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Rainbow Brite, in her multi-coloured moon boots and acid-tinged backstory couldn’t be more 80s. If the 80s had birthed a baby it would have been Rainbow Brite, who flared and died in the memories of childhood and unlike just about every other adulterated, rehashed 80s cartoon, stayed pretty much pure in our memories. I myself wasn’t a huge fan- the only thing I liked about Rainbow was her colourful friends and I dearly coveted a doll because she had that groovy little purple star on her cheek like a kiddie tattoo. 30 years later I realise someone clearly on huge amounts of kool-aid (the oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kind) came up with the character wardrobes and those were the ugliest dolls ever. I’m so glad adulthood opened my eyes. ( But actually, the character art was beautiful. Hallmark artist G.G. Santiago is to be thanked for that).

The backstory: Ok, so there was this girl named Wisp and she set out to save Rainbowland from a real killjoy called The Dark One who had sapped all of the colour out of Rainbowland. Wisp’s directions to do this were to find the Colour Belt and the Sphere of Light. So, setting out to find these, she met up with all kinds of psychadelic pals- sprites, a homeless baby who ends up being the Sphere of Light (yeah I don’t get it either), a horse called Starlight that runs on rainbows and the Colour Kids. Once she set all of them free she battled the Dark One, got renamed as Rainbow Brite and became the colour keeper of Rainbowland. All in a day’s work!  Note: Rainbow Brite character names vary around the world.

Property Siri Mae

Property Siri Mae

Theme lyrics: Rainbow Brite, see the shining light,
Yes I’m gonna take you to Rainbow Brite!
Starlight Flies
Right before your eyes
And rainbow colours will cheer you up
Magic Light
Gonna take you for a ride…

Courtesy Ms. Liz Shadow


Wisp/ Rainbow Brite  (AKA Blondine, Azurine, Regnbue-Rita, Regina Regenbogen, Rubita, Arco Iris, Iridella)
Voiced by: Bettina Bush
Colour: Rainbow
Job: Color Keeper of Rainbowland, takes the Colour Sprinkles the Sprites mine in the Colour Caves and makes the earth bright and beautiful.
Sprite: Twink
Horse: Starlight
Twink sprite - cassiuwine
Twink  (AKA Gaspard, P’tit Malin, Blink, Spuky, Weißwirbel, Folletto Bianco)
Voiced by: Robbie Lee
Job: Head Sprite. Originally red but lost his colour after Murky Dismal threw him into the Pits.

The Colour Kids

Indigo (AKA Nina Nachtigall, Añil, Indachella )
Colour: Indigo
Fact: Loves to sing and dance
Area: Indigo Acres
Sprite: Hammy (aka Encore, Folletto Indaco, Cabotin, Tintentupf, P’tit Miam)
Voiced by: Robbie Lee

Shy Violet  (AKA Violine, Fiolett, Viola Veilchenscheu, Violeta, Violetta)
Colour: Violet
Fact: Genius girl who fixes things
Area: Violet Valley
Sprite: IQ, P’tit Crack, Violetto, Folletto Viola
Voiced by: Robbie Lee

LaLa Orange (AKA Maria Mandarina, Lala Naranja, Lizzy Orange, Lala Arancioce4870e2-acc0-4fb0-9679-61cac1a6528f
Colour: Orange
Fact: Has a secret crush on Red Butler
Area: Orange Meadows
Sprite: OJ (AkA Sassy, Mango, Saucy, Bucky, Orangino, Folletto Arancione)
Voiced by: Robbie Lee

Buddy Blue (AKA Bluet, Beau Bleu, Blå, Bubi Blauschuh, Chico Azul, Buddy Blu)
Colour: Blue
Fact: Fun and fit, likes to jog with Patty O’Green
Area: Blue Zone
Sprite: Champ (aka P’tit Plum, Champion, Champ, Blaustern, Folletto Blu)
Voiced by: Pat Fraley

Red Butler (AKA Roméo, Rougeard, Rød,Richard Rosenherz, Alerta Rojo, Billy Red, Red Rosso)
Colour: Red
Fact: Brave and daring
Area: Red Region
Sprite: Romeo (Aka P’ti Calin, Rotbart, Rocky, Folletto Rosso)
Voiced by: Mona Marshall

