While year 4 didn’t boast as many lines as year 3 had developed, its main contribution was a butt-load of So-Soft ponies that Europe would release as non so-softs and adult collectors would later meticulously deflock. So-softs didn’t last well, their flocking tended to pit and slough off at some point around hard edges. But try to take it off on purpose and it clung like superglue! Year 4 also introduced the very popular Twinkle-Eyed ponies and the not-so-popular Beddy Bye Eye baby ponies who had somewhat disturbing “sleepy eyes” which closed when the baby was laid down on its side. This was also the year of the Flutter Pony, while pretty neat in that their wings really did flutter by pressing a button on their backs, did terribly over the years because those wings broke fairly easily. But fear not- customizers around the world have fashioned reproduction and sometimes way better replacement wings for collectors.

**Ponies have multiple images which sometimes include backcards and accessories. Make sure to click through the galleries!


Flutter ponies were the first ponies to depart from the more rounded style of body. They were thinner and longer legged (presumably to help them stay airborne on those delicate wings!) than most previous ponies and this “small adult” style would carry over into later lines including the Summer/Windy Wing ponies. International versions of the Flutter Ponies stayed faithful to wings and colour schemes. Like the Twice as Fancy ponies, Flutter Ponies had an extended symbol/cutie mark on the rear and a matching small mark on the cheek or forelock.

Forget-Me-Not: Flutter ponies bring good luck. And lots of good times too. If you have a special wish, Forget-Me-Not will make it come true! Forget-Me-Not gathered all the ponies in the meadow for a surprise birthday party. There were balloons, presents, and a birthday cake that said “Happy Birthday Megan.” Then she placed a candle made of glittering stardust on the cake. When Megan arrived, a beautiful sprinkling of stardust showered the air. Everyone laughed as the stardust whirled around them. Megan’s wish to share her birthday with all her friends had come true! (*from backcard) Forget-Me-Not had multiple international releases.
Peach BlossomFlutter ponies bring good luck. Any time of day or night. If scary dreams awaken you, Peach Blossom will chase away your fright! The ponies were getting ready for a good night’s sleep as dusk settled over Ponyland. Peach Blossom wanted to make sure everyone would enjoy a pleasant dream. Quickly, she leaped into the air and arranged the stars in a circle, sprinkling sweet-dream-dust on each one. Then she fluttered her magical wings and the stars took their places in the sky. Each star beamed with happy thoughts of sugar coated mountains and colorful rainbows. Peach Blossom flew gracefully to the ground, knowing that beautiful dreams awaited. (*from backcard) Peach Blossom had multiple international releases.
Rosedust: Flutter ponies bring good luck. They like to sing and play. If there’s a worry on your mind, Rosedust will send your cares away! The dew drops glistened in the early morning sun as Rosedust scampered off to pick roses from her garden. There she found Molly and Baby Sundance practicing a difficult high jump over the fence. “You can do it!” Molly urged. As Baby Sundance took a giant step backwards, Rosedust fluttered her magical wings to wish her luck. “I did it!” Baby Sundance cried, landing gracefully. Rosedust rewarded each of them for their courage with a beautiful bouquet of red roses. (*from backcard) Rosedust had multiple international releases.
Morning Glory: Flutter Ponies bring good luck. In a very special way. When rainclouds gather overhead Morning Glory will brighten the day! The whistling wind rustled through the leaves, as Morning Glory began her journey to spread good luck. Before long, she came upon a little town covered by thunderous rainclouds. Inside the houses were unhappy children longing for sunshine and gentle breezes. Morning Glory sat atop a dark cloud, closed her eyes and flapped her wings. When she opened her eyes, sunbeams danced about and the children were frollicking in the warm air, happy at play. (*from backcard) Morning Glory had multiple international releases.
Honeysuckle: Flutter ponies bring good luck. No matter what the reasons. Watch carefully throughout the year, for Honeysuckle to change the seasons! The colorful leaves fell to the ground one by one. It was time for Honeysuckle to change the season from Autumn to Winter. She gathered snow crystals from a secret ice cave and flew into the sky, sprinkling the crystals into the clouds and ponds. Snowflakes began to dance down from the clouds as the ponds iced over. Honeysuckle watched from above as children donned their mittens and scarves, ready to build snowmen and slide down snow covered hills. It would be a wonderful winter indeed! (*from backcard) Honeysuckle had multiple international releases.
Lily:  Flutter ponies bring good luck. And fill the air with love. When you lay your head to sleep, Lily watches you from above! The baby ponies were anxiously awaiting Lily’s visit to the Lullabye Nursery and today was the day! Lily brought lots of presents, played games and sang songs with the baby ponies. At bedtime, Lily told them how Flutter Ponies spread good luck by flapping their magical wings. Then she gave each one a goodnight kiss and flew off into the sky. High above the clouds, Lily watched over her little friends, filling their heads with sweet dreams. She was already planning her next visit that was sure to be full of happy surprises! (*from backcard) Lily had multiple international releases.


While these baby ponies were exclusive to North America, some had alternate poses released in Europe and others were re-released from year 3 with a pearly-finish.

