Year 7 was huge in its size and returned with another 2 lines of scented ponies, a reprise of the Twice as Fancy ponies with a colour-changing feature and most notably in this year, the Loving Family ponies which included a mother, father and baby brother or sister with a corresponding international sibling.

**Ponies have multiple images which sometimes include backcards and accessories. Make sure to click through the galleries!


While ponies and merry go rounds go hand in hand, it wasn’t until year 7 that Hasbro put them together. Merry Go Round Ponies did not have symbols/cutie marks; rather, their carousel trappings were molded and raised from their backs and necks.

Fancy pony with a colorful merry-go-round design! (*from packaging)

SUNNY BUNCH: Sunny Bunch had a special trick to perform for the magic show at the Ponyland Fair. After letting a bunch of colorful balloons float in the air, she swished her tail and POP – a red balloon burst, turning into a bouquet of red roses. Then Sunny Bunch blinked her eyes and POP-POP, two green balloons burst into a shower of fluttering maple leaves. Soon the sky was filled with bright flowers and leaves! The other ponies were so thrilled they gave Sunny Bunch a surprise of their own – a beautiful cape decorated with flowers! (*from backcard)

SPARKLER:  Sparkler hoped to win the contest for having the best-tasting pie at the Ponyland Fair. The mouth-watering aroma of freshly baked apple, blueberry and strawberry pies filled the air as the judges sampled each treat. When they tasted Sparkler’s pie, the judges smiled and agreed it was the most delicious of all! Sparkler was presented with a shiny jeweled cape for winning the contest, but none of the other ponies semmed to notice because they were too busy munching Sparkler’s award-winning pie. (*from backcard)

TASSELS:  “Throw six balls into the basket to win a magic cape!” Tassels shouted from her booth at the Ponyland Fair. Many ponies tried but only Sparkler got six balls in the basket. “Why is it a magic cape?” asked Sparkler, wrapping it around her shoulders. “Touch your nose,” suggested Tassles with a smile. When Sparkler touched her nose, the hearts on the cape changed into flowers! All the ponies began to throw balls, hoping to win a magic cape, too!  (*from backcard)

BRILLIANT BLOSSOMS: Brilliant Blossoms put on a cape and hat decorated with colorful flowers and hearts, then joined her friends for a fun day at the Ponyland Fair. “Let’s go on the swings,” she suggested, hopping on a swing and laughing as it began to spin around and around! Suddenly, a gust of wind caught her cape and sent it fluttering through the air! Brilliant Blossoms blew a kiss at the cape, and it magically changed into hundreds of paper flowers and hearts that showered all over the delighted ponies at the Ponyland Fair! (*from backcard)

FLOWER BOUQUET: One night, all the ponies hurried to the Ponyland Fair to see Flower Bouquet’s light show. As the ponies waited in the dark fairground, Flower Bouquet flipped a switch to turn on the lights, but nothing happened! Quickly, Flower Bouquet flew into the air and touched the lights with a moonbeam. When she touched the last light, the lights burst into pink, yellow and blue flowers glowing brightly in the darkness! She wove some flowers into a beautiful cape and headband for herself as the ponies applauded her fantastic flower show!  (*from backcard)

DIAMOND DREAMS: Diamond Dreams and Sparkler spent a bright, sunny afternoon tossing pennies into the wishing well at the Ponyland Fair. As the coins fell into the sparkling water, Diamond Dreams wished for a cape as dazzling as a moonbeam shining in the night. A moment later, Diamond Dreams looked at her reflection in the water and gasped – it showed a shimmering jeweled cape wrapped around her like a queen! “Your wish came true,” smiled Sparkler, who threw a penny into the water and made a special wish of her own. (*from backcard)


Perfume Puff Ponies, while sold individually, were the prime representatives of the Poof ‘n Puff Perfume Palace playset. Their super-poofy hair was their hallmark feature making them the big-hair-don’t-care ladies of all Ponyland.

Perfume-scented pony with lots of fluffy hair! (*from packaging)

LAVENDER LACE: “Spring is here!” exclaimed Lavender Lace, smelling the sweet scent of flowers in the air. The ponies eagerly ran outside to pick flowers and play in the sunshine. Lavender Lace strolled in a garden, admiring the beautiful flowers and stopping to sniff their fragrant scents. “This will make a pretty perfume,” she thought, coming upon a lilac bush. With a wink of an eye, she changed one of the lilacs into a tiny perfume jar with a cover! “What a wonderful scent!” she said, opening the jat and dabbing lilac perfume behind her ears!  (*from backcard)

DAISY SWEET:  “All I need is a dab of perfume!” Daisy Sweet said as she finished dressing for the party. Daisy Sweet reached for the perfume and accidentally tipped over the bottle, splattering perfume all over her new party dress. “I don’t have time to change,” she sighed. Just then, Sweet Suds entered the room and saw the spots on Daisy Sweet’s dress. Smiling, Sweet Suds blinked her eyes and daisies appeared over the spots. Then Sweet Suds pulled a daisy from the hem and tucked it into Daisy Sweet’s hair for a pretty finishing touch. (*from backcard)

RED ROSES: One day, Red Roses found a perfume bottle on her doorstep with a note attached that read “Magical Rose Perfume.” “Why is it magic?” she wondered, spraying the fragrant perfume behind her ears. As she ran to show her friends the mysterious bottle, she stumbled and spilled a few drops of perfume on the floor. POOF! Suddenly, three beautiful red roses lay on the floor where the drops had fallen. “I see you found the present I left for you, Red Roses,” laughed Lavender Lace, handing her friend the magical bouquet of roses! (*from backcard)