Patty O’Green (AKA Mentoline, Verdarine, Grønn, Katrin Kleeblatt,Verdine Esmerelda, Patty Verde)
Colour: Green
Area: Green Grange
Fact: Likes to joke and play tricks
Sprite: Lucky (Aka P’tit Chou, Lykke, Grünschnabel, Folletto Verde)
Voiced by: Mona Marshall

Canary Yellow (AKA Capucine, Jaunelle, Sabine Sonnenstrahl, Canaria Amarilla, Sandy Canary, Canary Gialla)
Colour: Yellow
Area: Yellow Plains
Fact: Laid back, happy little girl
Sprite: Spark (aka P’tit Fou, Etincelle, Gelbwuschel, Canario Amarillo, Folleto Giallo, Sparky)

Voiced by: Mona Marshall

Baby Brite/ The Sphere of Light

Job: Guided Rainbow Brite by her voice in the beginning of Rainbow Land (when Rainbow Brite was still called Wisp)
Fact: Baby Brite’s story book that came with the doll’s text can be read on the Rainbow Brite Wiki
Voiced by: Mona Marshall and Pat Fraley

Tickled Pink
Colour: Pink
Voiced by: Rhonda Aldrich
Job: In charge of the girl sprites
Sprite: Dee-Lite (?)
Horse: Sunriser

Moonglow (AKA Clairlune, Rayon de Lune, Mânestrâle, Sandra Silbermond, Chiar de Luna, Raggio di Luna)
Voiced by: Rhonda Aldrich
Sprite: Nite Sprite
Job: Brings color to the night in Rainbowland

Voiced by: Marissa Mendenhall
Horse: Skydancer
Job: Helps the Color Kids, makes it rain in Rainbowland

Animals of Rainbowland

Colour: Blue with white/light blue mane and tail
Voiced by: Peter Cullen
Belongs to: Stormy

Colour: White horse with a rainbow mane and tail and a yellow star at the forelock

Voiced by: Andre Stojka
Belongs to: Rainbow Brite. He is a talking horse, he can ‘fly’ by running on a rainbow that Rainbow Brite activates from her colour belt.

Colour: Wild, pink horse with white heart on forelock
Belongs to: Tickled Pink.  He is a friend of Starlite

Colour: Black, robotic horse with red mane
Voiced by: Pat Fraley
Belongs to: Krys

Puppy Brite
Belongs to: Rainbow Brite

Kitty Brite
Belongs to: Rainbow Brite

Girl Sprites
Dee-Lite, Memily, Flirty, Spritzie, Posie, Glee
Job: Taking care of the Baby Sprites

Baby Sprites
Bitsy, Itsy, Eensy, Weensy

Human Characters

Fact: he is the only earthling that can see Rainbow Brite
Voiced by: Scott Menville

Voiced by: David Mendenhall
Fact: He is the wearer of the Prism

Other Characters

The Narrator
Voiced by: Peter Cullen

Orin, the Spectran Sprite
Voiced by: Les Tremayne
Fact: He gave Krys the wrist-prism and On-X and introduced Krys and Rainbow Brite

Bombo the Sprite
Voiced by: Les Tremayne
Job: Official polisher of Planet Spectra with Popo Sprite

Popo the Sprite
Voiced by: Charles Adler
Job: Official polisher of Planet Spectra with Bombo Sprite


Murky Dismal (Murkwell Dismal)
Job: Rainbow Brite’s arch enemy- wants to rid the universe of colour
Voiced by: Peter Cullen

Mrs. Dismal
Fact: Murky Dismal’s mother

Job: Murky’s lovable assistant and sidekick
Voiced by: Pat Fraley

The Princess
Job: to steal the Diamond Planet
Fact: Debuted in Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

Count Blogg
Job: Advisor to The Princess

The King of Shadows
Fact: Defeated by Wisp before the creation of Rainbow Land

Places in Rainbow Brite’s World
Spectra the Diamond Planet
The Prison Planet

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