McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the 80s- 1990-1993

Happy Meal toy and promotion selection from 1990-1993.


Funny Fry Friends figures w/ interchangeable costumes- Rollin’ Rocker, Hoops. Too Tall, Tracker, Gadzooks, Sweet Cuddles, Matey, Zzz’s
Under 3- Lil Chief, Lil Darlin’
Berenstain Bears storybooks and activity books– Life with Papa, Eager Beavers, Substitute Teacher, Attic Treasure
Valentine’s cards scented with chocolate or berry
Beach Toys 2 –sand pails with sifter lids that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Ronald McDonald, Funny Fry Friends
Beach Toys 2–  Sand toys- Sand spinner shovel, Squirting rake
Peanuts farming figures- Charlie Brown’s Seed Bag ‘n Tiller, Snoopy’s Hay Hauler, Lucy’s Apple Cart, Linus’ Milk Mover
Under 3– Snoopy w/sack of potatoes, Charlie Brown w/ egg basket
Camp McDonaldland – Birdie Camper Mess Kit, Canteen, Utensils 1 & 2, Collapsible Cup
Jungle Book wind up toys– Baloo, Kaa, King Louie, Shere Khan
Under 3– Junior, Mowgli
Super Mario Bros. 3–  Mario pop-up, Luigi pull-back, Little Goomba flipper, Koopa Paratroopa squirter
Under 3– Mario squeeze toy
Tail Spin– Molly’s biplane, Kit’s Racing Plane, Wildcat’s Flying Machine, Baloo’s Seaplane
Under 3– Baloo’s Seaplane, Wildcat’s Jet
Barbie dolls– Superstar, Solo in the Spotlight, Enchanted Evening, Happy Holidays 1989
Hot Wheels cars– White Corvette Convertible, Red Ferrari, Silver Pontiac Firebird, Turquoise Chevy Z-28
Hallowe’en pails that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Day-glo pumpkin, Glow in the dark ghost, Day-glo witch
Sports Balls (like hackey sacks)- Soccer ball, Baseball, Football, Basketball
Happy Hats– Fry Kids Safari hat, Birdie Derby, Ronald McDonald Fireman helmet, Grimace construction hat
McDrive Thru Crew– McNugget in Egg Roadster, Fries in Potato Speedster, Hamburger in Catsup Racer, Shake in Milk Carton Racer
Mac Tonight Travel Toys (tested 1988)- Off Roader, Surf Ski w/ wheels, Motorcycle, Jet Airplane, Sports Car, Surf Ski w/ no wheels, Scooter
Under 3- Mac on skateboard
Turbo Macs pull-back cars– Ronald McDonald racer, Grimace racer, Birdie sportscar, Hamburglar sportscar, Big Mac sportscar
Under 3– Ronald McDonald Formula 1
Dink the Little Dinosaur figures – Flapper, Shyler, Dink, Amber, Crusty, Scat
Gravedale High figures – Sid the Invisible Kid, Frankentyke, Cleofatra
Under 3– Cleofatra, Vinnie Stoker
McDonald’s Crazy Vehicles – Ronald, Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie
Disney’s Rescuers Down Under water guns – Jake, Cody, Wilbur, Bernard & Biance
Under 3- Bernard on cheese wedge
Mighty Minis – Pocket Pickup, Li’l Classic T-bird, Cargo Climber Van, Dune Buster
Under 3- Pocket Pickup
McDonald’s Carnival – Ronald on carousel, Birdie on swing set, Hamburglar on ferris wheel, Grimace on turnaround
Under 3– Grimace
McDonald’s Connectibles and Linkables – Grimace in Wagon, Ronald in Soap Box Racer, Birdie on Tricycle, Hamburglar in Airplane
McDonaldland Tricycles – Ronald, Birdie, Hamburglar, Grimace