SWEET LILY: Sweet Lily sat at her dressing table trying to decide on a new hairdo. Outside her window, two lovebirds watched as she brushed, curled and tried style after style. Chirping a sweet tweet-tweet-tweet, they flew off and returned to Sweet Lily’s windowsill with beautiful lace ribbons from the silver lining of a nearby cloud. Excitedly, Sweet Lily wove the ribbons through her hair, creating a truly beautiful hairdo. Then she twisted the last ribbon into a heart shape and placed it around her two special friends. (*from backcard)

SWEET SUDS: “It’s bath time!” Sweet Suds called to the Newborn Ponies as she filled the tub. Reluctantly, the little ponies scampered in. “We’d rather make mud pies and jump in the leaves,” they sighed through dirty faces. Sweet Suds smiled and poured her special bubble bath into the water. Suddenly, the bubbles began to pop, changing into big, colorful balloons that danced around the tub! “This is more fun than a circus!” the newborns laughed, asking Sweet Suds if they could stay in the tub a little while longer! (*from backcard)

DAINTY DAHLIA: “What a lovely hairdo, Dainty Dahlia!” exclaimed Sweet Lily as the two friends hurried to a party. Suddenly, Dainty Dahlia’s hair got caught in a low tree branch and came undone! “Now what shall I do?” she sighed. Sweet Lily gathered dahlias from a flower garden and wove them into Dainty Dahlia’s hair, creating a hairdo even lovlier than the one before! To thank Sweet Lily for her help, Dainty Dahlia changed a dahlia into a bottle of perfume and sprinkled a few drops of hte pretty scent on her delighted friend! (*from backcard)


Candy Cane Ponies were known for their luxurious, striped curls and sweet, candy scents.

Sweet-scented pony with “candy cane” hair! (*from packaging)



MINT DREAMS: “Yumm! This is delicious!” Mint Dreams said as she strolled through the park, licking a peppermint lollipop. Glancing at some nearby trees, she suddenly had an idea. When she blinked her eyes twice, a forest of rainbow-colored lollipops appeared in the middle of the park! All the other ponies playing in the park followed the sweet peppermint scent to the lollipop forest, where Mint Dreams was waiting with luscious lollipops for everyone to enjoy!  (*from backcard)

LEMON TREATS:  With all the decorations in place, Lemon Treats hurriedly removed Caramel Crunch’s birthday cake from the oven. The smell of lemons filled the air, as she placed the cake on the windowsill to cool. When the cake was ready, Lemon Treats frosted it with luscious lemon icing. “Now for the finishing touch!” Lemon Treats said, tossing heart-shaped candies into the air! Some candies landed on the cake, while others burst into beautiful balloons to welcome the party guests as they arrived!  (*from backcard)

SUGAR APPLE: Sugar Apple was making a batch of candy as a special snack for the ponies. “Needs a little more sugar,” she thought, tasting the red mixture. As she reached for the sugar, she accidentally tipped over a bowl of apples and sent them tumbling into the cany mixture! She quickly scooped the apples from the mixture and placed a lollipop stick in each one. As a sweet apple scent filled the kitchen, Sugar Apple tasted one of the candy-coated apples. “What a delicious idea!” she laughed, taking another bite of the tasty treat!  (*from backcard)

MOLASSES: “These party invitations will be quite a surprise!” Molasses laughed, as she finished baking gingerbread man cookies one morning. She wrote the day, time and place of the party on the cookies with icing, then placed one outside each pony’s door. The ponies awoke to the delicious smell of cinnamon. When they opened their doors, they were delighted to find a party invitation written on one of Molasses’s cookies! “Only Molasses could make an invitation delicious!” laughed Lemon Treats, taking a bite of her cookie! (*from backcard)

CARAMEL CRUNCH: It was raining all over Ponyland, so Caramel Crunch and Lemon Treats decided to go to a movie. “How about a snack for the show?” Lemon Treats asked her friend. Caramel Crunch knew just what to do! She blinked her eyes and … POP-POP-POP … the falling raindrops burst into yummy caramel-coated popcorn! The damp air carried the scent of the sweet treat as the two friends scooped up popcorn for the other ponies. With all the excitement, Caramel Crunch and Lemon Treats forgot about the movie and the dreary, rainy day. (*from backcard)

SUGAR SWEET: After a fun day of playing hide-and-go-seek, Sugar Sweet and Lemon Treats were very hungry. “I’d like something sweet and tasty to eat,” said Sugar Sweet, looking up at the sky. With a swish of her tail, a passing cloud suddenly became a ball of fluffy, pink cotton candy! The two ponies flew up to the candy cloud and munched on the sugary treat until it was all gone! With the delicious candy scent still in the air, Sugar Sweet and Lemon Treats searched for another candy cloud to bring to their friends! (*from backcard)


Dance ‘n Prance ponies have a large bottom between the front legs that, when turned while holding their tails, causes them to “dance” while their tails twirl. They came with hair accessories to keep their manes from tangling with their tails while dancing and some pretty cool jewelry. Originally the Dance ‘n Prance ponies were planned to be a set to include 2 pegasuses, 2 unicorns and 2 earth ponies in slightly different colours and poses but were released as a set of 4 earth ponies and 2 unicorns all in the same pose.

