbox.


Baby Big Top and Baby Toppy: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the Newborn Twin Ponies, Big Top and Toppy! One day, Big Top and Toppy’s matching clown dolls helped the little twins discover their pony magic. “I wish our clowns could dance for us,” said Big Top. She wiggled her itchy nose, and the clowns began to dance! The delighted twins wiggled their noses at all their dolls, filling the room with dancing toys! Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way. (*from backcard)

Baby Big Top and Baby Toppy came with a sandbox.

Baby Big Top and Baby Toppy:

Baby Sticky and Baby Sniffles: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the Newborn Twin Ponies, Sticky and Sniffles! On sunny days, their mama takes them to the park to ride the carousel. Sticky always jumps on the shiny silver horsie while Sniffles sings along to the music that plays as they go ’round and ’round. “Wheee – let’s go around again!” they call as the merry-go-round slows down then starts to spin again. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way. (*from backcard)

Baby Sticky and Baby Sniffles came with a seesaw toy.

Baby Puddles and Baby Peeks:  Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the Newborn Twin Ponies, Puddles and Peeks! When Puddles and Peeks take their afternoon nap, a bluebird perches on their windowsill and sings a lullaby to help put them to slepp. Before the bluebird has finished her song, the twins are napping in their cribs. The bluebird tucks a blanket around them and flies away until the next afternoon. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way. (*from backcard)

Baby Puddles and Baby Peeks are identical twins. They came with a seasaw toy.

Baby Sandcastle and Baby Shovels: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the Newborn Twin Ponies, Sandcastle and Shovels! One day at the beach, Sandcastle and Shovels made a sandcastle with twin thrones! They put seashells in their hair and pretended to be princesses just like the Princess Ponies. Just then, a real Princess Pony winked at the twins, turning their seashells into beautiful jewels that sparkled in the sun! Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way. (*from backcard)

Baby Sandcastle and Baby Shovels came with two snail-shaped rockers. The twins are hard to find now.

Baby Speckles and Baby Bunkie:  Early one morning, a double rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the Newborn Twin Ponies, Speckles and Bunkie! Soon, Speckles and Bunkie would have to learn to fly like all the other winged ponies. “How will we know when it is time?” the twins asked their mama. She answered them with a smile. “The rainbow will attach colorful balloons to your diaper pins while the west wind guides you along in the breeze.” Newborn Twins like to laugh and play in their very special way. (*from backcard)

Baby Speckles and Baby Bunkie came with a set of snail-shaped rockers.


It’s kind of odd to think it took until year 6 to apply the wildly popular water colour-chaning capability to Sea Ponies of all things, but Hasbro did it with thewir Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies. Honestly, they didn’t change all that wildly and many now have lost their magic some 35 years later.

With body and hair that change color in a splash! (*from packaging)

Baby Sealight: “Splish, Splash!” cried sealight as she paddled through the blue sea in her turtle float. “I can make the biggest splashes of all!” she said. She playfully sprayed a friendly fish and splashed cool water on Foamy as she floated beside her. Just then, a dolphin swam next to Sealight. “I can make big splashes, too!” he said. He disappeared under the waves, then zoomed out of the water and landed with a very big SPLASH, spraying the delightful pony with cool water. (*from backcard)

Baby Sealight’s body/hair changed to pink/yellow.

Baby Foamy: “Let’s try to catch a big, big wave that’ll carry us right up to the sky!” Foamy said to her friends. King Neptune heard her wish and sent a giant wave her way. The Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies jumped on top of it and sat very still as the wave carried them higher and higher, all the way up to the fluffiest cloud in the sky. They played there for hours, riding the cloud like a magic carpet around the sky, then slid down the rainbow, landing onto the ocean with a great big SPLASH! (*from backcard)

Baby Foamy’s body/hair turned pale yellow/light pink.

Baby Misty: Misty was excited about the mermaids’ party at their underwater castle and wanted to bring them a special gift. She gathered pretty seashells and tied them together with silky seaweed. The rainbow helped by pouring colors all over the shells while the sun made the seaweed into long ribbons that sparkled like strands of pearls. “Thank you, Misty!” the mermaids exclaimed, weaving the ribbons into their hair, saving the last one for their friend to wear. (*from backcard)

Baby Misty’s body/hair turned pink/white. 

Baby Wavedancer: Wavedancer likes to drift on the water on warm evenings, gazing up at the twinkling stars in the sky. “I wish I could shine like a star,” she said to Misty, as they wiggled in their floats. A little star heard Wavedancer’s wish and sprinkled stardust in the Watercolor Baby Sea Pony’s hair. Suddenly, Wavedancer’s curls glittered and sparkled like a star! The little star laughed as Wavedancer swung her hair, twinkling with every turn of her head. “Now I’m a shining star of the sea!” laughed Wavedancer. (*from backcard)

Baby Wavedancer’s body/hair turned white/pink. She had international releases. 