Baby Tiny Bubbles: Tiny Bubbles is the happiest when she is exploring underwater. She lets the air out of her float to get down really deep to uncover all kinds of treasures. All her baby sea pony friends always share in the excitement as she comes to the surface with her wonderful surprises. One sunny day, Tiny Bubbles was feeling especially adventurous. She decided to play near the old wrecked ship on the bottom of the ocean. To get down that deep, she let some of the air out of her float. While holding her breath, she spotted a sea urchin. Inside the sea urchin, Tiny Bubbles discovered a rusty old key. When she inserted it into the sea chest, the lid popped open, revealing hundreds of beautiful necklaces, bracelets and glittering gems. “A buried treasure!” exclaimed Tiny Bubbles. As she spoke, her words were carried up to the surface in air bubbles. All of her baby sea pony friends were delighted when she presented them with treasures from the deep. (* from backcard) Baby Tiny Bubbles was released in the non pearly finish in year 3, and also in year 4 with a European exclusive pose.
Baby Sea Star: When it’s time for a party on the sea floor, Sea Star collects the prettiest shells and builds the most spectacular shell castle. She invites all her friends and they dance in the moonlight until the sun rises the next day. Sea Star was building a sandcastle when a giant wave hit the shore. All her hard work was washed out to sea! “My castle is ruined,” she sighed. “If only I could build one that wouldn’t fall, then my friends could play in it too.” Picking up her pail and shovel, Sea Star noticed the tide leaving hundreds of bright, sparkling shells on the shore. Quickly, she gathered as many shells as she could fit in her pail. “What are you doing, Sea Star?” asked Mr. Octopus who was sunbathing on a nearby rock. “I’m going to build a castle with these shells,” she answered, excited about her idea. Mr. Octopus called Mrs. Jellyfish and together they made a magic paste to hold the shells in place. By sunset, Sea Star had the biggest, most beautiful castle on the beach. That night, she invited all her ocean friends to a party in her lovely new shell castle. Even the waves dancing around the castle were happy it didn’t tumble. (*from backcard) Baby Sea Star was released with a non pearly finish in year 3 and also in year 4 with a European exclusive pose.
Baby Surf Rider : Surf Rider loves to catch the tail of a big wave and ride it while it comes crashing down. She will stop any dolphin she can find to ask it to swish its tail and make nice waves for her to ride on. Surf Rider loves to catch the tail of a big wave and ride it while it comes crashing down. One day, when the sea was flat, stretching endlessly in every direction, Surf Rider wished for a giant wave to ride. nSpotting a group of dolphins swimming by, Surf Rider called out, “Please swish your tail and make a nice wave for me to ride upon!” The waves that the dolphins made were the biggest that Surf Rider had ever seen. She giggled with delight as she and her fish float rode the waves for the rest of the day. (*from backcard) Baby Surf Rider was released in the non pearl finish in year 3. She was also released in year 4 with a European exclusive pose.
Baby Sea Shimmer: Every day at dusk, Sea Shimmer watches Mr. Sun cast his rays over the sea before he drifts into dreamland. Then she splashes into the sea for a nightly swim. She often meets strange and beautiful creatures from the sea, like the magical mermaid who gave her a shimmery pearl. Every day at dusk, Sea Shimmer watches over the sea before it drifts into dreamland. Last night, while watching the sunset, Sea Shimmer heard a faint voice calling for help. Following the voice to an inlet, she found a beautiful mermaid tangled in a mound of seaweed. Gently, Sea Shimmer removed the wet grass to free the mermaid. The mermaid whispered her thanks as she dove into the water. The next evening, while watching the sun go down, Sea Shimmer thought about the mermaid. “I wonder what her name is and where she lives?” she pondered. Suddenly, a brilliant rainbow appeared in the sky and a gleaming pearl wrapped in seaweed washed up to Sea Shimmer’s tail. When the wave rolled back, the words “See You Soon” appeared in the sand. Sea Shimmer smiled because she had found a very special friend. (*from backcard) Baby Sea Shimmer was released in the non pearly finish in year 3 and was also released in year 4 in a European exclusive pose version.
Baby Beachcomber: Beachcomber is happiest taking her afternoon nap on a comfy lily pad. When the frogs and turtles want to play, they gently tip the pad so Beachcomber will slide into the shallow water. Smiling, she climbs back onto the lily pad to continue her nap. It was a lazy, hazy day and Beachcomber decided to take an afternoon nap on a lilly pad in the pond. Just as she closed her eyes, a loud crack of thunder boomed through the air! She jumped up to see if a storm was coming, but saw only sunshine and white fluffy clouds. Settling back to sleep, Beachcomber felt a gentle rocking beneath the lily pad. She woke to find the water was perfectly still! “It must be my imagination,” she giggled, rolling over on her tummy. As she turned, a splashing wave rose up and tickled her nose. “Happy Birthday,” shouted all her friends as the rainbow spelled out the words in the sky. “Thank you for the wonderful surprise, but my birthday is tomorrow!” Everyone laughed, including the rainbow. Beachcomber returned to her nap dreaming of the surprises in store for her tomorrow. (*from backcard)
Baby Water Lily:   Water Lily is a pretty little ballerina who stages elaborate ballets with the mermaids. When the dance is over, the other sea ponies toss rose petals into the water to show how much they enjoyed the performance. The turtles floated slowly through the ocean announcing Water Lily’s ballet. In a hidden pond, Water Lily practiced last minute ballet steps while weaving glistening seashells in her mane. When it was time for the show, the sea ponies eagerly gathered in the underwater cave. Water Lily gracefully swam into view, surrounded by pretty mermaids. The mermaids swirled bright sea flowers as Water Lily performed beautiful leaps and spins with elegant flips of her tail. For the finale, the mermaids formed a spectacular whirling star with Water Lily spinning in the center. Suddenly, Water Lily disappeared beneath the water! A few seconds later, she jumped out of the water and sprinkled rose petals from one end of the cave to the other. “Bravo,” the audience shouted. As the dancers bowed, the audience tossed the petals back into the water to show them how much they enjoyed the ballet. (*from backcard) Baby Water Lily was released overseas in a European exclusive pose.
Baby Sun Shower: Sunshower likes to jump out of the water to greet the sun. She collects water droplets and throws them up into the sky for the sun to change into a shower of rainbow coloured drops. A light mist was in the air as Sun Shower gazed dreamily at the rainbow. “I wish I could touch it,” she said, trying to jump up to the rainbow. Suddenly, she spotted a balloon floating in the sky above her. She waved her arms back and forth to get its attention. Slowly, Lofty and her balloon came down to greet her. “May I have a ride to the rainbow?” Sun Shower asked excitedly. “Hop in,” Lofty laughed. Sun Shower dipped below the water for a second, then jumped into the riding basket holding a package wrapped in seaweed. Up, up, up they went to visit the rainbow. “We’re almost there,” Lofty smiled. Just as they reached the first colorful arch, Sun Shower handed the package to the rainbow. “These are for you,” she said, displaying sparkling dew drops she had collected especially for the rainbow. The rainbow was so delighted with her gift that it sprinkled an afternoon shower of colorful dew drops for everyone to enjoy. (*from backcard) Baby Sun Shower was released overseas in a European exclusive pose.
Baby Ripple: Ripple dashes into the waves just before they crash on the shore. With her frog float wrapped around her, she wiggles in the foamy white water until it jumps up to tickle her nose. Ripple jumped into the waves just before they crashed onto the shore, tucked safely in her frog float. Curiously, she followed a giant wave into a hidden cave. After paddling through the twisting passages, admiring the walls of this secret place, Ripple could not remember the way out! “HELP!” she called several times. Magic Star’s special powers told her the baby sea pony was lost and hurried to the cave. Ripple sighed with relief when Magic Star arrived, her magic wand shining like the sun. Magic Star waved her wand and the little float glided out of the cave. When she reached the shore, Ripple decided it was best to play in the shallow waves where she couldn’t get lost. Ripple spent the rest of the day gathering pretty seashells to make a necklace for Magic Star to thank her for her help. (*from backcard) Baby Ripple was released overseas in a European exclusive pose.