Dancing pony with a tail that twirls around! (*from packaging)

TAP DANCER: The audience at the theater was filled with anticipation as Tap Dancer appeared on stage with her top hat and cane. When the music began to play, Tap Dancer waltzed across the stage, her tail twirling around and around to the pretty melody. After the song ended, she pointed her cane at the ceiling and magically, a shower of bright confetti fell from above. Then she stood at center stage and tipped her hat to the cheering crowd, while dazzling colors fluttered everywhere. (*from backcard)

SONGSTER: Songster peeked into the empty music room and in the castle and found a microphone on the stage. She turned it on and began to sing, her beautiful voice drifting out the open windows and filling the air. Outside, the ponies stopped their games and followed the pretty voice to the music room. When they arrived, they found Songster singing and dancing as her tail twirled with happiness! “Please sing another song!” cried the ponies, applauding Songster’s surprise concert!  (*from backcard)

Songster has Argentinian variants as well as known Argentinian prototypes without the dance mechanism in the Collector Pony molds.

PLAYER: It was nearly dark in Ponyland when the ponies gathered under the light of the rainbow. Player brought her guitar and began to strum a lively, happy tune. Soon, the other ponies were dancing to the music, their tails spinning in time to the song. When Player finished the song, she rested her guitar against the rainbow. Suddenly, the guitar started playing by itself! “This guitar is magic!” Player shouted to the other ponies, who were already whirling and twirling to the beat. (*from backcard)

D.J.:  “Let’s listen to some music,”D.J. suggested to the ponies, strolling into a room at the castle. She switched on the radio and a happy tune filled the room. Soon, D.J. and her friends were dancing to the music, their tails twirling around and around with the beat! Smiling, D.J. touched the radio with her magic horn, and the musical notes popped out of the radio, dancing in the air! When the song was over, the notes turned into glittering ribbons for the ponies to wear in their hair! (*from backcard)

D.J. has an Argentinian variant.

SWINGER:  While the Newborn Ponies were playing outside, Swinger went to the nursery to tidy the room. She put on her headphones and began to dance to a pretty song, twirling her tail with each graceful step. As she danced, her tail brushed against the toys and clothes that were lying on the floor. Suddenly, the toys began to dance into the toybox and the clothes spun into drawers and closets! “What a magical way to clean a room!” laughed Swinger, waltzing across the floor with a teddy bear! (*from backcard)

Swinger has an Argentinian variant.

TWIRLER:  The ponies were having fun listening to their favorite records when suddenly, Twirler had a great idea. She blinked her eyes, and the records flew to her and her friends, lifting them off the ground like magic carpets! Then, the records carried the delighted ponies all the way to the moon, where bright moonlight and twinkling stars made it the perfect place for a dance party. “This is the most fun I’ve ever had!” shouted Twirler, twirling her tail as she danced with her friends. (*from backcard)


While they more “glittered” than “sparkled,” the Sparkle Ponies’ transluscent bodies set with glitter and crowned with tinsel hair certainly stood out among their pony pals.

Beautiful pony with a glittering body! (*from packaging)

STAR HOPPER“That was a great movie, Star Hopper,” Sunspot said to her friend, turning off the television. “I liked the flying saucer,” said Star Hopper, going to the kitchen to make hot cocoa. As she heated the water, Star Hopper turned her cup upside down on her saucer and touched it with her magic horn. Suddenly, the cup and saucer began to spin around, then flew past Sunspot and zoomed out the window! “It’s a flying cup-and-saucer!” laughed Sunspot, as it zipped back inside and sprinkled stardust on the delighted ponies! (*from backcard)

SKY ROCKET: “It’s time to cut your birthday cake,” Twinkler said to Sky Rocket, as the ponies enjoyed the terrific party. While Sky Rocket began to cut the cake, Twinkler quietly went outside, gathered moondust from the sky and returned before the last piece of cake was cut. As the clock struck midnight, all the party balloons burst into colorful rockets that zoomed through the sky, leaving a shower of moondust behind. “What a wonderful way to end the party!” Sky Rocket laughed, covered with speckles of moondust. (*from backcard) 

SUNSPOT:  “Rise and shine!” Sunspot called to the sleeping ponies, but they only yawned and snuggled deeper into their beds. “I know how to wake them!” she thought, flying into the air. She flew up to her friend, Mr. Sun, and whispered in his ear. Smiling happily, he sent sunbeams into the ponies’ bedroom windows. The sunbeams filled each room and sprinkled glittering flecks of sunshine on the ponies! They awoke with smiling faces, and cheerfully tossed some of the bright flecks on Sunspot as she skipped into their bedrooms. (*from backcard)

A known proptype of Sunspot as a Glow ‘n Show-type pony with glow in the dark confetti in the plastic rather than glitter exists in a private collection. (*source: 


NAPPER: Napper walked outside one night and could not find the moon! She looked everywhere in the sky- under the rainbow, behind the stars and in the Milky Way- but her nighttime friend was nowhere in sight. Finally she saw a glowing cloud and flew up to see what was making it shine. When she arrived at the cloud, she found the moon fast asleep on the soft, fluffy cloud! Napper gave the moon a big hug, covering herself moondust that glittered and sparkled like the stars!  (*from backcard)

