McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the 80s- 1984



Good Sports Winter Olympics stickers – Ronald McDonald, Birdie, Grimace, Mayor McCheese, Sam the Olympic  Eagle, Hamburglar
Good Sports Summer Olympics puzzles– Finish Line, Under the Wire, Smile Ahead, Winning Goal, Biggest Splash
School Days pencils– Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Grimace
School Days erasers– Ronald McDonald, Hamburglar, Grimace, Birdie, Captain Crook
School Days Ruler with shape cutouts
School Days Pencil Sharpeners– Ronald McDonald, Grimace
School Days Pencil Case
Lego Building sets– Truck, Helicopter, Ship, Airplane
Duplo under 3 sets– Bird, Boat with Sailor
Play Doh- 2oz cans, blue, red, yellow, pink, green, white
Popoids – Pentahedron, Ball, Cube, Column, Cube or Ball, Bellows
Olympic Happy Pails – Sand pails and shovels that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Swimming, Cycling, Track and Field, Olympic Games
Olympic Beach Balls – Birdie, Ronald McDonald, Grimace
Happy Holiday sticker sheets– Gingerbread Holiday House, Toy Train set
Fast Macs pull back cars– Big Mac, Mayor McCheese, Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald
McDonaldland Bike Race on oval track– Ronald and Hamburglar
Three-Way fun card game
Yo-Yos- Spiral Logo, Arches Logo
Big Mac on Wheels toy
Grimace Spinner
Astroniks figures w/ McDonald’s arches logos – Racing sled, Drill, Perfido Man, Commander, Copter, Rotobackpack, Skiing

Other promotion items from 1984

McDoodle Desk and School Starter set
McDonaldland Fun Times Backpack
McDonaldland Fun Times Cup with Snap-on Lid and Bowl set
Fun Times Magazine
Vinyl Ornaments with cord– Grimace, Hamburglar, Ronald McDonald
1984 Ronald McDonald Visits… Colouring Calendar
1984 Ronald McDonald Colouring Calendar of the 1984 Olympic Games
Fun Times Magazine T-Shirt
Fun Times Magazine Grimace 30″ blow-up toy
Colouring Book- Learn the ABCs
Grimace plush fleece doll w/gold tshirt and headphones by Dakin, 11″
Birdie plush doll w/goggles and scarf by Dakin, 14″
Time to Eat vinyl baby bib– Ronald w/ pocket watch
1984 Los Angeles Olympics Banner 34″ x 17″
Little Golden Book– Ronald McDonald and the Tale of the Talking Plant
Card Games- Centipede, Scrabble, When the USA Wins You Win
Placemat– Happy Birthday McDonaldland characters
Poster– Have a Fun Hallowe’en
Game– McDonald’s Playland Funburst by Parker Brothers
Newstrack: Grinding it out autobiography series of Ray Kroc, 2 cassettes
33 1/3″ record McDonald’s All-American High School Jazz band
Ronald McDonald House black or red digital watches
1984 Olympic Mugs 3 1/2″  Fencing/ Cycling/ Ice Skating/ Equestrian Sports, Basketball / Baseball / Soccer/ Volleyball, Swimming / Kayaking/ Sculling / Sailing, Weight Lifting/ Running / Wrestling/ Archery


Images in the toy pages are courtesy McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the Eighties – Joyce & Terry Losonksy
And courtesy McDonald’s Collectibles 2nd Ed.– Gery Henriques & Audre Duvall