While the effect of “sleepy eyes” that allow a pony mum or dad to put their baby to sleep has been used for decades to great effect in dolls, a pony’s eyes are on the side of its head and the thick extra molding around the eyes on BBE babies gave them a “bug-eyed” look that collectors tend to shy away from. There is evidence that a unicorn Baby Truly protoype was planned for the BBE baby line but was not produced. Otherwise, the BBE babies have some pretty nice accessories.
BBE Baby Cuddles: On the day that baby Cuddles was born, all of the ponies got together to give her a birthday gift. They gathered lace from the lining of silver clouds and wicker from the magical flowering reeds and bushes near the waterfall. “Let’s weave the wicker together and make a baby buggy for her!” one of the ponies suggested. They tied it all together with pink ribbons and bows. One of the unicorns sprinkled star dust in the lace and even the rainbow got involved by adding a touch of color! The baby ponies filled it with gifts. Baby Blossom gave Cuddles a baby bottle and Baby Cotton Candy made a lace pillow. “She’s going to need a brush for her soft, silky hair,” said Baby Moondancer, adding it to the growing pile of gifts. Little baby Cuddles loved her buggy! “Please take me for a ride!” Cuddles cooed in baby pony talk. So the older ponies took turns nosing the Baby Buggy all the way to the lullabye Nursery and back again! (*from backcard) BBE Baby Cuddles came in several non BBE versions across Europe, most notably as a non BBE pegasus baby in totally different colour variants in Greece. Her non BBE US version came with the Baby Buggy playset from year 3.

BBE Baby Tiddly Winks:

Every morning at one minute before sunrise, the clouds magically separate to greet the ponies arriving at the Lullabye Nursery. Inside this enchanting house, delightful surprises await them. Tiddley-Winks, the Baby Pony, lives in the Lullabye Nursery and prepares an afternoon tea party for all the ponies. After tea and crumpets, they play their favorite games. One day while riding the lullabye swing high into the air, Tiddley-Winks wished she could swing high enough to touch the rainbow. “Hop on me, Tiddley-Winks, and I’ll carry you to the rainbow,” called a big, white, fluffy cloud as it floated down to the swing. Tiddley-Winks jumped on the cloud and rode it like a magic carpet all around ponyland. “Look! There’s the rainbow,” she said with a spark of excitement. As she spoke, the rainbow dipped down and tied a pretty lace bib around her neck. That night, when the ponies gathered to tell bedtime stories in the nursery, Tiddley-Winks told everyone of her adventure with the rainbow. (*from backcard) BBE Baby Tiddly Winks had a non BBE version released in Europe but in the US her non BBE version came with year 3’s Lullaby Nursery playset.

BBE Baby Lickety Split:

“I think I’ll make some ice cream pies,” Mama said to Baby-Lickety Split. “May I help!” exclaimed Baby Lickety_Split. “Put the pies in the shade to cool until I’ve made enough for everyone,” Mama Lickety-Split urged. While Baby Lickety-Split watched over the pies, something way up near the rainbow caught her eye. It was Skyflier’s kite! She gazed dreamily as the kite floated through the clouds. Suddenly, she felt mounds of melted vanilla, strawberry and chocolate chip ice cream flowing past her feet, right into the Waterfall! “The ice cream pies melted when I turned away,” she called to her mother with tears in her eyes. “Seems like everyone is enjoying the just the same,” Mama laughed as the ponies licked the ice cream from the Waterfall! Baby Lickety-Split was so happy the dessert wasn’t totally ruined that she leaped into the air and landed right on an island of chocolate chips. It was the best ice cream float she had ever tasted. (*from backcard) A non BBE version of Baby Lickety Split was also released in Europe and also in the US during year 5 a non BBE First Tooth version was released.

BBE Baby Shady :

Baby Shady woke with excitement. “Is it snowing yet?” she wondered hopefully. Even though it was warm and sunny outside, she’d fallen asleep dreaming of magical snow ponies ice skating on a frozen pond. “Today’s the Pony Swimming Contest. Did you remember to wear your bathing suit and sunglasses?” Mama Shady asked. Baby Shady wanted to ice skate and throw snowballs instead of splashing under the bright sunshine. When they arrived at the waterfall, Baby Gusty invited them into the water. As Baby Shady waded into the water, her tiny nose caught a ray of sun that made her blink her eyes three times. Suddenly, it began to snow! Bright, fluffy flakes covered Pony Land and the waterfall iced over smoothly. “I made it snow,” Baby Shady cried mischievously. “let’s have a skating contest,” suggested Mama Shady. All the ponies changed into Snow Angel outfits and skated the rest of the day. (from backcard) There is evidence that a prototype of non BBE Baby Shady was planned but unproduced.

BBE Baby Heart Throb:

“Wake up Baby Heart Throb,” mama Heart Throb called. “We have to get an early start if we want to deliver all the valentines before anyone sees us.” “Is it Valentine’s Day already?” Baby Heart Throb asked sleepily. They had worked hard all week to make heart-shaped bows for all the ponies. Off they went, flying through the early morning breeze, dropping the gifts as they flew. Suddenly, Baby Heart Throb realized she forgot to bring the special bow she had made for her friend Mr. Sun. She loved the bright, warm sunshine he beamed while she played. With a twist and a flap, she flew back as fast as her baby pegasus wings would carry her. “Thank you, baby Heart Throb,” Mr. Sun said as she tied the bow around him. “And I have a Valentine’s surprise for you, too! Mr. Sun quickly changed his round shape into a heart and smiled heart-shaped rays just for that day. (*from backcard) BBE Baby Heart Throb was issued as a non BBE baby in Europe, but she also had a UK-only version which had no wings on her cutie mark/symbol.

BBE Baby Lofty:

A strong wind whisked through the air as Baby Lofty set up her hot air balloon for an afternoon sail. “Be careful,” Mama Lofty urged, “the wind is very frisky today.” Baby Lofty jumped into the riding basket, pulled the string and up, up, up she went! All the clouds waved as she floated past them. “This is so much fun,” she laughed as the wind rocked the balloon back and forth. Suddenly, there was a strange hissing noise coming from the top of the balloon. It got louder and louder until – POP! All the air had seeped out of the balloon. “Hop on,” called a passing cloud. Baby Lofty jumped on the cloud, pulling the deflated balloon behind her. We’ll stop here,” the cloud said, pointing to the Lullabye Nursery. They spent the rest of the day repairing the broken balloon, then the wind guided Baby Lofty safely home. (*from backcard) BBE Baby Lofty came in a non BBE form in Brazil but she also was issued as a plush from Hasbro in year 5.