STARDANCER:  Stardancer finished making her bed, hugged her cuddly toy bear and placed him on her pillow. When she returned to her room that night, the little bear was gone! Stardancer looked everywhere in her room, but could not find him. Suddenly, she heard laughter outside her window. When she looked outside, she saw the bear dancing in the sky with two baby stars. “Come and dance with us, Stardancer! ” the friendly stars called, tossing glittering stardust on the delighted pony! (*from backcard)

TWINKLER: The ponies were very happy because Playtime Baby Brother Ponies knew the alphabet from A to Z. “Let’s give them a party!” Twinkler suggested to her friends. While the other ponies got the cake, balloons and streamers, Twinkler flew into the sky and gathered glittering stardust. When the Playtime Baby Brother Ponies arrived at the party, they were surprised to see the alphabet written in the sky with sparkling stardust! Some of the stardust floated to the ground, covering Twinkler with glittering specks! (*from backcard)


Fancy Pants Baby Ponies had painted on fancy diapers rather than symbols/ cutie marks and departed from many of the other baby pony releases in that the 6 pony set was made up of 4 earth ponies (2 being first tooth ponies), 1 pegasus and 1 unicorn. 

Baby Pony with colorful playpants! (*from packaging)

BABY SUNNYBUNCH: One day, Baby Glider gave Baby Sunnybunch a pretty bouquet of roses and daisies. But the flowers soon began to wilt and lose their color. “I wish I could have flowers that stayed pretty for a long time,” Baby Sunnybunch sighed. Smiling mischievously, Baby Glider blinked twice, and bright flower designs magically appeared on Baby Sunnybunch’s pants! “These flowers will always stay beautiful!” Baby Glider said to her friend. (*from backcard)

BABY BOWS: Baby Bows frowned at the loose, lopsided bow in her hair. “I wish I could wear a bow that wouldn’t come undone,” she thought, brushing a little dust from her pants. Suddenly, she had an idea! She took the ribbon from her hair and waved it in the air. Suddenly, tiny bows appeared all over her pants! “Now I have bows that will stay tied!” she laughed, admiring her colorful new pants. (* from backcard)

BABY GLIDER: One day, Baby Glider met a pretty butterfly with brightly colored wings. The two friends flew into the sky, dipping and diving in the air and playing peek-a-boo in the clouds. Before she flew away, the butterfly gave Baby Glider a pair of pants decorated with tiny butterflies to remember their visit. It was a very special gift indeed, thought Baby Glider as she waved goodbye to the smiling butterfly. (*from backcard)

BABY SPLASHES:  One summer day, Baby Splashes went swimming with the ducks in the pond. She tried to glide through the water like her friends, but splashed about instead. The ducks knew how to help her! “Quack, Quack!” they sang and suddenly, little duck designs appeared on baby Splashes’s pants! Soon, she was floating around the pond as smoothly as her pals! “When I wear these pants, I can swim just like you!” Baby Splashes told the smiling ducks. (*from backcard)

Baby Splashes’ European version has slightly different-coloured hair.

BABY DOTS AND HEARTS: When the rain stopped, Baby Dots ‘n Hearts ran outside to make mud pies in the dirt. When she finished playing, she wiped the mud from her hands and saw that her pants were covered with mud, too! Smiling, she wiggled her nose, and the muddy spots on her pants changed into little hearts and tiny dots! “It’s so fun to play in the mud!” laughed Baby Dots ‘n Hearts, running home to show off her new pants! (*from backcard)

*photo is of the European variant of Baby Dots and Hearts with slightly different hair colour. There were also two earth pony Argentinian variants.

BABY STARBURST: One night, Baby Starburst went for a ride on a soft, fluffy cloud. She listened to the moon sing pretty lullabies and waved at the twinkling stars. Just before dawn, the moon sprinkled moondust on Baby Starburst, and suddenly, tiny stars and moons appeared on her pants! She returned to her bed, falling sound asleep as the moon whispered “Sweet dreams, Baby Starburst!” (*from backcard)

Baby Starburst’s European variant has slightly different coloured hair and fancy pants colours. 


The Sunshine Ponies were the last round of Twice as Fancy ponies but with the feature of having colour-changing hair if left in sunlight. 

With streaks of hair that change color in the sun! (*from packaging)

BEACH BALL: As the Sunshine Ponies tossed a beach ball back and forth, the wind blew it into the ocean, and the waves quickly carried it out to sea. Beach Ball dipped her foot into the water, and the waves turned into lots of beach balls! The ponies ran to the shorline, touching the magical waves as they scooped up the beach balls. Suddenly, strands of their hair began to change color as the sun shone on them! “Now our hair is as colorful as the beach balls!” laughed Beach Ball, tossing a ball into the air! (*from backcard)

Beach Ball had a European release.

SAND DIGGER: Sand Digger watched the Baby Ponies fill their pails with sand and carry them to a sandcastle they were building. As Baby Bows passed by, she dropped her pail and spilled sand on Sand Digger! “Your hair is full of sand,” said Baby Bows, trying to wipe it away. Smiling, Sand Digger shook her head, and the sand turned into drops of water, then the wet strands changed color when the sun shone on them! “Color our hair, too!” laughed the Baby Ponies, bringing pails of sand to Sand Digger! (*from backcard)

Sand Digger had a European release.

