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School Stuff



Tools for school in the 80s

Trapper Keeper
Pop-a-point pencils
Fruity scented pencils
Miniature eraser sets
Scented erasers sets
Glitter pencils
Graphing Calculators
Rubber band balls
Animal Folios
Lisa Frank folders, pencils, pens, erasers, folios, mini desk sets
Pencils w/ charms on the end
Pencil toppers in TV character shapes
Pencil pouches, boxes and bags
School kits with a particular theme
Jansport bags
Lunchboxes- Aladdin, Thermos, plastic and metal
Pink Pearl erasers
Autograph books
Shaped notepads
Stickers of every variety – scratch n sniff, shaped, puffy, scented, venticular, shiny, foiled, glittered
Sticker albums
Panini Sticker books and sets