Playsets throughout the G1 line featured tons of accessories, usually an exclusive pony, and colourful sticker art with lots of attention to details. While a few sets got recycled with new colours (as if we didn’t know) in differing years, we have a male toy designer (the original Brony!) at Hasbro to thank for the original Pretty Parlor that started off 10 years of playset goodness for little MLP fans everywhere (*see The Toys That Made Us season 3 My Little Pony for more info). 

**Playsets have multiple images which sometimes include boxes and accessories. Make sure to click through the galleries! 



The first playset to be released in G1, the Pretty Parlor was a brilliant playset in that it folded out as a playset but was just the right size to fold up and hook together as a stable carryall for a pony and her accessories. The playset came with an exclusive pony, Peachy, who was a smaller version of the pink My Pretty Pony precursor to My Little Pony. Peachy’s accessories included full tack, ribbons, a basket to carry her friend Twinkles the Cat, and name cards to slide into the base of the playset with the names of the 6 collector ponies from year 1 plus one for Lemon Drop, another year 2 playset pony. The cards came in handy if other ponies wanted to come over and do their own fashion show at the parlor in front of its mirror; the base being a nice little catwalk for ponies. The Pretty Parlor mold was used several times in G1, it being just a really well-designed toy overall.

Wonderful accessories to brush, dress, and make My Little Pony so pretty. Closes to a carry case, too! (*from packaging)

Peachy was adjusting her straw hat in the Pretty Parlor Mirror when she saw it was five minutes before the hour. “It’s almost time!” she told her pet kitty Twinkles. As she hooked up her bridle and saddle, Peachy offered Twinkles a ride. “We don’t want to be late for today’s tea party!”

Quickly, Twinkles jumped on Peachy’s back and they scurrired out the door. “Don’t forget the flowers,” reminded a mysterious voice. “Who said that?” Twinkles wondered. Looking towards the parlor, they heard the voice again. “I said it. Me. the magical mirror! I didn’t see you take the flowers, Peachy.”

“Can mirrors really see things?” Peachy asked excitedly,

“Oh yes. Mirrors can see people as clearly as people can see mirrors. Hurry now, or you’ll be late.” Peachy grabbed the bouquet of flowers as Twinkles waved good-bye to the magical mirror. Peachy could hardly wait to tell her friends at the tea party all about the talking mirror. Afterwards, Peachy invited everyone to freshen up in the Pretty Parlor and talk to the magical mirror! (*from box insert)


The Show Stable was a nifty little stable playset that opened from the roof to show a nice little place for pony to stay and a row of fencing pony could have her pals over to compete in jumping, etc for trophies and rosettes. The set’s exclusive pony was Lemon Drop and her friend was Brandy the dog. Like the Pretty Parlor, the Show Stable was remade and reissued in other versions but didn’t quite have the portability of the former.


While ponies could get their manes and tail’s all dolled up at the Pretty Parlor, the Waterfall was where they could go for the all-important pony bubble bath with real bubbles! Sprinkles, the playset-exclusive pony, had a whole cloud to herself and her pal Duck Soup the duck to have a sponge bath in pink bubbles and could even curl her hair afterwards to be the envy of all her friends. 

Shampoo Sprinkles under the magic waterfall. There’s a shower in the clouds. Add Pony Bubbles and pump the bubble-maker for a delightful bubble bath. (*from box)

On sunny days all the little ponies gather under the waterfall to wash their long silky manes. Bubbles loves to sit in the middle of the pond and pop all the soap bubbles. Seashell wades in the shallow part and says it is the next best thing to being at the beach. The ponies splash about and laugh at the antics of the pegasus Sprinkles, who lives among the clouds. “Catch me if you can,” Sprinkles shouts as she flies into the rainbow and goes into a spiral loop!

 One day when Sprinkles the Pegasus was flying up along the clouds, she discovered a waterfall. Under it was a beautiful pond, nestled among the clouds. Sprinkles flew down and began to splash and frolic in the water! She was having so much fun washing her mane and tail in the soap bubbles that she didn’t notice someone else was there, too. “Hi,” quacked a voice. “My name’s Duck Soup!” With a quick shake of her tail feathers, the duck waddled over to greet Sprinkles! Sprinkles knew right away that Duck Soup liked ponds as much as she did. They took a bubble bath together and soon became the best of friends.

Sprinkles enjoys taking long, luxurious bubble baths under the waterfall as well as flying over the rainbow in search of an adventure! She loves to play in the water and is learning how to dive. (Right now she’s working on a back flip.) She often shows off her latest dive for the others when they are bathing in the pond. (*from included instruction sheet)


The Cadillac of pony playsets, the Dream Castle came with Majesty the unicorn and her friend Spike the dragon. Majesty’s majestic realm was a pink and blue castle which opened up to a pretty impressive layout and came with throne, crown, golden horseshoes, jumping rings, furniture, and even a basket to lower Spike out the side window in. 