SHORELINE: Shoreline hummed happily as she strolled along the beach. “Mr. Sun is very bright today!” she thought, shading her eyes from the light. As she put on her sunglasses, she got an idea! When she blinked her eyes twice, sunglasses appeared on Mr. Sun’s face! Her shining friend was happy with the special gift, and touched Shoreline’s mane and tail with a magical beam of light. Suddenly, strands of Shoreline’s hair began to change color! Shoreline hurried to show her friends Mr. Sun’s colorful surprise. (*from backcard)



SEAFLOWER: Seaflower sat on a rock by the sea, letting the breeze run through her long hair. The sun touched her mane and tail, changing some of the strands to another beautiful color! As Seaflower admired the magical streaks of color, a starfish climbed onto the rock beside her. “Here’s something for your pretty hair,” said the starfish, placing a headband made of shiny seashells on Seaflower’s head. “I have something for you, too!” laughed Seaflower, slipping a tiny pearl bracelet onto one of the starfish’s arms. (*from backcard)

MAINSAIL: Mainsail stood on the dock admiring her new sailboat. “It needs more color,” she thought, frowning at the white sails. She flew into the air and took some magical powder from the rainbow. She tossed the glittering powder on the sails, and bright designs magically appeared on the sails! Some of the rainbow powder drifted onto Mainsail’s hair, streaking it with color when the sun touched her tresses! Admiring her new hairdo, she hopped in her boat and headed out to sea! (*from backcard)

WAVE RUNNER: Wave Runner swam through the sea to a castle made of pink coral. Inside the castle, Queen Seahorse sat on her throne, waiting for her pony friend to arrive. Wave Runner gave her a beautiful seashell necklace, and the queen styled Wave Runner’s hair with a magical hair pick made of pearls. When Wave Runner returned to shore, she was delighted to see strands of her hair change color when the sun touched them! She quickly ran to show her friends the colorful surprise from her royal friend beneath the waves. (*from backcard)

Wave Runner had European releases.


Like other Princess Ponies in G1, Brush ‘n Grow Princesses had tinsel in their manes and tails but also a glittering gem on their foreheads and did not come with a hat, companion, or scepter. The Princess group of the Brush ‘N Grow Ponies also only had 4 ponies instead of the 6 from the original group.

With a shimmering mane, sparkling “jewel” and lovely tail that grows! (*from packaging)

GLITTERING GEM: “I have a surprise for you!” Glittering Gem said to the Baby Ponies, handing each of them a stick with a heart-shaped hole on the end of it. Glittering Gem brought the curious ponies to a big tub of soapy water. “Dip the stick in the water, then blow through the hole,” Glittering Gem told them. When they blew through the holes, heart-shaped bubbles streamed from the stick and filled the air! Some of the bubbles landed on Glittering Gem and popped, leaving a bright, sparkling jewel and shimmering strands in her hair! (*from backcard)

BRILLIANT BLOOM: While taking a stroll, Brilliant Bloom spotted an unusual flower garden behind a big oak tree. “These flowers will look lovely in my hair,” she thought as she reached down to pick some. Suddenly, the flowers started to dance and jump, and magnificent jewels twinkled in their centers! Then a giggling tulip popped up and kissed Brilliant Bloom’s forehead – leaving a dazzling jewel for her to wear – while the others arranged themselves in Brilliant Bloom’s sparkling hair. (*from backcard)

SKYLARK: Walking through the forest, Skylark saw two sparrows building a nest. “I’ll help you,” offered Skylark, gathering twigs for the delighted birds. When they finished, Skylark said, “It needs something pretty!” Then she took several ribbons from her long, glittering hair and wove them throughout the nest, making it the most spectacular one in Ponyland! “Here’s something pretty for you, too!” said the sparrows, giving Skylark a sparkling jewel to wear! (*from backcard)

STAR GLEAMER: One night, Star Gleamer floated through the sky on a fluffy cloud, admiring the twinkling stars above her head. She brushed her long, sparkling haie as the cool wind gently tossed her lovely tresses. “Your hair is so beautiful!” a star exclaimed, sprinkling stardust on Star Gleamer’s forehead. The delighted pony shook her head, and the stardust became a golden headband with a glittering jewel in the center! “Now you twinkle just like me!” laughed the star, wrapping a beam of starlight around the happy pony. (*from backcard)


The only US issue of all-baby brother ponies, the Playtime Babies used the same mold as the Baby Brothers in the Peek-a-Boo set of Baby Ponies and so also had heads that turned.

Baby boy pony that likes to pla peek-a-byoo! (*from packaging)


BABY PAWS: As Baby Paws walked through the park, he met a little dog looking for something in the grass. “Will you help me find my ball?” the dog asked Baby Paws. The two friends searched everywhere but did not find the ball. Baby Paws glanced up at the rainbow and had an idea! When he blinked his eyes, colorfully striped balls tumbled down the rainbow! “Let’s play catch!” Baby Paws laughed, tossing a ball to the delighted dog! (*from backcard)

BABY LEAPER: Baby Leaper wanted to leap high into the air, so he asked the friendly frogs to show him what to do. Soon, Baby Leaper was jumping so high, he touched the clouds! The frogs were amazed because they had never seen anyone leap so far into the sky! “Hop on!” Baby Leaper called to his frog friends, and when they did, he took them all the way to the moon! (*from backcard)

