Holiday TV Advertisements

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There was nothing so magical to me as a kid as the holiday adverts on television. Call that sad but holiday adverts cater specifically to everything wonderful in kid-dom: toys, candy and short attention spans. Everything was bright, warm, well-scored and colourful around the holidays with cheesy smiles galore and sappy storylines that made your mother tear up. Here are some of the most memorable from Christmas, Easter and Hallowe’en to me and probably you too:

Christmas Ads

7 Up Christmas Countdown courtesy Jen Wolford

Fruity Pebbles Christmas Advert courtesy WillyTBird

Burger King Christmas advert w/ Lea Thompson courtesy tasunluk

M&M’s Christmas Advert- All the World Loves M&Ms courtesy AnnainCA

Energizer Christmas Advert courtesy AnnainCA

Hershey Kiss Handbell Christmas Ad courtesy xbrokeninpieces

Eat ‘n Park Christmas Star advert courtesy julzsie

Oero Cookie Christmas advert courtesy M Murphy

Honey Nut Cheerios Christmas Carol advert courtesy TitoTitmouse

Norelco Santa courtesy thealtereggo

Folger’s Coffee “Peter comes home for Christmas” courtesy chuckcollins

Sear’s Santa’s Wishbook Advert courtesy videoarcheology1

KFC bucket tree advert courtesy seanmc31076

7up Spot Christmas Advert courtesy Kwikkill34

Stetson Christmas advert courtesy flydaddyophus

Radio Shack Tandy Computer Christmas Advert courtesy Nahuu Rosello

Kmart Elves Advert courtesy MYSATURDAYMORNINGS

McDonald’s Star Wish Advert courtesy Marry Estep

McDonald’s Christmas Lights Advert courtesy oldstuff86

McDonald’s Holiday Muppet Babies Advert courtesy seanmc31076

Toys R Us Teddy Ruxpin Advert courtesy bearlover1

Toys R Us Commodore 64 Advert courtesy Retrontario

Pepsi Bunny Advert courtesy elithecat

Coke Disneyworld Christmas Ad courtesy MYSATURDAYMORNINGS

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Santabear Express courtesy Lindsey Fountain

M&Ms Holiday Candy courtesy justking81

My First Sony courtesy beckymomtoalice

7up Elves courtesy Jen Wolford


Coke I’d like to teach the world to sing christmas edition


Easter Ads

M&M’s Thank you Easter Bunny courtesy appliedsales

Cadbury Creme Eggs courtesy Jason Harder

Cadbury Bunny Tryouts courtesy Lindsey Fountain

Reese’s Easter Eggs courtesy udhoop


Hallowe’en  Ads

McDonald’s Scare Silly courtesy ForgotBoutThat

McDonald’s Pumpkin Happy Meal courtesy ForgotBoutThat

Elvira Trick or Treat Safety tips courtesy fawdown

Count Chocula courtesy RPGs4Racoons45

Pumpkin Cutters courtesy RPGs4Racoons45