A magical, mythical medieval setting for hours of pony playtime fun! (*from box)


To better carry one’s ponies to play dates and such, Hasbro came out with 2 vinyl carrying cases in year 2. The first was long, carried 6 ponies and printed like a stable and came with sticker cards to attach pony names under the printed windows. A vertical version also released was printed like the Dream Castle, held 12 ponies and included a pull out drawer for all of pony’s pretty things.




While not a playset, Ember’s Dream was a special issue pony sold with a cassette story in stores and the full set is pretty hard to come by now. This version of mail order Baby Ember was the only one with a symbol/cutie mark. Some cassettes were misprinted as “Amber’s Dream.” 



This first issue of the Baby Buggy came with Baby Cuddles (non BBE) and a slew of lace whose elastic wore out relatively quickly and got lost over the years.  The Buggy itself though was very well made with lots of little details from the wicker molding to the little heart on top and the heart cutouts in the wheels. 

On the day that baby Cuddles was born, all of the ponies got together to give her a birthday gift. They gathered lace from the lining of silver clouds and wicker from the magical flowering reeds and bushes near the waterfall.

“Let’s weave the wicker together and make a baby buggy for her!” one of the ponies suggested. They tied it all together with pink ribbons and bows. One of the unicorns sprinkled star dust in the lace and even the rainbow got involved by adding a touch of color!

The baby ponies filled it with gifts. Baby Blossom gave Cuddles a baby bottle and Baby Cotton Candy made a lace pillow. “She’s going to need a brush for her soft, silky hair,” said Baby Moondancer, adding it to the growing pile of gifts.

Little baby Cuddles loved her buggy! “Please take me for a ride!” Cuddles cooed in baby pony talk. So the older ponies took turns nosing the Baby Buggy all the way to the Lullabye Nursery and back again! (*from package insert)


Chock-full of accessories, the Lullaby Nursery folded up to resemble a giant baby block and came with Baby Tiddley-Winks. 

Every morning at one minute before sunrise, the clouds magically separate to greet the ponies arriving at the Lullabye Nursery. Inside this enchanting house, delightful surprises await them.

Tiddley-Winks, the Baby Pony, lives in the Lullabye Nursery and prepares an afternoon tea party for all the ponies. After tea and crumpets, they play their favorite games.

One day while riding the lullabye swing high into the air, Tiddley-Winks wished she could swing high enough to touch the rainbow. “Hop on me, Tiddley-Winks, and I’ll carry you to the rainbow,” called a big, white, fluffy cloud as it floated down to the swing. Tiddley-Winks jumped on the cloud and rode it like a magic carpet all around ponyland.

“Look! There’s the rainbow,” she said with a spark of excitement. As she spoke, the rainbow dipped down and tied a pretty lace bib around her neck.

That night, when the ponies gathered to tell bedtime stories in the nursery, Tiddley-Winks told everyone of her adventure with the rainbow. (*from box insert)


Filling out the Baby Pony theme in year 3, the collector case made just for babies held 9 babies and was trapper-keeper- like in design and printed to look like the Lullaby Nursery with mummy/baby pairs on the front.



The School of Dance was shaped just like- you guessed it- a huge pastel baby bonnet that opened to reveal a stage 3 baby ponies could show off their ballet moves on. Most of the G1 playsets were mainly stationary but the School of Dance had a mechanism with which to twirl the little dancers on when standing on their circular platforms on the lid. This playset also had lots of ballet accessories and came with BBE or Non-BBE Baby Half-Note.  

All the baby ponies had been practicing for weeks for the Ballet Recital, and tonight was the big night! Baby Half Note prepared the stage, carefully laying all the props in place. “This will be the perfect spot for baby Blossom’s triple spin,” she thought. Then she checked the costumes. All the frilly skirts and sparkling tiaras were in a neat row, ready to wear.

At 6:00 in the evening, the guests started to arrive. Baby Half Note watched backstage as they took their seats in the audience. “It’s almost time,” she warned the dancers. Everyone rustled about with excitement. Suddenly, the lights blinked! That was the cue for the ponies to take hteir places on stage. They were ready. As the curtain slowly rose, the ponies noticed something was missing.

“There’s no music!” Baby Shady cried out. Baby Half Note was stunned – she’d forgotten to turn on the record player. Magic Star, who was sitting in the front row, knew how to solve the problem. She jumped out of her seat and onto the stage.

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” she said proudly, “tonight’s performance will be accompanied by the Star Light Band.”