BABY WADDLES“It’s a wonderful day to visit Mr. Penguin,” thought Baby Waddles, hopping on a cloud and sailing to the South Pole. Icebergs glittered in the sun as he peeked over the edge of the cloud, looking for his friend. “Hello, Baby Waddles! You’re just in time to go ice skating with me!” called Mr. Penguin, waving a flipper. Baby Waddles eagerly joined his friend for an afternnon of skating, then returned to Mr. Penguin’s house for a cup of hot cocoa! (*from backcard)

BABY DRUMMER: The Ponyland Parade was about to start, but the marching band needed one more drummer. Baby Drummer wanted very much to play in the band but the drum was too big for him to carry. Baby Leaper knew exactly what to do. He clicked his heels while counting “1-2-3” and … ZAP … the drum became just the right size for Baby Drummer! With the band complete, Baby Drummer proudly marched in front, tapping a cheerful “RAT-A-TAT-TAT” on his new drum! (*from backcard)

BABY COUNTDOWN: “I wish I could fly in a spaceship,” sighed Baby Countdown as he played with his toy spaceship. The sun heard his wish and magically sent a spaceship made of golden sunbeams for Baby Countdown to ride! Baby Countdown eagerly climbed on board and the ship flew into space, zipping past glowing planets and zooming by shining stars. As the spaceship returned to Ponyland, Baby Countdown waved to the sun to thank him for a ride that was out of this world! (*from backcard)

BABY RACER: “If I could drive a real car, I’d ride to the top of the rainbow,” Baby Racer said, playing with his toy car in the park. The rainbow heard his wish and dipped down until it touched the tiny car. Magically, the car became full size! Baby Racer jumped in behind the steering wheel while the rainbow guided the car up to the top of its arches where the colors are the prettiest. “What a wonderful ride!” Baby Racer laughed, enjoying the view. (*from backcard)


Sweetheart Sister Ponies are sort of the teen ponies of Ponyland and are instantly recognizable by their body shape which is rather like a tall Flutter Pony. Their faces were more rounded than previous ponies as well and almost look like what would become the G2 line of ponies. With a hole in one ear, Sweetheart Sister Ponies could wear a flower earring that came with them. Fancy!

Elegant pony with a fancy floral design! (*from backcard)


FRILLY FLOWER: Snow was falling, and Frilly Flower sighed because all her favorite flowers were asleep until spring. “Go to the garden,” Mr. Sun giggled through the frosty windowpane, seeing how unhappy she was. Like magic, the snowflakes changed into golden rays of sunshine that woke the sleeping flowers into full bloom. Frilly Flower picked a big, beautiful bouquet then raced into the sky and tucked a pretty red rose behind Mr. Sun’s ear to thank him for bringing a touch of spring to such a wintery day. (*from backcard)

WILD FLOWER:  As Wild Flower sat on the beach braiding water lilies through her hair, she saw a pretty mermaid watching her from behind a rock. “Come and join me,” Wild Flower called, but the shy mermaid dived back into the foamy water. Wild Flower tossed some flowers into the waves then shook her head from side to side. Smiling, the mermaid jumped up from the water with flowers in her hair, just like Wild Flower’s! The two friends spent the day collecting seashells for tomorrow’s hair style! (*from backcard)

FLOWERBURST: It was the night of the Ponyland Ball and everyone wondered who would be crowned the queen. As Flowerburst dressed a mysterious package was delivered with her name on it. Inside was a beautiful corsage! Flowerburst pinned it to her gown and entered the ballroom, hoping to dicover who sent the corsage. She asked everyone, but no one knew. When it was time to crown the queen, the corsage magically bloomed into a shimmering crown covered with flowers and pearls that Dainty placed on Flowerburst’s head. (*from backcard)

DAINTY: While waiting for a chocolate soda at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, Dainty noticed something was missing. “There are no flowers in here!” she thought. She blinked her eyes and suddenly, there were flowers everywhere! Ice cream cones burst into vases of violets, the soda fountain poured out a stream of rose petals, and a jar of cherries became the largest bouquet of pink carnations anyone had ever seen! Dainty smiled as she served everyone ice cream sundaes topped with daisies. (*from backcard)

SPRING SONG: Spring was in the air, and Spring Song decided to invite her friends to a picnic by the Waterfall. She packed their favorite sandwiches, lots of tasty nuts and berries for nibbling, and even tiny heart shaped cakes for dessert. After lunch, they took a swim then strolled through the garden to gather pretty flowers. When it was time to go home, Spring Song blinked her eyes and a shower of rose petals fell from the sky. The ponies could hardly wait for Spring Song’s next get-together. (*from backcard)

FANCY FLOWER: At the Poof ‘N Puff Perfume Palace, Fancy Flower gazed into the mirror and wondered what hair style she should try next. “I want a glamorous new look,” she said, adjusting a wide brim hat on her head. Suddenly, the mirror began to change colors. When it became clear again, it showed that Fancy Flower’s hat had turned into a beautiful wreath of flowers, with strands of satin ribbons woven through her curls. “It’s beautiful!” Fancy Flower exclaimed to the smiling mirror, and hurried off to show her friends. (*from backcard)


Newborn Ponies in year 7 introduced the ultra-adorable kneeling pose that I like to call the “peekaboo” pose. The Newborn group had 3 earth ponies, 1 unicorn and 2 pegasuses.

