Year 9 rolled out a line of ponies that took novelty to the next level with day-glo ponies, ponies with hidden compartments to keep your own jewelry in, glow in the dark ponies, and baby verions of the Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies and Rainbow Ponies. This year also saw the all-time top collector’s mail order ponies issued.

**Ponies have multiple images which sometimes include backcards and accessories. Make sure to click through the galleries!


Rockin Beats Ponies came on the heels of other girl rock ‘n roll band toys Barbie and the Rockers and Jem. They came in day-glo colours with their own guitar-shaped brushes.

Bright, colorful rock ‘n roll pony! (*from packaging)

PRETTY BEAT: The Rockin’ Beat Ponies Bring Spring to Ponyland: Spring was in the air, on the day of the Rockin’ Beat ponies’ special outdoor concert. The audience cheered as Sweet Notes, Tunefull, Half Note, and Pretty Beat took center stage and began to play their most popular hits. Soon, the lively sound of rock ‘n roll music reached the sky, causing the clouds to swing and sway, and the sun to look down with a warm, glowing smile. Then, all at once, the flowers in Ponyland blossomed into a sea of dazzling, beautiful colors: heart-shaped violets, bright white daisies and pretty red roses were everywhere. Even the trees had lots of fluttery new leaves. By playing their happy tunes, the Rockin’ Beat ponies had brought Springtime to Ponyland… and everyone began to dance. (*from backcard)

Pretty Beat also had a European release.

HALF NOTE: *all Rockin’ Beats ponies had the same backcard story.

Half Note also had  Argentinian versions including a unicorn version with green body.

SWEET NOTES: *all Rockin’ Beats ponies had the same backcard story.

TUNEFUL: *all Rockin’ Beats ponies had the same backcard story.

Tuneful also had an Argentinian version.


Collector favourites, the Glow ‘n Show Ponies finally made use of the glow in the dark gimic so widely used in other 80s toy lines. The ponies’ bodies were translucent so as to see the shaped glitter inside them glow when exposed to sunlight for hours. Some of them at this point have lost their glow but are still pretty darned cool.

Pony glows in the dark! (*from packaging)

HAPPYGLOW:  The Glow ‘N Show Ponies at Play:  The sky was filled with stars one warm summer’s night as the Glow ‘N Show ponies played jump rope and sang happy songs. “Milky Way, Milky Way start on your way,” called Happyglow. “Please be so kind, as to visit us today,” finished Brightglow. Then magically, the two ponies gleamed with little stars, just like the ones from the Milky Way! Next it was Dazzleglow and Starglow’s turn. They sang: “Big Dipper, Little Dipper visit us too, so we can have stars, just like you!” Suddenly, they too glowed with shiny stars, and all of Ponyland lit up with starlight! (*from backcard)

STARGLOW: *all Glow ‘n Show Ponies shared a backcard story.

Starglow also had a UK release.

BRIGHTGLOW: *all Glow ‘n Show Ponies shared a backcard story.

DAZZLEGLOW: *all Glow ‘n Show Ponies shared a backcard story.

Dazzleglow had a variant with blue glitter hearts instead of pink and also had a European release.


While previous ponies such as the Princess and Sundae Best had razzled up their symbols/cutie marks with 3d molding, the Precious Pocket Ponies took this a step further and made them into molded pockets on one side of the pony with an attached charm that could be carried in the pocket. 

A pocketful of fun! (*from packaging)

LIL POCKET: Precious Pockets Full of Fun: There are many pockets in the world, but none are quite as wonderful as the ones belonging to the Precious Pocket ponies. Their pockets are shaped like a top hat, piggy bank, fishbowl, and flower, and are full of surprises. Everyone in Ponyland was curious to see what the Precious Pocket ponies kept in their unusual pockets, so they asked to peep inside them. When the Precious Pocket ponies touched their pockets, amazing things began to happen. Bunnies hopped out of the top hat, coins poured from the piggy bank, fish leaped out of the fishbowl, and bumblebees buzzed from the flower. “They’re pockets full of fun!” laughed the Precious Pocket ponies, winking at their delighted friends. (*from backard)

Lil Pocket also had a European release.

BUBBLEFISH: *all Precious Pocket ponies share the same backcard story.

Bubblefish also had a European release.


BUNNY HOP: *all Precious Pocket ponies share the same backcard story.

Bunny Hop also had a European release.

SWEET POCKET: *all Precious Pocket ponies share the same backcard story.

Sweet Pocket also had a European release.


While the Rainbow Babies didn’t correspond to any of the beloved Rainbow Ponies of years 2 or 3, nor did they sport glitter symbols, the rainbow hair concept and extra colourful symbols scaled down just fine for these cuties.