1990 Promotional Items

Ronald McDonald inflatable bop-em doll, 30″
Grimace plush fleece doll w/gold tshirt and headphones, 14″
Grimace inflatable doll, 30″
Hamburglar cloth / plastic doll, 11″
Birdie plush fleece doll, 12″
Snoopy in McDonald’s uniform plush doll, 12″
Rescuers Down Under flocked ornaments– Miss Bianca or Bernard
Ronald McDonald shoe mug 3 5/8″
My Morning mug, ironstone – sun and logo
McDonald’s All American Team mugs
Coast to Coast Speedee logo 3 3/4″ juice glass
The Nutcracker / Arches logo glasses 1990– “Marie cried out with Delight, ‘A Nutcracker Godfather, he is so beautiful!” “The Nutcracker led the toys to battle against the Army of Mice.” “The Sugar Plum Fairy lives here in the Land of Sweets.” “Marie and the Prince glided across the floor of Toyland.”
Marbles Kite w/ McDonald’s logo
World’s Only Floating McDonald’s 9″
Fries Surprise
McDonald’s Monopoly square face watch
McDonald’s logo digital watch, black
Digital Welby Watch
McCharacters 12″ wall clock
Northwest Co tapestry throw, McDonald’s Restaurant 44×44″
McKids Mini Piano 4×2″
McDonaldland characters Christmas snow globe, plays “Jingle Bells”
Supersize Coca-cola cup holder
20th Anniversary Quarter Pounder tshirt
Circular Brass McDonald’s Speedee ornament 2 1/2″
Circular Brass Reindeer ornament 2 1/4″
McDonald’s logo binoculars
Enesco Treasury of Christmas ornaments 3″- Over One Million Holiday Wishes, Heading for Happy Holidays, Twas the Night…Christmas 1990
McDonaldland Cookie tie w/cookies by Parco, 5 1/2″


Good Morning- Ronald and animals plastic cup, Ronald McDonald play clock, McDonaldland connectible comb, Ronald toothbrush, Juicy Juice carton
Under 3– Fruit Juice cup, Fruit Juice box
Tiny Toons flipcars– Plucky Duck/ Babs Bunny, Gogo Dodo / Montana Max, Dizzy Devil / Hampton, Buster Bunny / Elmyra
Under 3– Plucky Duck and Gogo Dodo
Nature’s Helpers gardening kits– Double digger w/ seeds, Rake w/ seeds and booklet, Watering Can w/ booklet, Terrarium w/ seeds and booklet, Bird Feeder w/ booklet
Under 3– Rake
101 Dalmations– Lucky w/bone, Pongo, The Colonel & Sargeant Tibs, Cruella DeVil
Barbie dolls– All-American, Costume Ball, Lights and Lace, Happy Birthday, Hawaiian Fun, Wedding Day Midge, Ice Capades, My First Barbie
Under 3– Wedding Day Midge, Costume Ball
Hot Wheels cars– ’57 T-bird, (turquoise / red), ’55 Chevy (yellow / white), ’63 Corvette (green / black), Camaro Z-28 (purple / orange)
Under 3– Yellow wrench, red hammer
Hook bathtub toys– Peter Pan raft, Mermaid wind-up, Captain Hook boat, Rufio water squirter
Muppet Babies vehicles that snap together to form a train – Baby Gonzo airplane, Baby Fozzie wagon, Baby Miss Piggy tricycle, Baby Kermit car
Alvin and the Chipmunks– Simon w/ video camera, Brittany w/ jukebox, Theodore w/rap machine, Alvin w/ electric guitar
Under 3– Alvin w/ jukebox

Other promotion items from 1991

Friendly Skies Happy Meal from United Airlines that could be requested in advance for passengers- 3-wheels United jetplane w/ Ronald or Grimace
Little People McDonald’s Restaurant Deluxe Playset
Crayola stencils and crayons (reissue from 1988)
Sportballs 2 (reissue from 1990)
Breakfast– McDonaldland squeeze bottle w/ Minute Maid logo
Pizza Happy Sack– Hamburglar figure
Funny Fry Friends (reissue from 1990) -Matey, Gadzooks, Tracker, Zzz’s
Ronald McDonald doll with cloth body and plastic head, 15″
Ronald McDonald Fun Camera 4″ x5″
Pewter McDonaldland ornaments– Ronald McDonald, Grimace, Hamburglar,
Enesco Treasury of Christmas ornaments 3″- Holiday Treats, Christmas Kayak, Happy Meals on Wheels, A Quarter Pounder with Cheer
Food, Folks and Fun McDonaldland playground music box “Good Taste”
VHS- Vanilla Ice Hot Clips
McDonaldland characters watches – Ronald McDonald, Grimace
Chief’s McLean football 10″


