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Memorable McDonalds Ads from the 1980s

McDonald’s and TV go hand in hand- let’s face it, those McNuggets aren’t all that appetizing until you paste some eyes on ’em and a cowboy vest and parade them across the Saturday Morning cartoon block. McDonald’s made its way into our cultural collective on the squawkbox and I know other 80s kids echo me when I say some of my favourite memories are McDonald’s adverts.


“Introducing Birdie” Courtesy Matthew Callan

“Birdie Learns to Fly” Courtesy jennydacat

“How Hamburglar Got his Stripes” Courtesy alligatorjuice

“McDonaldLand” Courtesy tgmjfx

Holiday Adverts

“Star Wish” Courtesy Jen Wolford

“Muppet Babies Holiday Huggables” Courtesy SpacedCobraTV

“Ice Skating” Courtesy mjsgrass78

“Fievel’s Holiday” Courtesy Crommy5

“Scared Silly” McNuggets Courtesy oele

Menu Items

Shamrock Shakes and Sundaes Courtesy RPGs4Racoons45

“Menu Song” Courtesy jasonmit

Big Mac Courtesy Travis Church

Sausage McMuffins Courtesy Crommy5

McD.L.T. Courtesy ArcadeSpookyTree

Chicken McNuggets Courtesy dukeofcrydee


“Mac Tonight” Courtesy tracy80sgirl

“You Deserve a Break Today” Courtesy SFOAdMan

Story Commercials I’m calling them this because they were general McD’s adverts that revolved around a good-feeling story.

“Blind Date” Courtesy TheAisleSeatCom

“Hardnose Mrs. Hatcher” Courtesy greenismysky12

“Fry Step” Courtesy xBeatrushX

“My Best Friend” Courtesy Gina McGalliard

“McDonald’s On the Go” (long ver.) Courtesy DUSTINACIOUS

“Recital” Courtesy mikerichardson

“First Day” Courtesy William Lutz

“Working Out” Courtesy kiwikid74

“Double Dutch” Courtesy ilovetvcommercials80

“Singing Bins” Courtesy HallOfAdvertising

“Morning Song” Courtesy jennydacat

“Little Sister” Courtesy VintageTVCommercials

“Katie” Courtesy arantes07

“U.S. Wins, You Win” Courtesy Ymmuymi

“Olympic Hopefuls” Courtesy citizengar

“Silent Persuasion” Courtesy McDriveWien

“Golden Time” Courtesy mr80stvshows