BBE Baby Ribbon:

“Baby Rib-bon,” Mama Ribbon called,”you’d better come inside before it rains.” A nasty, dark cloud hovered above as Mama spoke. But Baby Ribbon was having too much fun playing with her colorful ribbons by the Waterfall to hear her mother’s warning. All of a sudden, there was a loud BANG! Thunder crackled all around her! “I’ll be caught in the storm and won’t be able to get home,” Baby Ribbon cried, tears falling from her beddy-bye eyes. Quickly, a yellow satin ribbon flew into the sky and whispered into the cloud’s ear. Like magic, the thunder stopped and the cloud turned fluffy white! Then the cloud guided Baby Ribbon as she skipped her way home. Just before she went inside, baby Ribbon looked up to thank the cloud. to her surprise, the cloud had changed into a beautiful heart shape, smiling happily as she went safely indoors. (*from backcard) BBE Baby Ribbon’s non BBE versions were released in Europe but like BBE Baby Gusty she also had a non BBE Argentinian counterpart in which she changed colour schemes, pony type (to an earth pony) and put on the fancy pants!

BBE Baby Gusty:

Beautiful leaves were faling from trees and this gave baby Gusty an idea! “I’ll sweep up all the leaves into a mountain as a surprise for Mama,” she thought with excitement! With quick pokes of her unicorn, Baby Gusty gathered the leaves into a pile that reached all the way up to the rainbow! “Whew!” Baby Gusty murmured wearily. “I think I’ll stop for a while and play!” She took two giant gallops and leaped high into the sky, landing righ in the center of the neat pile! Orange, yellow and red leaves dashed out in every direction. Then they slowly floated back down until all Pony Land was blanketed in magnificent fall colors. “I’ll never gather the leaves again in time for Mama to see,” Baby Gusty thought, remembering her surprise. Just then, she saw Mama peeking out from behind a tree with a twinkle in her eye. Taking two giant gallops, she leaped high into the sky, and landed right in the middle of what was left on the pile! For the rest of the day, Mama and Baby Gusty romped with glee in the mountain of leaves! (*from backcard) In Europe there were several non BBE versions of Baby Gusty, but the loosest version of her is from Argentina where her colour scheme is completely different, she is an earth pony and a fancy pants baby to boot!


Twinkle Eyed ponies had “jewell-like” eyes that can sometimes “cloud” or become very scratched from playwear. But on the whole, collectors tend to be fond of the entire line of Twinkle Eyed ponies.

Speedy: Speedy loves to dash about on her magical roller skates which let her skate up in the sky as well as on the ground. And if the Baby Ponies have been good, Speedy gives them a ride as a treat.

The ponies decided to spend a rainy afternoon exploring the attic of the Paradise Estate. As they dug through the boxes, Speedy discovered a pair of blue roller skates with a note attached that HANDLE WITH CARE. “What could be so special about an old pair of Skates?” she wondered. As soon as the rain stopped, Speedy and the other ponies raced outdoors to try out the skates. Carefully, she stepped into the skates when, suddenly, she was speeding along the ground, faster than a rocket! She zoomed up a hill and into the air, whooshing through a surprised cloud, before floating down to where Bouncy stood, laughing with delight. “What a ride,” Speedy exclaimed. Then she asked with a big smile, “Who’s next?” (*from backcard)

Speedy also had a version in Germany.

Whizzer: Whizzer flies at the speed of lightning- dashing across the sky to play lepfrog with the clouds. She is the fastest pony of all and challenges the wind to a race around the moon.

Today was the day of the big race! Whizzer’s eyes twinkled as she joined the others behind the starting line. “Ready, set… GO!” Magic Star called, waving her wand to start the race. The ponies were off in a flash, soaring into the bright blue sky. Whizzer flew as fast as her pegasus wings would carry her. Soon, she was far ahead of the others. She whisked around Mr. Sun, performed a spectacular double loop around the rainbow’s arch then pranced towards the red ribbon finish line. The audience cheered as Whizzer ripped through the ribbon, the others still far behind. Buttons presented Whizzer with the winning prize – a beanie made from moonbeams, flashing comet tails, and a glittering stardust propeller. Then Buttons tied blue satin ribbons in the manes of all the ponies who ran the race. The day ended with a celebration feast of Fizzy’s ice cream sodas, Cupcake’s tiny cakes and Gingerbread’s cookies. (*from backcard)

Whizzer had several international versions, including non twinkle-eyed variants in Argentina. There is also a planned prototype of Whizzer in Masquerade’s pose that was unproduced.


Fizzy: Fizzy is a pony who prefers to watch the other ponies running about while she lazily sips a fizzy milk shake- a scoop of ice cream and some milk, shaken up with lots of sparkle and fizz!

Fizzy is a silly little pony who is always stumbling or bumping into things. One hot afternoon on her way to the Waterfall for a swim, Fizzy tripped over a tree stump and landed on a bed of moss. The moss was so soft and comfortable that she decided to take a nap. While she slept, she dreamt of the Waterfall over-flowing with streams of root beer and cream soda. She imagined mounds of chocolate and vanilla ice cream floating at the bottom. Suddenly, Gingerbread shook Fizzy awake! “Look, the Waterfall turned into a soda fountain!” Gingerbread exclaimed. Fizzy’s eyes sparkled at the sight! Lickety-Split added the ice cream while Cherries Jubilee topped it off with a juicy cherry. “My dream came true!” Fizzy chanted, dancing over to the Waterfall for a taste. The ponies joined her for a treat that tasted like a dream! (*from backcard)

Fizzy consistently tends to be high on collectors’ lists out of all the year 4 TE ponies. There are a few U.S. variants of her including one with a darker body colour, one with reversed symbols and one with green eyes. Fizzy also had Spanish versions released.

Sweet Stuff: (in the UK she is called Sweetie)  Sweetie loves sharing out her special treats with all the Baby Ponies at the Lullaby Nursery. Each sweet had a mouth-watrering coating of moondust which she collects as night turns into day.

While the ponies slept, Sweet Stuff gathered colors from the rainbow for her gumdrops. She mixed the bright colors, sprinkled a sweet coating of moondust honey on the gumdrops and put them into little baskets for the baby ponies at the Lullabye Nursery. “Would you like a ride?” Lofty offered, floating by in her hot air balloon. At the nursery, the baby ponies watched in amazement as Lofty’s balloon floated above. Sweet Stuff had a wonderful idea! With a blink of her eyes, she changed some of the gumdrops into bright balloons. The two friends tied the balloons to gumdrop baskets and tossed them into the air. The baby ponies chased the balloons as they fell to the ground and cheered when they discovered the delicious surprise they carried.

