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I Can Read Books

Cover of "Go, Dog. Go! (Beginner Books)"

Cover of Go, Dog. Go! (Beginner Books)

I can Read books were the best- written as actual stories in language so simple you could figure it out and wanted to- everyone wanted to find out if Frog and Toad remained the best of friends or if Amelia Bedelia ever managed to get herself sacked. I can Read books gave you the power over your little sister because now, boya, you could READ and she couldn’t The possibilities for Little Bear suddenly became endless…

Morris the Moose
Frog and Toad series
Little Bear
Oink and Pearl
Amelia Bedelia series
Harry the Dirty Dog
Sammy the Seal
Danny’s Dinosaur
Go, Dog, Go!
Uncle Elephant
Popcorn Bear
Bread and Jam for Francis
The Golly Sisters Go West

Nate the Great
Arthur’s Halloween Costime – Lillian Hoban
Gus Goes to School- Jane Thayer
Tee Tee – COsgrove
Leo The Lop, Leo the Lop Tail 2, Leo the Lop Tail 3- Cosgrove
Ming Ling- Cosgrove
Flutterby – Cosgrove
Persnickety – Cosgrove
The Big Bunny and the Easter Eggs– Steven Kroll
Little Chick’s Big Day –
Hattie, Tom and the Chicken Witch

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