Back to the Future- Doc’s Delorean, Marty’s Hoverboard, Verne’s Junkmobile, Einstein’s Traveling Train
Mystery Puzzle 5 1/2″ x 5″
Batman- Batmobile, Catwoman Cat Coupe, Batman Press and Go Car, Penguin Roto-Roadster
Michael Jordan Fitness Fun– Jump rope and squeeze bottle, Football, Flying Disk, Stopwatch, Mini-Basketball, Baseball, Soccer ball
Barbie dolls– Sparkle Eyes, Roller Blade, Rappin’ Rockin;, My First Ballerina, Sun Sensation, Snap ‘n Play, Rose Bride, Birthday Surprise
Under 3– Sparkle Eyes
Hot Wheels Mini-Streex cars and launch platform- Black Arrow, Flame Out, Night Shadow, Hot Shock, Turbo Flyer, Racer Tracer, Blade Burner, Quick Flash
Under 3– Orange Arrow
Cabbage Patch Kids 3″ dolls w/yarn hair- Mimi Kristina, Lindsey Elizabeth, Ali Marie, Jennifer Lauren, Jessica Wallace
Tonka Trucks– Dump truck, Cement mixer, Loader, Fire Truck, Backhoe
Under 3– yellow dump truck
Real Ghostbusters bicycle accessories– Ecto Siren, PKE Water bottle, Egon spanner, Slimer Horn
Under 3– Slimer squirter
McDonaldland Water Games– Ronald catching french fries, Hamburglar stacking burgers, Grimace juggling shakes, Birdie sorting eggs
Fries w/ harmonica, Milkshake Shaker, Cheeseburger Guitarist, Fillet-O-Fish w/ saxophone
PotatoHead Kids – Slick, Sabrina, Spike, Tulip, Slugger, Dumpling, Puff, Spud
McDonald’s Water Games – Birdie, Ronald, Hamburglar, Grimace
Under 3- Grimace sitting with red camera, Grimace sitting with blue camera
Behind the Scenes set- Animation wheel, Balance builders figure set, Rub & Draw templates, Rainbow viewer (also released by Dairy Queen)
McDonald’s M-Squad- Spynoculars, Spycoder, Spytracker / watch / compass, Spystamper / calculator
Under 3– Watch
McDonald’s Halloween McNugget Buddies – McNuggula, McBoo McNugget, U3 McBoo McNugget, Punpking McNugget, Monster McNugget, Mummie Mcnugget, Witchie McNugget

Other Promotion items from 1992

Looney Tunes Christmas fleece and fabric dolls, 8″- Bugs Bunny, Dizzy Devil, Tweety, Sylvester
Ronald McDonald House truck by Ertl, “Christmas Greetings”, 5 1/2″
Paper punchout ornaments (Perf-out)– Ronald McDonald, Hanburglar, Birdie, Grimace
Enesco Treasury of Christmas ornaments 3″- Festive Fries, Holiday Take Out, Small Fry’s First Christmas, Mc Ho Ho Ho
USA Basketball Dream Team ball cap
Batman Returns t-shirt
VHS – Field of Dreams
VHS – Fievel goes West
VHS – Wayne’s World
VHS – What’s on Your Plate?
Wooden french fry box thermometer
Red wing/ arches logo mug and jar made of pottery
Santa 1963 6 1/2″ plastic cup
Gliders– Banana, German
Looney Tunes Quack-ups – Taz Tornado Tracker, Daffy Splitin’ Sportster, Porky Ghost Catcher, Bug’s Super Stretch Limo in orange, Bug’s Super Stretch Limo in red
Under 3– Bug’s Swingin’ Sedan (red / orange)
Dinosaurs TV show toys – Grandma Ethyl, Baby Sinclair, Earl Sinclair, Charlene Sinclair, Robbie Sinclair
Under 3– Baby Sinclair
McDonald’s Food Group figures- Slugger (Meat), Otis (Bread), Milly (Milk), Ruby (Apple)
Under 3– Dunkan (Corn)

Promotion Items from 1993

Big Mac 25th Birthday 22 oz glass
Clear McDonaldland fair theme glasses- Birdie and Hamburglar on Carousel, Ronald McDonald and friends on roller coaster, Ronald McDonald and friends on ferris wheel, Ronald McDonald and Birdie w/ balloons  4 1/2″
Flintstones glass mugs with moulded handles – Mammoth mug, Treemendous mug, Pre-Dawn mug, Rocky Road Mug
McDonald’s  1957 Restaurant glasses 6″  – The Original Shale, Burger & Fries, I’m Speedee, McDonald’s Hamburgers
Dream Team II basketball by Spaulding 12″
McDonald’s Racing Team racing fone
French Fries telephone
VHS- The Addams Family
VHS- Charlotte’s Web
VHS- Grimace hand glove puppet
Mattel McDonald’s Happy Meal Magic– Pie Maker, Cookie Maker, Shake Maker, Drink Fountain, Frozen Fruit Snack Maker, Happy Meal Snack Maker, French Fry Snack Maker, Hamburger Snack Maker, Drink Fountain, McNugget Snack Maker, Refill Pack for Hamburger / Happy Meal Snack Maker
Ronald McDonald electronic talking game by Tiger


Images in the toy pages are courtesy McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the Eighties – Joyce & Terry Losonksy
And courtesy McDonald’s Collectibles 2nd Ed.– Gery Henriques & Audre Duvall