Sweet Stuff was in both My Little Pony ‘n Friends cartoon and My Little Pony the Movie. She had multiple international versions, including non twinkle-eyed releases in Argentina.


Gingerbread: Gingerbread cooks the most delicious cakes ever invented. It is easy to tell when she has just taken her newest creations out of the oven, because all her pony friends drop in for a tasty tea party.

It was a crisp autumn day and Gingerbread decided to bake special cookies as a surprise for the ponies. She sifted and stirred until the batter was smooth. Then she shaped the cookies into little gingerbread men. “What shall I use for their eyes?” she wondered, searching the cupboard for a decoration. In the far corner, she spotted a jar of sugary stardust North Star had given her. “This will do just fine,” she giggled, curious to see the results. She mixed the powder, carefully dropped it onto the cookies and popped them in the oven to bake. The ponies arrived just as Gingerbread was taking the cookies out of the oven. To everyone’s surprise, the stardust she used for the eyes made them sparkle and shine just like the ponies’ eyes! All the ponies agreed that these were the best gingerbread men cookies they had ever tasted!

Gingerbread had several international versions, including non twinkle-eyed unicorn versions in Argentina of differing colour schemes.

Galaxy: Galaxy flies the night sky after the sun has gone to bed. High in the sky she swings on the moonbeams as dreamland covers the world beloow- her eyes shining brightly as the stars around her.

Galaxy gazed out the window at the shimmery stars before crawling into bed. “It must be fun to twinkle in the sky,” she thought dreamily, then fell sound asleep. A little star heard her thought and twinkled at her window. “Come out and play,” it whispered in a tinkling voice. Still asleep, Galaxy followed the little star up to the sky where all the stars had gathered for a midnight party with the Big Dipper. To her surprise, the Little Dipper sprinkled stardust on Galaxy, and her eyes twinkled as brightly as the stars around her! At exactly one minute before midnight, the little star led Galaxy back to her bed. “It must have been a dream!” Galaxy yawned when she awoke in the morning. When she peeked at herself in the mirror, her eyes still twinkled brightly, and she realized that her midnight adventure had been real! (*from backcard)

Galazxy had several Spanish versions released. 


Sweet Pop: Winter had cast its icy shadow throughout Pony Land with snowydays and cold nights. Sweet Pop longed for the warmth of summer and the taste of ice pops, her favorite summer treat. One afternoon while skating on the pond, she noticed the Sea Ponies licking icicles at the edge of the Waterfall. Excitedly, she borrowed some secret flavorings from Cupcake and asked the rainbow for a jar of bright colors. Just before dusk, Sweet Pop poured the ingredients into the Waterfall then flew up to the brightest star to make a special wish. Bouncy woke Sweet Pop early the next morning. “Come see what’s at the Waterfall,” she urged her friend. Hanging from the Waterfall were hundreds of colorful ice pops! All the ponies were thrilled at having a taste of summer in the middle of the winter. (*from backcard)

Masquerade: Masquerade loves dressing up and going to parties. Sometimes she’ll pretend to be a movie star, or a dancer or sometimes she’ll go in disguise so that the other ponies hardly even recognise her.

“Let me help you make gumdrops today!” Masquerade suggested to Sweet Stuff. Sweet Stuff accepted her offer and instructed Masquerade to gather some colors from the rainbow to make the gumdrops extra special. As the rainbow sprinkled a gentle shower of pretty colors, a tiny pink raindrop splattered all over Masquerade’s sunglasses! She blinked her eyes and suddenly became striped with rainbow colors from her mane to her tail! Masquerade hurried back to show Sweet Stuff, changing from color to color every time she blinked her twinkle eyes. Sweet Stuff laughed with delight when she saw what the magic sunglasses had done. For the rest of the afternoon, the two friends playfully changed their colors with Masquerade’s sunglasses while nibbling delicious gumdrops. (*from backcard)

Masqerade had a few international releases and one non twinkle-eye version in Argentina. There is evidence of a planned prototype Masquerade in Wind Whistler’s pose that was unproduced.

Sky Rocket: Skyrocket is a pony who likes to collect pretrty things. One of her favourite things to collect is shiny pebbles and she is often found by the waterfall, hunting for extra special ones.

“What a dreary day, Sky Rocket thought as she gathered pretty pebbles by the Waterfall. Nasty, grey clouds lurked quietly overhead. “I wish I could brighten up the sky,” she sighed. Suddenly, she noticed and unusual object on the ground. It was the shiniest pebble she had ever seen, beaming with beautiful colors, just like her eyes! Sky Rocket tossed the pebble into the Waterfall. Brilliant shades of red, blue, yellow and green jumped out of the water and into the air, filling the sky with dazzling explosions of color. Like magic, the grey clouds disappeared and Mr. Sun lit the sky, shining as bright as could be. (*from backcard)


Some So-Soft ponies had very bright skin tone under their flocking which makes many collectors obtain an extra pony solely to deflock if there were no non so-soft (NSS) versions released. Twist, Ribbon and Skippity Doo are good examples of this as there were no other US ponies released with those same body colours.