Baby SeaShore: One day, while practicing her backstroke before swimming class, a giant wave tossed Seashore and her fish float high into the sky! She came back down into the water with a loud WHOOOSH that spalshed her right in the face. Like magic, her body began to chance color. A little wave handed her a silver sea shell so she could see herself. Seashore couldn’t wait for her classmates to see her new look! (*from backcard)

Baby Seashore’s body/hair turned yellow/white from aqua/blue. Please note pony is the “changed” colour.

Baby Seawinkle: Seawinkle creates graceful water shows on warm summer evenings. She dives in and out of the water, changing colors with each dive. One night, she gathered all the Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies together and invited all of Ponyland to a show of colors. Seawinkle and her friends dipped in and out of the water to create a rainbow of glimmering hues. As a finale, the ponies formed a multi-colored rose with Seawinkle twirling in the center. The ponies cheered throwing flower petals on the happy ponies. (*from backcard)

Baby Seawinkle’s body/hair changed to orange/turquoise.


Sweetberry Ponies all had a cooking theme and like the Sundae Best ponies, were also scented, though these also have mainly lost their scent over time.

Berry scented pony with a fresh fruit surprise! (*from packaging)

Boysenberry Pie: The delicious smell of boysenberries filled the air as Boysenberry Pie placed the hot boysenberry dessert on the windowsill to cool. As Cherry Treats strolled past the window, she smelled the boysenberry scent in the air. Quietly, she reached up to take a piece of the pie. “That pie is too hot to eat, Cherry Treats, but I have another pie that has cooled. Please come in and try it!” Boysenberry Pie said to her friend. Cherry Treats happily skipped inside, where Boysenberry Pie waited with a piece of pie for each of them to eat! (*from backcard)

Boysenberry Pie also had internatiopnal releases.

Cherry Treats: Cherry Treats scampered through the sun-streaked forest with the soft summer breeze running through her hair. She arrived at a large field filled with beautiful cherry trees, but found that all the branches were too high for her to reach. Saddened, Cherry Treats started to walk away. Suddenly, a flock of golden birds swooped from the sky and filled her basket with big, scrumptious cherries! She quickly thanked the lovely birds and ran home with the smell of cherries drifting around her. (*from backcard)

Cherry Treats also had international releases. Collectors notice that she tends to yellow over time.

Strawberry Surprise: Strawberry Surprise strolled in the sun beneath a big parasol. “I smell strawberries!” she exclaimed, following the sweet scent to a patch of strawberries. Glancing up at a little cloud, Strawberry Surprise had an idea! She turned the parasol upside down and filled it with strawberries. When she wiggled her nose, the cloud rained fresh cream into her parasol! As she nibbled a cream-covered strawberry, Strawberry Surprise called all her friends to join her for a sweet afternoon treat! (*from backcard)

Strawberry Surprise also had international releases.

Cranberry Muffins: The Baby Ponies were in bed with the sniffles. “I’ll surprise them with muffins!” Cranberry Muffins thought, opening her cookbook. “These cranberry muffins look delicious, but I have no cranberries,” she said, glancing at a bowl of grapes. With a wink of her eye, she changed the grapes into fresh cranberries! Cranberry Muffins quickly baked the muffins and brought them to the Baby Ponies. The delicious small of cranberries filled the room as the delighted Baby Ponies nibbled Cranberry Muffin’s scrumptious treat! (*from  backcard)


Blueberry Baskets: It was blueberry picking time in Ponyland, so Blueberry Baskets and all her Pony friends went out to pick the sweetest tasting blueberries this side of the rainbow! “They smell better than a bouquet of flowers!” cried Blueberry Baskets, as she stuffed her berry basket with lots of blueberries. After all the berries were picked, the ponies returned home to help Blueberry Baskets make dozens of delicious blueberry muffins for everyone! As the last batch of muffins came out of the oven, the smell of blueberries filled the air! All the Ponies thanked Blueberry Baskets for a “berry” good time! (*from backcard)

Raspberry Jam:  COME TO THE MEADOW FOR BREAKFAST, read the invitations. When the Ponies arrived at the meadow, they found Raspberry Jam seated at a table covered with plates of toasted bread and pitchers of cold milk. “Something is missing,” said Raspberry Jam, smiling mischievously. When she blinked her eyes, jars of raspberry jam appeared on the table! The delicious smell of raspberries filled the air as the Ponies spread the sweet jam on the toast. “Thanks for the berry special breakfast!” laughed Cherry Treats, putting jam on another slice of bread! (*from backcard)


Summerwing Ponies were like the Flutter Ponies’ little cousins in that they’re bodies were smaller than the Flutters but just bigger than the Baby Ponies and a little thinner. Hasbro improved slightly on the wings in that they were colourful and made of a more flexible plastic that has kept many of them more intact over time than those of the Flutter Ponies. Their only big drawback is that many of them have faded over time, losing their butterfly-like patterns.

