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Sailor Moon Main Characters

Sailor saturn transform -sm-portugal.coolbb.netIf you’ve watched Sailor Moon the anime extensively you know the whole shebang revolves around a core set of characters – the inner and outer senshi and really, around Sailor Moon herself.  But you also know there are about 10 billion other characters in the anime and a bunch in the manga that didn’t even appear in the anime probably for time’s sake. This page is dedicated to just the major ones- there’s another page for the relatively minor characters from the anime.

What’s a senshi you ask? Senshi is the Japanese term for Soldier. Now you have the inner senshi, which are the first 5 girls who are soldiers of the Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Jupiter (inner planets of the solar system) and then you’ve got the outer senshi who are the soldiers of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (the outer planets of the solar system- and you can argue it with me forever but say what you want, Pluto IS A PLANET to any 80s kid worth their salt).  So without further adieu:

Inner Senshi

Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity —Tsukino Usagi /Serena/Bunny

Stands for: love & justice

 Queen Serenity, Neo Queen Serenity– Queen of the Moon Kingdom who sent Princess Serenity to be reborn as Sailor Moon. Future version of Sailor Moon

Tuxedo Mask, Prince Endymion-Chiba Mamoru/ Darien
Sailor Chibi MoonPrincess Serenity—Tsukimo Isagi/ Chibi-Usa /Rini / Small Lady /Black Lady /Small Maiden- daughter of Usagi and Mamoru

Sailor MercuryMizuno Ami /Amy
Stands for: water & wisdom

Sailor MarsHino Rei /Raye
Stands for: fire & passion

Sailor Jupiter-Kino Makoto/ Lita
Stands for: thunder & strength

Sailor Venus, Sailor V—  Aino Minako/ Mina
Stands for: metal & beauty

Outer Senshi

Sailor PlutoMeioh Setsuna /Trista
Stands for: time & space

Sailor UranusTenoh Haruka/ Amara
Stands for: sky & fury

Sailor Neptune — Kaioh Michiru /Michelle
Stands for: ocean & intuition

Sailor Saturn— Tomoe Hotaru
Stands for: death & rebirth

Sailor Starlights

Sailor Star Fighter –Kou Seiya
Sailor Star Maker–Kou Taiki
Sailor Star Healer –Kou Yaten
Sailor ChibiChibi Moon— ChibiChibi
Princess Kakyuu

Manga Artemis, Diana and Luna


Artemis— Sailor Venus’ cat from Planet Mau
Luna— Sailor Moon’s cat from Planet Mau
Diana— Sailor Chibi Moon’s cat from Planet Mau


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