Fifi: The clouds were playing silly games in the sky when Fifi noticed a smaller cloud standing all alone. “Why aren’t you playing with the others?” Fifi asked the little cloud. “I’m trying to change into pretty shapes, but I don’t know how!” the cloud answered. Fifi had an idea. She found a stick and drew the outlines of a heart, a square, and a diamond in the sand. “Jump in – and try to stay inside the lines,” Fifi urged as the cloud floated down. Together, they made lots of different shapes until it was time for the cloud to go home. When Fifi looked up to wave goodbye, the little cloud had changed into the shape of Fifi’s favorite friend, a poodle, all by itself! (*from backcard) Fifi had no non so-soft versions. Fifi’s cutie mark/symbol is 3 pink poodles.
Scrumptious: It was a very hot summer day and the ponies were thinking of a way to keep cool. “Let’s have a snack while we decide what to do,” suggested Scrumptious. She twitched her nose, and heaping plates of juicy watermelon slices appeared! “This is so refreshing,” Twist said as she placed a piece of watermelon on her forehead to cool her brow. Scrumptious had an idea! She placed the watermelon on the ground, blinked her eyes… and the watermelon grew and g-r-e-w and GREW until it was a pink and green mountain. “Let’s play inside,” Scrumptious urged. Bouncy jumped on a seed and slid down a watermelon rind slide into a pool of tasty juice. “What a wonderful way to stay cool,” Shady exclaimed as the ponies played inside the magical playground. (*from backcard) There were no non-so soft versions of Scrumptious. Scrumptious’ cutie mark/symbol is a watermelon slice.
Bouncy It was a sunny day at the Paradise Estate. Bouncy and Hippity Hop tossed a beach ball to each other beside the pool. All the ponies laughed as they wiggled their noses and made the ball playfully chase the baby ponies splashing in the water. Suddenly, a mischievious wind carried the ball away! “Stop – come back!” called Bouncy as she raced after the ball. The rainbow caught the passing ball in a stripe. Gently, it placed the ball into the swimming pool and sprinkled shimmery dust along the way. Bouncy blinked her eyes and the dust burst into hundreds of beach balls that filled the sky! “Now everyone has a ball to bounce, even the wind!” exclaimed Bouncy. What fun the ponies had tossing the balls and playing catch with the wind. (*from backcard) There were no non so-soft versions of Bouncy. Bouncy’s cutie mark/symbol is a beach ball.
Twist: “Can you teach me to ice skate?” Twist eagerly asked Skates. They donned their warmest mittens and headed for the pond. Skates helped Twist lace up her ice skates properly, then showed her the correct way to jump, spin and do a figure eight. “Now you try it,” Skates urged. Twist slowly glided to the middle of the pond and carefully jumped once, twice, then spun around. “Perfect!” Skates clapped. Twist took her position to perform a figure eight. She took one step forward, then another and another so that by the time she was finished, the skate marks left on the ice looked like a PRETZEL! The two friends laughed and laughed at the funny design until Skates said, “Tomorrow we’ll show the other ponies how to put a little “twist” in their skating.” ((from backcard) Twist was issued in Brazil as a non so-soft pony. She is a brilliant purple colour under her flocking. Twist’s cutie mark/symbol is 5 white pretzels.
Buttons: Buttons can usually be found on the seashore, gathering colourful shells for her collection. She uses them as buttons to decorate bonnets for the baby ponies or to make a party dress extra special. With her unicorn magic, she adds a little sparkle and glitter to all her creations. Buttons skipped away from the seashore, anxious to show Megan her newest shells. She found Megan at the Dream Castle, trying to finish her dress in time for the Ball that night. “What can I do to make my dress extra special?” Megan sighed. Buttons smiled at Megan, and tossed the seashells into the air. The shells burst into dazzling colors as they fell onto Megan’s dress with a merry, tinkling sound. Beautiful gemstones, that matched the colors of the rainbow, sparkled all over Megan’s dress. “I look like a princess!” Megan shouted happily as she tried on her dress. Then Buttons wiggled her nose and more glittering gems appeared in Megan’s long, golden hair. “You’ll be the belle of the ball,” Buttons laughed as she waltzed off to get ready for the party. (*from backcard) Buttons featured in the My Little Pony ‘n Friends cartoon and also My Little Pony the Movie. She had several non so-soft releases internationally and was part of the Movie Star Set from the film in Europe. Buttons cutie mark/ symbol is 3 pink buttons.

Paradise: Paradise is always searching for new places to visit. She found a strawberry patch and a cool, rippling stream hidden behind the Waterfall on her last journey. On warm, starry nights, Paradise likes to rest on a fluffy cloud and dream of all the new places she’ll discover tomorrow.

Paradise was taking a walk through the forest in search of hidden places when she noticed a crumbled piece of paper under a tree. “What are all these lines and arrows?” she wondered as she unfolded the paper. She raced back to show North Star. “It’s a map – let’s follow it!” North Star exclaimed. North Star grabbed her compass and led the way. The two friends traveled over hills,through a valleyand up, up, up to the sky. “Look – a mansion,” Paradise said dreamily as they arrived at their destination. They flew down for a closer look. It was the most breathtaking place Paradise had ever seen. “It even has a pool and a diving board,” she said gleefully. North Star had an idea. “Let’s call it the PARADISE ESTATE!” Paradise was thrilled and couldn’t wait to show the others her latest discovery. (*from backcard)

Though Paradise is thought of as the “official” pony of the Paradise Estate playset of year 4, she did not actually come with it. She had several international versions, most of which were close to her original colour scheme and all of which were non so-soft versions.

Paradise’s cutie mark/symbol is 2 green palm trees and an orange crescent moon.