Baby pony with rainbows from head to tail! (*from packaging)

BABY SUNRIBBON:  The Rainbow Baby Ponies Make a Rainbow: One cloudy day, the Rainbow Babies were bored with their nursery toys. Gazing out the window, they saw the rainbow trying to break through the clouds. “Let’s make a rainbow they shouted. They scampered outside with all their hair ribbons and began to tie them together to make long colorful stripes. When they were finished, it looked like a rainbow indeed-but it was on the grass, not in the sky where rainbows should be. The ponies touched the stripes with their noses…and the ribbons turned into a real rainbow and floated up in the air. “Now we have a double rainbow!” laughed the Rainbow Baby, as everyone came outside to admire the ponies’ beautiful creation. (*from backcard)

Baby Sunribbon also had a European release.

BABY RAINRIBBON: *all Rainbow Baby Ponies share the same backcard story.

BABY BRIGHTBOW: *all Rainbow Baby Ponies share the same backcard story.

BABY STARBOW: *all Rainbow Baby Ponies share the same backcard story.

Baby Starbow has a European release and several Argentinian variants.


I guess Hasbro felt they needed to put out another line of Sweetheart Sisters to keep the tweens from their original pony fan base going but in comparison to earlier Sweetheart ponies, the Pretty Ponies seem pretty ordinary. I’d have thought Hasbro would have started with these gals and worked up to the Glittery versions but hey, who asked me anyway?

A first friend for you to love! (*from packaging)

ROSY LOVE:  Where Adventures Begin: On the far side of the rainbow is Ponyland, where all the ponies live. Every pony is special, but the Pretty Ponies are extra special because they fly over the rainbow to find girls who have never been to Ponyland. These four graceful friends carry girls away to their first adventure in Ponyland-where wonderful things always happen! As girls watch, the ponies whisper the enchanted word and suddenly, the sky is filled with bright balloons. The ponies blink their eyed and change a field of flowers into rows of ice cream cones. More surprises await anyone who visits Ponyland, so follow the Pretty Ponies to the far side of the rainbow, and let your pony adventures begin! (*from backcard)

GARDEN GLOW: *all Pretty Ponies shared the same backcard story.

FLOWER DREAM: *all Pretty Ponies shared the same backcard story.

BEAUTY BLOOM: *all Pretty Ponies shared the same backcard story.


Like their big sisters, the Baby Ballerina Ponies came with a molded on leotard and ballet shoes. Since they’re just in training they also can move all 4 of their legs but didn’t come with a tutu like the big girls or symbols painted on their leotards. Strangely, Rockin Beats Tuneful appears on the front of European backcards for the Baby Ballerinas.

Poseable Baby Pony that loves to dance!  (*from packaging)

BABY TOE DANCER:  Lift, leap, twirl… lift, leap, twirl. The Baby Ballerinas sighed as they tried the difficult dance step again. As much as they loved ballet, they wanted to play outside today, tying sunbeams in their hair and picking caramel apples from the enchanted apple trees. Just then, a warm summer breeze blew open the door of the dance studio and twirled the surprised baby ponies around and around– until it twirled them out the door! They spun into the apple grove, where the magical trees joined the baby ponies for a dance. When tha dance was over, the Baby Ballerinas rested against the trees and nibbled sweet caramel apples. it was a wonderful ballet lesson indeed! (*from backcard)

Baby Toe Dancer also had European releases.

BABY SOFT STEPS:  *All Baby Ballerinas shared the same backcard story.

Baby Soft Steps had European releases.

BABY TIPPYTOES: *All Baby Ballerinas shared the same backcard story.

Baby Tippytoes had European releases.

BABY SWEETSTEPS: *All Baby Ballerinas shared the same backcard story.

Baby Soft Steps had European releases.


Hasbro decided to try to ride onto the mass popularity of Tonka’s Keypers line of toys with their very own jewelry-hiding ponies, the Secret Surprise Ponies. With a secret compartment between their flanks and a removable saddle operated  by a pretty nifty-looking key, Secret Surprise Ponies also came with a plastic jewelry item to get you started with treasure-hiding. Finding one of those keys today is a treasure-hunt in itself and many of these ponies have become separated from their saddles.

My key opens a special surprise compartment! With a secret surprise included for you! (*from packaging)


PRETTY PUFF:  The Secret Surprise Ponies reveal their secrets: “I’ve got a very special secret,” said Pretty Puff, as she, Secret Beauty, Secret Star and Stardazzle played on a windswept, sandy beach. Then, she turned the magic key in her necklace and made her dazzling cape spring open! A brightly colored row of shimmering pearls poured from a secret compartment under her cape. The pearls danced and spun about in the blondish sand, then came to rest in the shape of the word “Pretty Puff.” “That was a wonderful surprise,” said the other ponies. “Now it’s our turn!” With a twist of their keys, the beautiful capes on their backs opened and out flew shiny ribbons of rainbow light that soared into the blue sky and linked together to spell “Secret Beauty,” “Secret Star,” and “Stardazzle.” “Now we know each other’s secret surprises,” said Secret Beauty, as the ponies looked into the sky with delight. (*from box)

Pretty Puff came with a ring. She also had European releases. 

STARDAZZLE: *Secret Surprise Ponies all shared the same backcard story.