While the audience applauded the introduction, Magic Star went behind the curtain and waved her magic wand. Stars suddenly appeared above the stage, ready to play their instruments. “Start the music,” Magic Star whispered. The symbols crashed, violins strummed and drums beat with a cheerful rat-tat-tat as the ponies started whirling and twirling. Jumps, spins and pirouettes filled the air. What a lovely performance it was!

At the end of the show, the audience presented a bouquet of roses to Baby Half Note for staging such a wonderful show. Baby Half Note ran to the side of the stage and hugged Magic Star. “You’re the real star of the show,” Baby Half Note remarked, handing her the bouquet of flowers! (*from box insert)


Using the mold for the Show Stable in year 2, Megan’s place came with Snowball, the dog (using Brandy’s mold) and the same accessories the earlier Show Stable had but in a mostly white/pink/purple colour scheme. Made for Sears and sold in the US and Canada, the set did not come with Megan or Sundance but as a special offer could be bought with Megan and Sundance to get a discount.

A playhouse and home for Megan and all your ponies…with lots of fun things to do! (*from packaging)


The ultimate in Ponyland luxury living, the Paradise Estate came with a massive amount of accessories for ponies to live the good life as well as a pool to take a dip in. This playset left nothing unthought of- ponies had ceiling fans to cool off with, tv and stereo to keep entertained by and a patio set because- I mean come on, a patio set. Nevermind ponies couldn’t actually fit in the chairs, everypony who was anypony needed a patio set. It was surprisingly not too hard to put together either- at 9 years old I was able to get it up and running in around 3 hours with no help- but it definitely took up a good chunk of floor real estate. In retrospect many believe that Paradise the So-Soft pony came with the Estate but this isn’t true (or is it the Mandella effect??) because Hasbro put out toy catalogues depicting her living her best life in the Estate. No, the Estate was so rocking Hasbro didn’t feel it didn’t even need its own pony. We all beg to differ.

Paradise Estate is so luxurious that whenever there is a meeting of all the ponies-Paradise Pony has to fly to and fro giving them the message to meet at her house. There’s furniture in every room, even a swimming pool for the Sea Ponies. And Paradise makes sure that the front gates are wide open for all her visitors. (*from the UK Pony Fact File)

The ponies were spending a relaxing afternoon at the Paradise Estate when Shady burst onto the patio. “My sunglasses are missing!” she cried anxiously.

Cupcake, who was preparing a snack in the kitchen, raced outside. “What’s all the fuss about?” she asked. “Shady’s lost her sunglasses,” Sweet Stuff answered between sips of pink lemonade. “My MAGIC sunglasses,” Shady corrected her. “And they do some strange things,” she warned.

The ponies organized a search party to look for the glasses. Truly inspected the living room, but all she found was Wind Whistler dancing around the room with stereo headphones wrapped over her ears. Ribbon checked the nursery but had to be very, very quiet because the baby ponies were taking a nap. Fizzy hunted outdoors, clumsily knocking over chairs as she looked around. But the sunglasses were no where to be found! The ponies met on the patio, hoping someone had found the glasses. “No luck,” Shady sighed disappointedly.

Just then a large THUMP came from the direction of the swimming pool. There was Ripple, the baby sea pony, sitting on the bottom of the empty pool, wearing Shady’s sunglasses. “Where’d the water go?” she asked, not realizing the magic sunglasses made the pool appear full.

The ponies laughed as they filled the pool. When the pool was full, Shady’s sunglasses made the waves jump up, down and around for a magical game of water tag. “Jump in,” Shady urged, passing her sunglasses to the next swimmer on the diving board. The ponies splished and splashed for the rest of the afternoon, happy that Shady’s sunglasses had been found. (* from box insert)



By year 5 the ponies wanted a little more in the way of a salon than standing under a cloud waterfall in year 2 and Hasbro answered by creating the Perm Shoppe, a vanity-shaped playset that opened to a full-service beauty parlour manned by set-exclusive pony Fifi. 

Taffy awoke to find a curler lying beside her bed. Rolled inside the curler was a note that read, “Bring this curler to the Pony Perm Shoppe for a special surprise!” When she arrived at the shop, she found all her friends gathered outside the door, each holding a note just like hers! “I wonder what the surprise is,” wondered Taffy to her friends. Just then, the door to the Perm Shoppe swung open, and Fifi appeared with fabulous curls tumbling down her back. The ponies eagerly entered the shop, peeking in the rooms for their surprise. Fifi smiled mischievously at her curious friends, then began to wash Taffy’s hair.