Cupcake: “Let’s have a picnic by the Waterfall!” Paradise suggested one hot afternoon. All the ponies agreed and packed a large picnic lunch. Cupcake decided to bring a special batch of cupcakes for dessert. Quietly, she hid the basket of freshly baked cupcakes behind a rock. The ponies ate their sandwiches by the trickling Waterfall, then decided to take a swim. When they returned, Cupcake had arranged the cakes in the shape of a rainbow. It was beautiful, with colorful rows made of icing. Then, Cupcake clicked her heels together. Brilliant fireworks shot up from the rainbow, filling the sky with flavorful colors. The ponies caught the icing on their tongues as it came down. Cupcake’s delicious firework display was the perfect ending to a wonderful summer picnic. (*from backcard) Cupcake’s non so-soft release was in Scandinavia. Cupcake’s cutie mark/symbol is 5 cupcakes with pink frosting.
North Star: North Star is an adventurous pegasus who likes to likes to explore the sky in search of falling stars. She always keeps her compass handy so she won’t get lost in her travels. Sometimes, she hops on a cloud and surprises her friend, Mr. Moon, with a midnight visit. North Star loves adventures that take her flying high into the sky. One evening, on her way back from a visit with Mr. Moon, something bright and shiny blazed across her path. “A falling star,” North Star thought excitedly, “I think I’ll follow it!” Flapping her furry wings, she whisked off in search of the star. It was almost morning when she finally spotted it sitting on top of the Dream Castle. “I’ve been looking for you,” North Star laughed as the star jumped on her back. “We were playing hide-and-seek and I got lost,” the little star explained. North Star knew exactly what the star needed. “Use this and you won’t get lost anymore,” she said handing the star her compass. That night, the little star lit the whole sky as a special thank you to North Star. (*from backcard) North Star’s cutie mark/ symbol is is a pink and blue compass and blue star.
Shady: Take a peek through Shady’s sunglasses to see some magical surprises! Flowers will dance, clouds will drip beautiful colours and raindrops will climb up the sky! Shady likes to use her special sunglasses to play tricks on the other ponies when they least expect it. Mr. Sun was shining brightly as Shady took a walk in the cool summer’s breeze. “It’s so sunny!” Shady said, putting on her new sunglasses. Everything looked very pink through the colorful frames. Before long, she wandered into Posey’s sweet smelling garden. She saw daisies dancing, sunflowers somersaulting and roses romping all around her. “Come join us,” they called. Shady happily pranced over and danced with all the pretty flowers. They sang and played until Shady’s sunglasses fell off. Suddenly, all the flowers were gone! When she put them back on, the flowers reappeared! “These sunglasses are magical!” Shady laughed, and danced with the flowers in the garden for the rest of the day. (*from backcard) Shady’s cutie mark/symbol is 5 blue pairs of sunglasses.
Wind Whistler:Wind Whistler loves music and often sings out loud in silly sentences. Her friend the west wind carries her musical messages all the way to the rainbow and back for everyone to enjoy. “LA-TE-DA,” Wind Whistler sang happily as she did her chores. But the notes she sang fell from her lips and ran away! Wind Whistler put down her broom and followed them. She caught up with them just as they were dancing their way into the Wishing Well! “Hello down there,” Wind Whistler called, poking her head into the well. “Hello down there,” her voice echoed back. “Where are you?” Again, her voice echoed until a note popped up on the ledge. “The Wishing Well needs some happy notes to help grant wishes,” the note explained. Hearing this, Wind Whistler sang loudly into the well. “DO-RE-ME-FA-SO-LA-TE-DO.” The little note danced around the well with joy, then joined the others. “THANK YOU,” a grateful voice echoed up. Wind Whistler flew off, happy that she could grant a wish for the Wishing Well. (*from backcard) Wind Whistler could be seen quite a bit in the My Little Pony ‘n Friends cartoon and was quite wordy. She was released internationally as pretty faithful to her colour scheme for the most part but only in the US in the So-Soft version. Wind Whistler’s cutie mark/symbol is 5 pink whistles.
Ribbon: Ribbon loves big beautiful bows in bright colours. With her unicorn magic she makes pretty bows appear in the ponies’ manes and tails when they’re not looking. She even tried to tie the ends of the rainbow together! It was autumn and the leaves were getting ready for their winter nap. “Who will keep the trees company?” Paradise wondered sadly as she and Ribbon waved goodbye to a falling leaf. Ribbon had an idea! She asked each pony to give her a hair ribbon before midnight. By a quarter to midnight, Ribbon had collected hundreds of colorful satin, velvet and lace ribbons and placed them at the top of the Waterfall. As the clock struck midnight, Ribbon swished her tail around in the water. The ribbons magically rose up to the trees, wrapping around the branches in big, puffy bows! With her unicorn, Ribbon wrote the name of the pony on the ribbon that belonged to her. “Now we can all keep the trees company during the winter,” Ribbon laughed as the ponies woke to the beautiful sight. Even the trees smiled as they swayed back and forth. (*from backcard) Ribbon has some really interesting international versions and deflocked (see gallery), is a brilliant blue. She also figured in heavily in the My Little Pony ‘n Friends cartoon. Ribbon’s cutie mark/ symbol is a white bow.
Lickety Split:Lickety Split enjoys planning surprise birthday parties for her friends and makes sure there’s lots of delicious ice cream to accompany the cake. Whenever a pony is feeling sad, Lickety-Split will cheer her up with one of her special ice cream creations. The ponies were enjoying Majesty’s birthday party in the Dream Castle garden when Lickety-Split announced she had a special surprise. As they sang Happy Birthday, Lickety kicked her heels twice and the mountains around the castle turned into giant scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Two smiling clouds poured hot fudge and whipped cream over the mountains while Cherries Jubilee flew up each creamy mountain and topped it with a bright red cherry. “This is the best birthday surprise I’ve ever had,” Majesty said handing Lickety-Split a heaping dish of chocolate ice cream. (*from backcard) Lickety Split and Baby Lickety Split were part of a mother/baby set of plush ponies from Hasbro where 2 of the sets were mislabeled in a toy calalogue in year 4. They were officially released in Year 5 with all sets displaying the correct colours/symbols. Lickety Split also has several non so-soft versions with entirely different colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. In the UK, Lickety Split was part of the Groom and Style set. Lickety Split’s cutie mark/ symbol is 6 white ice cream cones with pink cones, each with a drip.
Surprise: Just before sunrise, look up into the sky and catch a glimpse of a colourful balloon floating dreamily in the early morning breeze. Surprise left it there especially for you! Surprise was traveling through the clouds and saw what looked like a rainbow far off in the distance. As she flew closer, she realized it was a runaway hot-air balloon flying frantically out-of-control. “Are you lost?” Surprise shouted to the giant balloon. Suddenly a head poked over the top of the basket. “Please take me home,” pleaded Spike, Majesty’s little pet dragon. Surprise gently guided the balloon all the way back to Dream Castle. Majesty was delighted to see her friend Spike and gave Surprise a royal “thank you!” (*from backcard) Surprise and Baby Surprise were part of a mother/baby set of plush ponies from Hasbro where they were mislabeled in a toy calalogue in year 4 as Lofty and Baby Lofty. They were officially released in Year 5 with the correct colours/symbols. Surprise’s cutie mark/symbol is 5 purple balloons.
Lofty: Lofty likes to take her friends for rides in her hot air balloon. Because she has a knack for making mischief, Lofty sometimes treats her passengers to magical journeys through the rainbow where exciting surprises await them! “We’re off!” Lofty called to her excited passengers. She’d offered a magical balloon ride to her pony friends. “There’s the Waterfall — it’s so tiny!” remarked Surprise. Lofty smiled mischeviously and steered towrds the rainbow. “The colors feel so close,” Firefly laughed. The balloon began to drift through the rainbow — the reds, oranges and yellows flowing through the ponies. “It tickles,” Moondancer giggled. They glided through the arc, when suddenly — POOF! The ponies had changed color! Surprise had become purple, Firefly turned bright yellow, Moondancer was green and Lofty was orange! “We look so funny,” Lofty laughed. “Let’s stay like this all day,” suggested Surprise. When they landed, the other ponies chuckled when they saw what the magic of the rainbow had done. (*from backcard) Lofty and Baby Lofty were part of a mother/baby set of plush ponies from Hasbro where they were mislabeled in a toy calalogue in year 4 as Surprise and Baby Surprise. They were officially released in Year 5 with the correct colours/symbols. Lofty’s cutie mark/symbol is a dark pink hot air balloon and 6 orange stars.
Posey: Posey loves her pretty garden and especially growing rows of her favourite tulip flowers. Posey’s garden is under the magic rainbow which chases away the grey rain clouds so that her pretty flowers are always blooming. Posey was busily planting new rows of tulips in her garden when she spotted a fierce grey raincloud overhead. “The rain will wash away my newly planted tulip bulbs and ruin my garden.” she sighed. Parasol, racing through the clouds in search of a rainbow, heard her plea. “Don’t worry Posey.” Parasol Shouted. Ï’ll protect your tulips.” Parasol jumped into the raincloud. She tossed her rainbow mane and tail and dozen of pretty parasols fell from the clouds to cover her tulip beds. “Thank you, Parasol” Posey said handing her friend a bouquet of her finest tulips. (*from backcard) Non So Soft Posey was part of the Groom and Style set released in the UK, also had several international versions in varying colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. Posey’s cutie mark/symbol is 6 dark pink tulips.
Heart Throb: Every day is Valentine’s Day to Heart Throb! With her friends, the Lovebirds, Heart Throb makes heart shaped presents for everyone and spreads joyous messages of love and happiness to all who live on the far side of the rainbow. Heart Throb was finishing the lace booties for the Baby Ponies when she started designing the beautiful valentine card. “I’ll give it to my favorite friend in pony land,” she said to herself. Heart Throb gathered some leftover lace from the booties, flowers from Posey’s garden and heart-shaped pebbles she found near the waterfall. She placed a poem she had written directly in the center of a heart-shaped lace doily. Pasting it all together, Heart Throb signed the valentine and proudly presented it to the love birds that live under the waterfall. (*from backcard) Heart Throb’s cutie mark/symbols is 4 pink hearts with silver wings.