Stardazzle came with a purple heart bracelet. She had European releases.

SECRET STAR: *Secret Surprise Ponies all shared the same backcard story.

Secret Star came with a white heart bracelet. She had European releases.

SECRET BEAUTY: *Secret Surprise Ponies all shared the same backcard story.

Secret Beauty came with a ring. She had European releases.


There were only 2 Princess Ponies in year 9 and both came in the earlier “bride”pose with tinsel hair befitting their royal highnesses but with one notable exception – these ladies had some serious lashes and flat, painted symbols. While the look was meant to be glamourous, the eyelashes came off as downright bushy. Otherwise they came with some pretty nifty crowns and capes.

With royal crown, beautiful cape, and “REAL” eyelashes! (*from box)

PRINCESS ROYAL PINK: A Royal Picnic For Ponyland: One warm summer’s day, Princess pony decided to use her special powers to make a picnic all the ponies could enjoy! With a whisk of her glittery tail, she turned the clouds into cotton candy, dripping tasty drops of lemon-flavored rain. Swishing her dazzling cape, she changed the leaves on the trees into raisin-covered cookies. Then, for a crowning touch, Princess pony blinked her beautiful eyelashes and Ponyland pond became a giant bowl of strawberry punch.” Let the royal picnic begin”, said the pretty Princess with a delighted smile as her thrilled pony friends began to devour the magical, mouth watering feast. (*from box)

 Princess Royal Pink had European releases.

PRINCESS ROYAL PURPLE: Princess Royal Purple shared Princess Royal Pink’s box story.

 Princess Royal Purple had European releases.


Hailed as the littlest ponies in Ponyland (technically, year 8’s Petite Ponies could contest that), the Teeny Tiny Babies looked a little the least like actual ponies and for good reason- after all, what comes before newborn ponies? Like were these supposed to be in utero ponies? But either way, they were pretty dang cute.

So little, so cute- a handful of fun! (*from packaging)

LITTLE HONEY PIE: The Teeny Tiny Ponies Come to Ponyland: One morning, the ponies found a wicker basket on their doorstep. Inside the basket, four tiny ponies sat on soft, lacy cushions and smiled up at the delighted ponies. The pretty babies were the smallest ponies they’d ever seen, and were soon named Teeny Tiny ponies because of their cuddly size. They happily brought the babies inside and gave them warm bottles, then tucked them into cribs for their midmorning nap. That same afternoon, the ponies had a big party to welcome the Teeny Tiny ponies to Ponyland, with lots of tasty food and surprises for everyone–and warm bottles for the little ponies! (*from backcard)

Little Honey Pie had European releases.

LITTLE GIGGLES:  *All Teeny Tiny Ponies shared the same backcard story.

Little Giggles had European releases.

LITTLE WHISKERS: *All Teeny Tiny Ponies shared the same backcard story.

Little Whiskers had European releases.

LITTLE TABBY: *All Teeny Tiny Ponies shared the same backcard story.

Little Tabby had European releases.


The Petite Ponies came back in year 9 with several more sets which are harder to find than in their first year.

With glittering drops of sunlight! (*from packaging)

Like Sunsparkle Ponies, Twinkle Ponies were also made of translucent plastic but with glitter embedded and also had brushable tails. These came in 3 sets of 4 ponies each and came with a hair pick.

Set One (Party Set): (by cutie mark) Blue cupcake, orange-ish party favour, blue present, green party hat, dark purple star-shaped pick.

Set Two (Royal Set): Yellow crown, blue magic wand, green treasure chest, aqua castle tower, neon pink star-shaped pick.

Set Three (Music Set): Green radio, yellow vinyl records, orange-ish saxophone, red guitar, yellow star-shaped pick.

Sizzling colors and silky hair! (*from packaging)

Also in 3 sets of 4 ponies and a hair pick, Bright Sight Ponies are known by their brushable tails and neon glow colouring.

Set One (Fruits): Orange watermelon slice, purple grapes, yellow pineapple, dark pink cherries, orange star-shaped pick.

Set Two (Summer): Purple heart-shaped sunglasses, green sun and palm tree, blue sailboat and sun, dark pink glass and fruit slice, green star-shaped pick.

Set Three (Skating/Biking): Orange skateboard, blue scooter, dark pink bike, dark orange roller skate, dark yellow star-shaped pick.

Colorful ponies that glow in the dark!

Glowing Magic Ponies, you might guess, had glow in the dark bodies as well as brushable hair and like the other Petite sets in year 9, came as issues of 4 ponies and a hair pick.

Set One (Bedtime): Aqua Clock, purple bed, aqua sheep, pink bunny slippers, purple star-shaped pick.

Set Two (Nursery): Orange baby bottle, purple nursery creche, yellow teddy bear, aqua glo-worm, dark yellow star-shaped pick.

Set Three (Lights): Pink toothbrush and paste, pink moon, blue candle, orange shooting stars, neon pink star-shaped pick.

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