A playful newborn pony to cuddle and more! (*from packaging)


BABY YO-YO: It was the day of the Ponyland Fair, and Yo-Yo entered the yo-yo contest ready to perform her new tricks. When it was her turn, the string somehow got caught in her hair! Seeing her friend in trouble, Tappy tapped her foot and suddenly, the string burst into colorful streamers and balloons that fell on the crowd! “Show us more great tricks!” Tappy laughed, winking at her friend. (*from backcard)

BABY TAPPY: When Tappy was alone in the nursery one day, she tried on her first shoes. She took a few steps and discovered that the shoes make a tapping noise on the nursery floor. Giggling, she put on a record and began to tap dance. When the music stopped, she was surprised to hear clapping! She turned around and found the Newborn Ponies standing in the nursery, applauding her dance! (*from backcard)

DANGLES: Dangles lay in her crib, gazing at the colorful mobile hanging above her head. She reached up to make the mobile spin but could not reach it. “Wiggle your nose at it,” whispered Sugar Apple, peeking in the nursery. When Dangles wiggled her nose, the mobile began to twirl around! “Isn’t it surprising what a little wiggle will do?” laughed Sugar Apple, as Dangles enjoyed the spinning mobile. (*from backcard)

BABY SHAGGY: Dozing off to sleep one night, Shaggy secretly wished she had a friend toenjoy bedtime stories with her. Later that night, Mint Dreams snuck into her room, swished her tail and … POOF! … a cute teddy bear appeared in Shaggy’s crib. When she woke the next morning, Shaggy was surprised at what she found! “Now I have a cuddly new friend!” she shouted, as Mint Dreams flew out the window, smiling. (*from backcard)

Baby Shaggy also had EURO releases. 

BABY WIGGLES: Wiggles and Mr. Caterpillar watched the Windy Wing Ponies fly through the air with their colorful butterfly wings. “Soon, I’ll have wings like those,” Mr. Caterpillar said, adding another strand of silk to his cocoon. “I’ll go to sleep in my cocoon as a caterpillar and wake up as a butterfly!” he explained. Delighted, Wiggles promised to visit the cocoon every day to see her friend’s new butterfly wings! (*from backcard)

Baby Wiggles also had EURO releases.

BABY SQUIRMY: Squirmy was collecting seashells on the beach when she found a most unusual shell with blue circles. As she admired it, a shy little snail popped out! “This is my home,” said the snail, hurrying back into the shell. Squirmy liked the cute snail so much that she plucked a ray of sunshine and gave it to the snail as a present. Then she introduced the other Newborn Ponies to the snail, who wasn’t so shy anymore! (*from backcard)

Baby Squirmy also had EURO releases.


Loving Family Ponies were made up of a mother pony, father pony (in a Big Brother mold), and two baby ponies, but only one baby pony was made available in the US instead of just selling the set with both. So, to get the whole family you would have had to get ahold of a baby pony from across the pond. Loving Family Ponies had a “twice-as-fancy” printing on their bodies and what was really neat about Loving Family ponies was that the baby’s symbols were a combination of both parents’.

Mommy and Daddy with their adorable baby. (*from packaging)


APPLE DELIGHT FAMILY: It was apple picking day in Ponyland! Daddy Apple Delight picked apples and gave them to Mommy Apple Delight to put in a basket. “I’m too little to reach the branches,” said Baby Apple Delight, trying to reach an apple. Smiling at Baby Apple Delight, Daddy Apple Delight placed a leaf on the ground, and Mommy Apple Delight placed an apple on the leaf. When they blinked their eyes, the leaf and apple grew into a baby sized tree, filled with tiny red apples! “I can pick these apples!” laughed Baby Apple Delight, taking an apple from the little tree and placing it in the basket! (*from backcard)

The US Apple Delight Family came with Mother, Father and Baby Sister. There are several international variants of the whole family.

BRIGHT BOUQUET FAMILY: Baby Bright Bouquet sat on the grass, drawing colorful flowers and red hearts with her crayons. “These are pretty pictures, Baby Bright Bouquet,” said Mommy and Daddy Bright Bouquet, admiring the drawings. Just then, Mommy and Daddy Bright Bouquet had a colorful idea! When Daddy blinked his eyes, the hearts turned into red heart-shaped balloons and floated off the paper! Mommy Bright Bouquet wiggled her nose, and the flowers popped off the page and onto the grass! Smiling, Baby Bright Bouquet gathered a bouquet of flowers for her mommy and a bunch of heart-shaped balloons for her daddy! (*from backcard)

The US Bright Bouquet Family came with Mother, Father and Baby Sister. There are several international variants of the family.

SWEET CELEBRATIONS FAMILY: The Sweet Celebrations Family was preparing a party for all their woodland animal friends. Mommy Sweet Celebrations tied colorful balloons to tree branches, where they swayed in the cool breeze. Daddy Sweet Celebrations arrived with presents wrapped in pretty paper and decorated with ribbons and bows. “Here they come!” cried Baby Sweet Celebrations, as the animals approached. “Surprise!” exclaimed the ponies, tossing confetti into the air as the animals clapped with delight. To welcome their party guests, Baby Sweet Celebrations gave each animal friend a balloon and a present! (*from backcard)

The US Sweet Celebrations Family came with Mother, Father and Baby Brother. There were several international variants of the family.


Windy Wings are basically a second issue of the Summer Wing Ponies, with the same butterfly-like wings.