Skippity Doo: The day of the big Pony Picnic had finally arrived! All the ponies were having fun swimming in the lake and playing games. “You’re next,” Lofty called to Skippity Doo, who was waiting for her turn to run through the spinning jump rope. As she did, her hoof bounced off a pebble, sending Skippity Doo high in the air! “Whee!” she laughed as she landed on a cloud. She reached beneath the cloud’s silver lining and pulled out a heaping handful of shiny sunbeams. She tossed the sunbeams down to the picnic area while the others watched from below. Before they reached the ground, the sunbeams magically changed into colorful parasols for all the ponies. This was Skippity Doo’s finest jump indeed! (*from backcard)

Skippity Doo is one of the harder to find So-Softs. She is also one of 3 ponies to be issued in the standing or rearing position. These ponies came with a small, clear plastic stand to keep them upright. She had no non so-soft releases. Skippity Doo’s symbol/cutie mark is a pink skipping rope.

Truly: “It’s time for a bath, baby ponies!” Mama Gusty called. But the babies were having too much fun rolling in the grass and jumping in the mud to stop. Truly heard Mama Gusty’s call and knew exactly what to do. She filled the Waterfall with bubble bath until heart-shaped bubbles floated over to where the babies were playing. Each bubble gently dipped down around a baby pony and carried her over to the Waterfall. When all the ponies were in the pond, the bubbles flew high up to the sky. One bubble flew so high, it tickled Mr. Sun’s nose! The babies splashed with delight. “This is so much fun,” they shouted. Truly winked at Mama Gusty as she galloped off, popping soap bubbles along the way. (*from backcard)

Truly is one of 3 ponies to be issued in the standing or rearing position. These ponies came with a small, clear plastic stand to keep them upright.

Truly’s symbol/cutie mark is a blue dove with a flower in its beak (heart on the end of the stem) and 3 small dark pink hearts. Her non so-soft release was in Scandinavia.

Magic Star: Magic Star is as elegant as a princess and wears her flowing mane like a crown. She is the most magical pony in all ponyland. With a quick wave of her magic wand she can grant any wish. Magic Star also has a very special power that tells her when another pony needs help. No matter she is, Magic Star will be there in a flash to lend a hand.

Baby Blossom watched as Lofty flew up, up, to the sky. “I wish I could fly,” she sighed. Magic Star waved her wand outside Baby Blossom’s window. Baby Blossom magically sprouted pegasus wings and happily flew out the window. “Hello, Mr. Moon!” she laughed as she flew past him. Even the baby stars peeked out from behind their mothers to wave. Then, Magic Star tapped the ground and the Milky Way poured Baby Blossom a big glass of chocolate milk! When morning came, Magic Star made a slide of glittering stardust that led right into Baby Blossom’s crib. As she climbed in, the wings disappeared. She fell sound asleep, dreaming of her adventure in the sky. “Sweet dreams, Baby Blossom,” Magic Star whispered as she whisked off in search of another pony with a special wish. (*from backcard)

Magic Star is one of 3 ponies to be issued in the standing or rearing position. These ponies came with a small, clear plastic stand to keep them upright. Her symbol/cutie mark is a magic wand with a pink ribbon.

Cherries Jubilee:  Big, red juicy cherries are the favourite snack of Cherries Jubilee. She carefully tends to the cherry trees in the orchard and enjoys making beautiful decorations form the pretty pink cherry blossom petals. On the Cherry Blossom parade her float is always the prettiest. It was the day of the big Pony Parade and Cherries Jubilee was tying the last cherry blossoms to her float. “I hope this string holds the blossoms in place,” she thought to herself. She had worked very hard picking hundreds of cherry blossoms and stringing them together to form a beautiful rainbow. “Here comes Cherries’ float,” Tootsie shouted from the stands. As the float passed before the judges, the string suddenly broke. A shower of colorful petals fell all over Ponyland. It was such a magnificent sight that Majesty officially named it The Cherry Blossom Parade and crowned Cherries Jubilee the queen of the parade. (*from backcard) Cherries Jubilee’s symbol/cutie mark is 5 stemmed cherries. Cherries Jubilee featured a lot in the My Little Pony ‘n Friends cartoon series. She also had several international versions in varying colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. Cherries Jubilee was part of the UK Groom and Style set and had a plush version from Hasbro in year 4.

Hippity Hop: “Let’s go outside and make snow angels!” Hippity Hop said happily. As the ponies ran and jumped in the snow, Hippity Hop saw a sad bunny sitting nearby. “What’s wrong?” Hippity asked the bunny. “The snow is covering all the clover in the field and its my favorite afternoon snack!” the bunny cried. Hippity Hop knew how to help the bunny. She flew up to Mr. Sun and whispered in his ear. Smiling, he shined his warmest rays and melted only the snow in the field. Hippity Hop blinked her eyes, and clover sprang up, in every bright color of the rainbow. The excited bunny hopped into the field to nibble the sweet clover. “Now you have clover to eat and snow to play in,” Hippity Hop said as she joined Skippity Doo for a friendly snowball fight. (*from backcard)

Hippity Hop had no non so-soft versions.

Hippity Hop’s symbol/cutie mark is 3 white rabbits. I deflocked mine, badly, but really love her bright pink colour underneath.

*pony descriptions taken from the 1987 My Little Pony Fact File (UK). Backcard descriptions taken from US packaging.

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