You remember them – from the words of wisdom in One to Grow On to the pot-smoking dad and egg-cracking teen trying to steer your kids away from drugs, 80s Public Service Announcements were both whimsical and disturbing.  Here’s some of the cream of the crop:

Drug PSA: Parents who do Drugs have Kids who do Drugs (ticklemeozmo)

Time for Timer– healthy afterschool snacks (tracy80sgirl)

AIDS PSA – Don’t Share (MediaBurnArchive)

Drug PSA Mr. T (CaptainOT)

Drug PSA Do Something (Matt Pendergast)

Drug PSA- McGruff with Regina (lloydbentman)

Drug PSA – Your brain on drugs (Anthony Kalamut)

Drug PSA Nobody wants to be a junkie when they grow up (CoolOldVideos)

Drug PSA Peewee and Cocain (trailerboy415)

We’re not candy! Drug PSA (ScribasDotCom)

The Chopper tooth health PSA (The Chachster)

Don’t Drown your Food PSA (juliettebravo71)

Michael J. Fox One to Grow On (Buck Wheat)

Michael Gross One to Grow On (SatAMBrainFood)

PSA Homelessness (AnnainCA)

Saving Enery – Captain America (ainstaking)

Zack of all Trades (Sean Mc)

ABC Computer Critters 1985 lIGHT pEN (RetroStatic)

ABC Computer Critters Data Base (Sean Mc)

BC Computer Critters 1 Minute Couse (FLEMISHDOG)

ABC’s Quick Fast Breakfast! (Jeremy Noel)

Keep America Beautiful (Justin Engelhaupt)

Cocaine PSA (Eighties TV)

Illiteracy (jeremiah johnson)

Science & Technology A- to Z (tracy80sgirl)

McGruff Users are Losers (PhakeNam)

Right to Say No (Retrontario)

It’s Your Body – He-Man (tracy80sgirl)

GI Joe PSA montage (Stquinn)

Knight Rider anti marijuana (Propaganda Time)

Star Wars anti smoking (Hoth Icepplanet)

Don’t Be a Couch Potato (ps80s)

Smokey Bear Forest Fire (Lee32T)

The Jets Be Smart Don’t Start (VintageC OmPlus)

Time for Timer Sunshine on a Stick (tracy80sgirl)

Time for Timer Hanker for a Hunk of Cheese (SatAMBrainFood)

Time for Timer You are what you eat! (muttley16)