Next she sprayed Taffy’s hair with a mysterious solution from a glistening bottle, and rolled her hair in curlers. In just a few minutes, she unrolled her hair and combed it out. “What gorgeous curls!” cried Locket. “They’re just as beautiful as Fifi’s!” cried Love Melody. “Surprise!” cried Fifi with delight. “Introducing Fifi’s Fashion Foam!” The other ponies could hardly wait for their turn to use Fifi’s Fashion Foam and see what spectacular results it would bring! (*from box inser)t


If you’re a collector of pony backcards you know those ladies have some sweet teeth and in year 5 they finally got an official sweet shop in Ponyland (which I am sure was always busy). The Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, strangely, was shapped like a big shoe, which isn’t what I would associate with something I wanted to put in my mouth but whatever- people bought it! The exclusive pony to come with the Shoppe was Scoops, who had her own soda jerk hat and lots of plastic treats for hungry ponies.

A pretty ice cream parlor with lots of accessories for your ponies and pony friends! (*from box)

“Strawberry, vanilla and chocolate chip, too! Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe has sweet treats for you!” chanted Scoops happily as she got ready for opening day at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. She knew her pony friends always enjoyed her delicious ice cream desserts. But when she opened the door to the shop, no ponies were in sight! “They don’t know the shop is open!” thought Scoops. Quickly, she flew high above the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. She wove a ray of sunshine into the shape of an ice cream cone and rolled a fluffy, white cloud on top of the shining cone. As a final touch, she sprinkled rainbow dew on the cloud to make it sparkle like colorful candy sprinkles. The ponies saw the gigantic ice cream cone floating in the sky and eagerly followed it to the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe. “Roseberry ice cream with rainbow sprinkles, please!” cried North Star to Scoops. “A hot fudge sundae with strawberry ice cream for me, please,” said Slugger. Kicking her heels with delight, Scoops created the delectible desserts and happily served them to the excited ponies. “Hooray for Scoops and the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe!” cried the ponies as they nibbled their sweet treats. They couldn’t wait to see what tomorrow’s ice cream special-of-the-day would be! (*from box insert)



Predating the actual Perfume Puff Ponies by a year, the Palace was ready for them with its perfume atomizer shaper that really worked and even more beauty accessories including nail polish for ponies’…. hoofs? While the Palace didn’t come with any ponies, per its box insert, we can thank Princess Dawn for this one.

Princess Dawn eagerly rummaged in her closet to find a beautiful gown to wear to the Royal Ball. She tried on a dazzling dress that glimmered with jewels. “Now for the finishing touch!” she thought, glancing at one of her perfume bottles. Suddenly, she had a spectacular idea! She raced to a nearby field and placed the perfume bottle on the ground. Calling upon all her Pincess Pony magic, Princess Dawn blinked her eyes twice. POOF! PUFF! The perfume bottle grew and g-r-e-w until it was just the right size for the ponies to go inside! The ponies gathered around to admire the magical new place as Princess Dawn opened the door and stepped inside. “Welcome to the Poof ‘n Puff Perfume Palace!” Princess Dawn exclaimed, wrapping a feathered boa around her neck and tossing a glittering scarf to Buttons. With a mischievous giggle, Princess Dawn squeezed the bulb on top of the palace, spraying all her friends with a beautiful perfume scent! ” What a scent-sational place to get ready for the Royal Ball!” laughed the ponies, stepping happily inside the pretty palace. (*from box insert)




Ponies get dirty, that’s just a fact. With all that running around they needed a serious bathtub to scrub down in, in case the waterfall was too crowded.

Splish, splash! It’s bathtime fun for all your ponies! Tub comes with duckie, sponge, towel and more bath accessories for scrub-a-dub play! Fill this adorable tub and give your ponies a bath! (*from packaging)

An additional Scrub a Dub Gift Pack set was sold in the US that included the tub and accessories and 3 ponies with 1 brush: Sky Rocket (Sparkle pony), Spring Song (Sweetheart Sister), Sunny Bunch (Merry Go Round pony) OR Flower Bouquet (Merry go Round pony).

Comes with 3 ponies , tub and lots of accessories! Fill this colorful tub with water and give your ponies a bath! (*from packaging)


This adorable little crib set came with toys, bottle and the most adorable little merry-go-round mobile you ever saw.

Your Baby and Newborn ponies like to play and nap in their pretty crib! Adorable crib comes with everything you need for sweet pony dreams. Pony mobile really spins! (*from packaging)


Again using the Show Stable mold but changing colours, Home Sweet Home came in the Show Stable box.




There were several tiny playsets made just for the Petite Ponies that came with their own accessories and ponies.


Happy Hearts Cottage with Puddles

Whinny Winks Inn with Little Flitter 

Pony Prints Cabin with Flurry

Pony Shoppes

Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe w/Floater

Happy Hoof Market w/ Tabby 

Mane Delight Beauty Shoppe w/ Misty

Pretty Prancing Carousel w/ Topper and Whirly

Royal Pony Palace w/Sundrop and Magic Star 

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