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McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the 80s- 1989

Happy Meal toy and promotion selection from 1989.


McNugget Buddies– Cowpoke, Sarge, Corny, Snorkel, First Class, Drummer, Sparky, Rocker, Volley, Boomerang, Dress-up McNuggets sticker sheet
Under 3– Slugger, Daisy
Mickey’s Birthdayland vehicles– Minnie Mouse convertible, Donald Duck train engine, Goofy jalopy sport coupe, Pluto’s rumbler, Mickey’s roadster
Under 3– large soft plastic cars- Goofy’s car, Donald Duck’s jeep, Mickey’s convertible, Minnie’s convertible
Little Gardener gardening tools – Grimace rake w/ seeds, Birdie trowel w/ seeds, Ronald watering can, Fry Guys pail
Under 3– Birdie trowel
New Food Changeables -Quarter Pounder / Galacta Burger, Hot Cakes/ Robo Cakes, Large Fries / Fry Force, Shake / Krypto Cup, Big Mac/ Macro Man, Soft-Serve Cone / Turbo Cone, Cheeseburger / C2 Cheeseburger, Small Fries / Fry Bot
Under 3– 3D cube w/ Grimace, Birdie, CosMc! and Hamburglar
Garfield vehicles – tested in 1988  Garfield on scooter, Garfield on skateboard, Garfield in 4-wheel, Garfield and Odie in motor scooter
Under 3– Garfield on skateboard, Garfield with roller skates
Lego Motion sets– Gyro Bird, Land Laser, Sea Skimmer, Turbo Force, Swamp Stinger, Lightening Striker, Wind Whirler, Sea Eagle
Under 3– Duplo Tuttle the Turtle, Giddy the Gator
Hallowe’en pails– McGhost, McBoo, McWitch (with raised ‘hat’ lid)
Rescue Rangers – Chips Whirly-Cupter, Dale’s Rotoroadster, Gadget’s Rescue Racer, Chip’s Rockin Racer, Monterey Jack’s Propel-a-Phone
Under 3– Gadget’s Rockin Rider, Chip’s Rockin Racer
The Little Mermaid water toys– Flounder squirter, Ariel, Prince Eric and Sebastian in boat, Ursula the Wicked Sea Witch suction cup toy
Crazy Clingers – Ronald McDonald / parachute, Grimace / hot air balloon, Hamburglar / hang glider, Birdie / balloons
Ronald McDonald Bedtime – Ronald toothbrush, Sparkle crest toothpaste, Ronald plastic cup, Ronald glow-in-the-dark figure, Ronald foam mitt
McBunny pails– Easter pails with bunny faces and ‘ear’ handles that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Fluffy McBunny, Pinky McBunny, Whiskers McBunny
Beach Toy inflatables (test) – Catamaran, Beach Ball, Flying Disk, Submarine
McDonald’s Talking Storybook Dodo and Bones Dinosaur book and Cassette sets- Danger under the Lake, Amazing Birthday Adventure, Dinosaur Baby Room, Creature in the Cave
Read Along with Ronald book and cassette sets (test) – Dinosaur in McDonaldland, Grimace goes to School, The Day Birdie Learned to Fly, Mystery of the Missing French Fries
Sea World of Texas 6″ stuffed toys– Whale, Sea Otter, Dolphin
Sea World of Texas animal frame sunglasses– Penguin, Whale
Fun with Food Fisher-Price toys with decals– French Fry Guy, Soft Drink Guy, Chicken McNuggets, Hamburger Guy
Raggedy Ann and Andy figures – Raggedy Ann on swing, Raggedy Andy on slide, Camel with Wrinkled Knees on seesaw, Grouchy Bear on carousel
Under 3- Camel with Wrinkled Knees figure
Funny Fry Friends figures w/ interchangeable costumes– (test) Gadzooks, Too Tall, Matey, ZZZ’s
McDonaldland character frame sunglasses- Ronald McDonald, Birdie, Hamburglar, Grimace
Mix-em up Monsters – Bibble, Gropple, Corkle, Thugger (also distributed by Avon)
McDonald’s Circus Parade – Ronald ring master, Bareback rider Birdie, Elephant trainer Fry Guy, Grimace playing calliope
McDonald’s Fry Benders bendy figures – Grand Slam, Freestyle, Roadie, Froggy,
Under 3- Tunes
Tom & Jerry Band – Droopy w/ Microphone, Tom on Keyboard, Jerry on Drums, Spike w/ base
Under 3- Droopy Conductor
Little Mermaid ornaments, Sebastian, Flounder
Happy Holidays Coke and McDonald’s ornament 3″
Postcard– McDonald’s Des Plaines Museum
Poster– Roger Rabbit Happy Hallowe’en certificates
Fisher Price toy sets– McDonald’s Cooking Centre, Little People McDonald’s Restaurant Deluxe Playset
Watch Out for the Other Guy bicycle and water safety teacher’s guide and cassette
Puffy stickers– Roger Rabbit w/ Hallowe’en gift certificate book
Tricolour wristwatch
Disneyland glasses 5 5/8″ Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Fantasyland, Critter Country
Gourmet Coffee mugs with a packet of instant coffee– 1989  French Roast, Irish Cream, Vienna Roast
Founder’s Day – McDonald’s Homecoming Celebration white cup


Images in the toy pages are courtesy McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the Eighties – Joyce & Terry Losonksy
And courtesy McDonald’s Collectibles 2nd Ed.– Gery Henriques & Audre Duvall