Elegant pony with rainbow-colored wings! (*from packaging)

Sky Dancer: “It’s a wonderful day for a ballet!” Sky Dancer said as she gathered the ponies at the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. When the curtain rose, she leaped into the air, twirling in time to the music. Soon all the ponies were pirouetting and swaying on stage. Suddenly, white doves flew onto stage, dancing beside the delighted ponies. “What a breathtaking finale,” cried Sky Dancer! (*from backcard)

Little Flitter: As Little Flitter gathered nectar in a flower garden, she met a hummingbird who was also collecting nectar from the flowers. “The nectar makes my cookies taste delicious!” the hummingbird said. “I put nectar in my cookies, too!” laughed Little Flitter. The two friends chatted happily as they gathered the sweet ingredient, sharing their favorite cookie recipes to sample back home! (*from backcard)

Buzzer: One day, Buzzer met a bumblebee who lost her way to the rose garden. “I’ll take you there,” Buzzer offered. They soared into the sky and followed the pink arch of the rainbow until they reached the beautiful roses. The little bee raced ahead of Buzzer to reach the flowers first. When Buzzer arrived, the bumblebee had a bouquet of pink, yellow and red roses waiting for her friend. (*from backcard)

Buzzer has a slightly different colour variant that came from different factory in year 6.

Lady Flutter: Lady Flutter hurried to Queen Ladybug’s royal tea party. In the castle, ladybugs-in-waiting poured tea into tiny teacups and served elegant little cakes. The queen escorted Lady Flutter to her throne and placed a jeweled crown on her head. “I crown thee Lady Flutter, princess of happy occasions,” Queen Ladybug announced. Lady Flutter was overjoyed at this happy occasion! (*from backcard)

Lady Flutter has a slightly different colour variant from a different factory in year 6.

Glow: Glow flew through the evening sky with fireflies lighting her way. They flitted around her, making pretty designs with their blinking lights. Glow sat on a fluffy cloud to watch them form the sparkling shapes. When Mr. Sun rose in the sky, the fireflies nestled into flowers to sleep. Glow snuggled into bed, too, to dream of fireflies twinkling in the starry sky. (*from backcard)

High Flyer: As High Flyer let the wind blow through her long, bouncy curls, a dragonfly tumbled by, unable to fly in the strong wind. High Flyer gently caught the dragonfly and took it for a magical ride past fluffy clouds, the beaming sun and the shiny rainbow. “What a wonderful way to spend a windy day!” laughed High Flyer to the dragonfly as they swooped to the ground. (*from backcard)

High Flyer has a slightly different colour variant from a different factory in year 6.


All of the animals in the second set of Pony Friends are sought-after by collectors with the top items being Cutesaurus and Cha Cha.

Baby animal pals for your ponies! (*from packaging)

Oakly Moose: One day a strange-looking pony arrived in Ponyland. The ponies ran to greet the stranger, bringing him sweet treats from the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. “You have funny ears for a pony,” said Merriweather to the odd-looking pony. The stranger laughed. “I’m not a pony. I’m a moose! And these are antlers, not ears!” The ponies laughed at their mistake and spent the rest of the day playing with their new friend, Oakly the moose! (*from backcard)

Cutesaurus the Dinosaur: As the ponies decorated a field for their summer party, they came upon a huge boulder too big for any of them to move. “It’s too heavy,” said Merriweather as she and her friends pushed against the big rock. Just then, Cutesaurus joined her friends. “I’m strong enough to move it,” she said, easily rolling the rock out of the field. To thank their friend, the ponies made Cutesaurus the guest of honor at the party! (*from backcard)

Edgar the Elephant: Edgar and Baby Snippy strolled in a beautiful garden of tall flowers. They sniffed the fragrant air and admired the colorful flowers bobbing above their heads. Baby Snippy tried to pick one of the flowers, but they were too tall for her. Edgar reached up with his long nose and gently picked a flower for his pony friend. “Thank you Edgar!” said baby Snippy, weaving the flower into Edgar’s hair. (*from backcard)

Cha Cha the Llama: Cha Cha and Glow slipped on their mittens and skipped to the pond for Cha Cha’s first ice skating lesson. As Cha Cha wobbled and slipped across the ice, Glow touched her friend’s skates with her magical wings. “My skates are moving by themselves!” laughed Cha Cha as she twirled and spun across the ice on the magical skates. She couldn’t wait to find out when her next ice skating lesson would be! (*from backcard)

*pony descriptions taken from the 1987 My Little Pony Fact File (UK). Backcard descriptions taken from US packaging.

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