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Children’s NonFiction and School Books

yello80s manx wordsStrangely though I hated school as an experience, I loved learning and reading and I loved my textbooks during elementary school as much as the library books I got to pick on my own. I could be found copying the art from readers, singing the tunes from music books at home and looking for everything else the author ever wrote in enrichment study stories. I didn’t write *in* my books and I rarely got those awesome Lisa Frank book covers but I kept my stuff clean and ready to turn over to the next kid and looked back with a little sadness when those volumes left my bookbag for the bag of some paste-eater that might draw on the outside of the pages and turn down the corners- gasp! However, my parents did see that in the days before Nickelodeon’s magazine, there was a market for kiddie mags just like the ‘rents Cosmo and Smithsonian and I lucked out pretty well in that department. My usual groan was that I went through the whole mag in a day and WTH was I supposed to read until next month??

Time Life Book sets
National Geographic Kids magazine
Junior Great Books Series
Highlights Magazine for Children
Making Music Your Own Series
Weekly Reader
1st Thousand Words language series
Catholic Children’s Missal
Ann Morris photo picture book series –
Loving, etc