I’ve heard it said that Madonna’s early career image defined 80s fashion but I’m not so sure. Looking back through the lace and neon, jelly shoes and pins through noses I see a definite trend of 30s/40s influence in the early part of the decade and 50s/60s towards the end. Just my humble opinion. Either way, the 80s were extremely original and all their own. Did you rock any of these looks?

Rocking both pop beads and Saddle shoes

Levi 501 jeans
Levu Butterfly 501s
Madonna-inspired corsets worn over skirts and accessorized with lace fingerless gloves
Tailored suits, all designer – the ‘Yuppie’ look
Punk Rock look
Jean Jackets
Bubble skirts
Candies shoes
Excessive use of colour- think United Colours of Bennetton and Cyndi Lauper
Shoulder pads – to the point of Linebacker status
Shift dresses with high collars
Fitness clothes- Lycra, Spandex, leotards, leg warmers, sweatbands, bike shorts
Slouch socks
Layered socks
Layered everything!
Big, baggy sweatshirts
Daisy Dukes
Deely Boppers
Plastic jackets
Bolero jackets
Ankle Boots
Cut off shorts
Stone washed denim
Bermuda Shorts
Hawaiian shirts

Back again on shelves in 2016….

Mismatched clothes
Ripped clothes, particularly jeans
Argyle Socks and Sweaters
The ‘Preppy’ look
Thin ties
Penny loafers
Saddle Shoes
Polo Shirts
Monogrammed clothes
Lace-topped socks
Mismatched socks, laces and shoes
‘Miami Vice’ look
Dark Sunglasses
Pinstriped suit jackets
Parachute pants – think M.C. Hammer
Wearing one glove – think Michael Jackson
T shirts knotted up on one side to show the belly button
T shirts pulled through a t shirt clip for the same reason
Leather jackets worn with black or red leather pants and sunglasses
Denim jackets with lots of badges or patches
Ray-Ban Sunglasses, aviator glasses
Plaid shirts and white jeans
Vans shoes, Doc Martens, Converse (Chucks), Fila, Addidas, Nike, Reebok, Puma
Lots of zippers on clothing
Pastel clothing
Levi’s Movin On Jeans
Wearing baseball caps backwards
Stirrup pants, capri pants

Those puffer coats ‘you’ll grow into

Tight, white t-shirts for guys
Cowl necks
Batwing sleeves
Wearing sneakers with suits
Pantsuits for women
Crepe-type fabric for women’s dresses
Polka-dots, stripes
Muscle shirts
Cut off, blousy tees for women
Neon or white sunglasses
Big wedding dresses modeled after Princess Diana’s
Mutton sleeves
Hook and eye or button fastenings
Jam Shorts
Duck Boots
Moon Boots
Tap pants with knee socks
Dr. Dentons
Buster Brown Shoes

Ah, wedding attire… nothing this lacey since the Edwardian days…

Capezio Dancewear
Fannie Packs
Lycra shorts under short skirts
Long t-shirts
Neon and dayglo clothing
Crop tops
Crinoline skirts, tulle skirts
Sheer Energy Pantyhose by L’eggs
L’eggs Pantyhose
Hanes Hosiery
Playtex Cross Your Heart Bra
Velcro Shoes- Zips
Jordache Jeans
Street Cars Shoes
Vans shoes
Calvin Klein Jeans
Winteralls Pantyhose
Cuddle Duds long underwear
Big earrings, hoops – we’re talking huge
Men wearing earrings in one ear
Layered jewelry- lots of chains, large link chains and pendants, bracelets
Swatch watches
Nose Rings, safety pins through the nose and upper ear
Plastic charm chain necklaces
Charm Bracelets

Bright colours and pastel capris

Best Friends bracelets, necklaces, earrings
Charms worn on bookbags, purses, shoes
Chunky costume jewelry
Digital Watches
Huge watch-faces and bracelets
Multiple earrings worn
Braided bracelets
Chocker and ‘y’ necklaces
Ribbon or Velvet worn as a chocker
Jelly bracelets, rings, necklaces, shoes
Cross jewellry
Multiple rings

Mullets for men
Teased hair – something akin to a light-socket look
Big bangs- large enough to cage a small mammal in
Short haircuts for women, androgynous looks – think Annie Lennox
Assymetrical cuts
Shaved heads
Multicoloured hair
Single side ponytails
Ponytails high up on the crown of your head
Chopped bangs on kids- ‘bowl’ cuts
The ‘Purdey’ style -thank God that’s gone
Crimped hair
Permed hair
Foiled hair

Dyed hair
Home-curled hair -yes, sleeping on rollers or braids with a bathing cap
Ponytail Scrunchies
Banana Clips
Hair combs
Cute barettes, ponytail balls
Lace scarves tied on ponytails
Dippity Doo
Aqua Net
Breck Shampoo
Flex Shampoo
Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific Shampoo
Prell Shampoo
Pert Shampoo
Selson Blue Shampoo
Suave Shampoo
Epic Waves Home Permanent
Clairol Hair Color

Side ponytails and lots of junk stuck in them

Eyeliner on men
Bold swathes of colour on the cheeks
Geometrical shaped eye makeup- think Grace Jones
Bonne Bell lipsmackers for kids and teens
Thick eyeliner for women
Tinker Bell Cosmetics
Maybelline Colourwand Powder Eyeshadow
L’Oreal Crayon Riche Lipstick
Max Factor Moisture Riche Lipstick
Max Factor Lasting Colour Lipstick
Close-Up ToothPaste
Sparkle Crest for Kids
Listermint mouthwash
Pond’s Cold Cream
Mintfresh Signal Mouthwash
Splendor Shampoo
Lady Speedstick
Arrid Extra Dry Solid Deodorent
Ban Solid Deodorent
Soft Sense Lotion
Skin Bracer Aftershave
Colgate Gel Toothpaste in Winterfresh
Corn Silk makeup

Jean Nate
Paco Rabanne cologne for Men
Red Door
Chanel No. 5
Chanel No. 19
Relph Lauren Polo
White Shoulders
Love by Victoria
Liz Claiborne
British Sterling

Calvin Kleiin
Carl Laagerfeld
Old Spice
Paul Sebastian
United Colours of Benetton
Baby Love
Le Jardin Perfume

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