Butterfly-winged pony that loves to dance in the wind! (*from packaging)

COOL BREEZE: Cool Breeze was sitting under a shady palm tree when a sad baby whale came ashore. “I’m lost,” the whale frowned, “Will you help me find my friends?” In a flash, Cool Breeze soared above the ocean and searched until she spotted the whale’s fish friends playing tag in the sparkling sea below. When she blinked her eyes, a giant wave carried the little whale back to his friends! The whale smiled at Cool Breeze and waved thank you with a flip of his silver fin! (*from backcard)

Cool Breeze had an Argentinian version released.

SUN GLIDER: “Peek-a-boo, I see you, Sun Glider!” Whirly called, peeking from behind a cloud. Laughing, Sun Glider flew into the sky and swooped behind the cloud, but Whirly was not there! “Where could she be?” wondered Sun Glider, glancing around as she drifted in the wind. Suddenly, she saw the tip of a colorful wing fluttering behind the sun. “I found you, Whirly!” exclaimed Sun Glider, racing to her delighted friend. (*from backcard)

Sun Glider had an Argentinian version released.

MOON JUMPER: Moon Jumper and Flurry loved to gaze at the stars and dreamed of taking a trip to the Milky Way. The wind knew about their dream and carried them up, up, up untill they flew over the glowing, yellow moon! There, they saw a bright sprinkling of white stars pouring a path through the dark sky above them. “Let’s follow it to the Milky Way!” Moon Jumper shouted to her friend. Just then, a smiling cow waved to them as it jumped over the moon! (*from backcard)

Moon Jumper had several international releases.

STARRY WINGS: As Starry Wings snuggled under the bedcovers one night, she heard someone singing a beautiful lullaby. Glancing out her window, she saw it was the moon singing the pretty tune as he glowed brightly in the sky. Sparkling stars softly hummed along. “Come and sing with us, Starry Wings!” called the moon. Starry Wings quickly flew into the sky to join her nighttime friends in a midnight lullaby or two! (*from backcard)

FLURRY: Flurry loved to play in the snow, but as spring approached, the snow began to melt. Sadly, she watched the snowflakes disappearing when, suddenly, she heard a voice from high in the clouds. “Come up and visit me! I have lots of snow for you!” said Mr. Mountain. Flurry’s wings quickly carried her to the top of the snow-covered mountain. Happily, Flurry rolled snowballs and tossed them down to her friends! (*from backcard)

WHIRLY: As Whirly strolled in a meadow, a flock of birds flew by. “It’s a beautiful day to go flying, Whirly! Please join us!” they called. Whirly flapped her wings and flew into the air. She and the happy birds chased each other around the sun and slid down slides made of sunbeams. At the end of the day, Whirly waved goodbye to her feathered friends. “Let’s go flying tomorrow!” she called, swooping to the ground. (*from backcard)

Whirly had an Argentinian version released.


Pretty Pals sets included a Baby Pony and a non-pony Pretty Pal friend with similar colouring and lots of accessories. These sets are hard to find complete now and are well-loved by collectors.

Pretty baby pony and a playful animal friend! (*from packaging)

BABY FLEECY/ BABY WOOLLY: As Baby Fleecy and Baby Woolly played with their toys, they knocked over a basket of Whirly’s yarn. The balls rolled away, getting tangled as they unwound. Baby Fleecy quickly wiggled her nose, and the yarn began to roll into balls all by itself! As the last ball hopped into the basket, Whirly peeked in the room. “What are you doing?” she asked the two friends. “Just practicing my pony magic,” replied Baby Fleecy, winking at Baby Woolly. (*from backcard)

Baby Fleecy is a pony, Baby Woolly is a sheep. There were international releases for this set.

BABY LUCKY LEAF/ BABY LEAFY: Baby Lucky Leaf and Baby Leafy playfully chased each other through a field of clover. “The rainbow is very pretty,” Baby Leafy said, admiring the colorful stripes in the sky. Smiling, Baby Lucky Leaf touched the field with her magical horn. POOF! The clover became bright shades of pink, blue, green and yellow! “Now the clover is as pretty as the rainbow!” laughed Baby Lucky Leaf, as Baby Leafy made clover necklaces for both of them to wear. (*from backcard)

Baby Lucky Leaf is a baby pony, Baby Leafy is a calf. 

BABY POCKETS AND BABY HOPPY: Baby Pockets and Baby Hoppy gathered acorns to bake a pie for the squirrels. “The basket is full but we need more acorns,” Baby Pockets sighed. “I have a pocket to carry more acorns!” Baby Hoppy smiled, showing her pouch to her friend. After they filled Baby Hoppy’s pouch with acorns, the two friends hurried home to bake the pie. “I’ll ask my mama to sew pockets in my clothes so I can have pouches like you!” Baby Pockets laughed. (*from backcard)

Baby Pockets is a baby pony, Baby Hoppy is a kangaroo.

BABY STRIPES AND BABY NECTAR: As Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar sat on a cloud, a gust of wind tumbled the cloud end over end, sending the two friends sailing through the air! PLOP! PLOP! Baby Stripes and Baby Nectar landed in a soft, sweet-smelling place. Looking around, Baby Stripes saw Mrs. Bumblebee and knew they were in the big flower where Mrs. Bumblebee and her family lived. “I’m glad you could drop in!” Mrs. Bumblebee exclaimed, laughing at the sudden arrival of her two friends! (*from backcard)

Baby Stripes is a baby pony, Baby Nectar is a panda.

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