Girls’ Toys

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Peaches 'n Cream - rod_collection_2Girls’ toys of the 80s carried on with the 70s trend of women going back into the workplace after going home from the factories after WWII and the 60s feminist movements that taught our mothers women could do anything. 80s girls had Easy Bake Ovens just like their mothers and fed and clothed their Cabbage Patch babies and Baby Alives too but Barbie came out that decade with a whole new deal- We Girls Can do Anything (right, Barbie?).

While 80s girls were certainly enthralled with their My Little Ponies like their older sisters had been with Breyer horses, they were learning all about a world outside of marriage and the home they and their dolls could have. International travel wasn’t just something you achieved through joining the army, it was real and you could get a Cabbage Patch Kid from anywhere in the world- even the toys got around.

For future women CEOs there were a whole host of Lisa Frank stationary and desk accessories- better pick out your signature erasure scent now ladies, when you’re crunching numbers on Wall Street you’re gonna need to stand out from the crowd.  Personally I *loved* my toys and still do. I don’t have a ton of them left (my husband makes sure our house doesn’t turn into a shrine- boo) but I still think it was the best time in the world for playthings and today’s Lalaloopsie and Bratz are just …well, bogus.

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