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The 1980s were the defining decade of computers as we know them now. Though computer usage dates back to WWII when government agencies used room-sized machines to try and break enemy codes, computers in the home and office didn’t become a reality until the 80s and we haven’t looked back since.

Desktop Computers

IBM computers
IBM Compatible models
Apple Macintosh
NeXt computers
Apple Lisa
Apple II
Dell Computer
Commodore Amiga
Tandy Computers

Personal Computers
1st laptop computers
Electronic pocket calculators
Apple Newton PDAs
Calculator Watches
Seiko wrist computer

Desktop Publishing

Printing / Faxing/ Scanning / Hardware
Xerox machines
Telex Machines
Electronic Typewriters
Typewriter corrector ribbons
8″ floppy disc
3 1/4″ diskettes
Tape drives
Digital cassettes
Mimeograph machines