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My Little Pony Print Advertising

Like their wonderful ponies and box art, Hasbro did a bang-up job of creating toy catalogues, mail order forms and print ads to sell us all those little ponies!  Here you’ll find scans of toy pamphlets and catalogues, mail order forms and foreign magazine ads to enjoy.  **All photos are generously shared by collection owners and are property of their respective owners. NO items on this site are for sale.

U.S. Megan and Sundance toy catalogue

Included Pony Wear, Sea Ponies, Baby Sea Ponies, Unicorns, Earth Ponies and Pegasus, Rainbow Ponies, Baby Pony play and care sets, Baby Cuddle’s Baby Buggy, the Lullaby Nursery, Dream Castle and the Waterfall Playset.

U.S. MLP Mail Order form

Horseshoe Points offers included the 12 Birthflower Ponies and an MLP sticker album.

U.S. MLP Mail Order form

Horseshoe Points offers for Birthday baby ponies, Tux the stallion, the Twice as Fancy baby ponies.

U.S. MLP Mail Order form

Horseshoe Points offers for Collector’s Pose Ponies, the Pretty Parlor playset and Birthflower Ponies.

EURO MLP toy catalogue

Featuring Rollerskates Ponies, Hair-do Ponies, Bridal Beauty, Family Friends and Family Babies, Best Friend Babies, Sweet Kisses Ponies, Princess Sparkle, Schoolhouse playset, Kitchen playset, Birthday Pony (10th anniversary), Bedtime Newborns and the 7 Characters (7 Tales) ponies.

US MLP Perm Shoppe toy catalogue 

Featuring the Perm Shoppe playset, Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, Soft Sleepy Newborns, Paradise Estate playset, Big Brother Ponies, Slumber Party Gift Pack, Twinkle Eyed Ponies, Twice as Fancy Ponies, So Soft Ponies, Newborn Baby Ponies, Pony Friends, Party Gift Pack.

ITALY MLP toy catalogue

Featuring Rainbow Curl Ponies, Tropical Ponies, Pony Stable playset, Starlight Baby Ponies, Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies, Dance n Prance Ponies, Sweetberry Ponies.

GERMANY MLP toy catalogue

Featuring Baby Ponies, pool merchandise, MLP clothing, mail order offers, etc.

EURO MLP toy catalogue

Featuring Sweetie Babies, Family Friends and Family Babies, Rollerskate Ponies, Best Friends babies, Seaside Babies, Surprise Twins, Jewellrey Babies.

JAPAN MLP toy catalogue

Featuring Takara ponies!

ITALY MLP mail order form

HASBRO MLP colour chart

Not a catalogue per se but a neat part of MLP history, shows the colour matrix for various ponies for toy liscencing.

ITALY MLP magazine ads


US MLP Ponyland parade mail order form

Horsehoe point offers for Megan and Sundance, Rainbow Ponies, Spike, Lucky the Stallion, Pretty Parlor.

ENGLISH/ FRENCH Bridal Party mail order form

Horseshoe points offers for Satin ‘n Lace, Lucky the Stallion, Collector’s Pose Ponies, Pony digital watch, Fan Club.

US GOLDILOCKS Mail order form

Featuring horseshoe points offers for Goldilocks, Petite Pony playsets Royal Pony Palace, Prancing Pretty Carousel, Sweet-Ice Delight Cottage (unreleased).

US A Day at the Beach mail order form

Horseshoe Points offers for Twice as Fancy Baby Ponies, Rapunzel, Baby Birthday Ponies Sugarcake and Gametime, Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, Mommy and Baby Beach Keen.

US Mummy Charms mail order form

Mummy Charms came in specially marked pony packages, Order from was for the charm bracelet to put them on.

US MLP Fan Club order form

US Collector Ponies mail order form

Horseshoe Points offers for Colector Ponies, Pretty Parlor.

US Molly and Baby Sundance catalogue

Features Molly and Baby Sundance, So Soft Ponies, Twinkle Eyed Ponies, Pony Wear, Flutter Ponies.

US Megan and Sundance Catalogue version 2

Featuring Megan and Sundance, the Paradise Estate, Lullabye Nursery, Pony Purse with Baby Sleepy Pie, Party Gift Pack, Baby Buggy with Baby Cuddles, Baby Bonnet School of Dancer, Pretty ‘n Pearly Baby Sea Ponies, Beddy Bye Eyes Baby Ponies.

US Birthflower Pony mail order insert

Came packaged with the mail order pony.

US Collector Pony/ Birthflower Pony mail order form

Horseshoe Points offers for Birthflower Ponies, Collector Pose Ponies, MLP Fan Club.

US It’s a Beach mail order form

Horseshoe points offers for Scribbles and Dabble, pearlized baby ponies, Baby Susters L’il Cupcake and L’il Sweetcake.

US 1990 A Parade of Ponies toy catalogue

Announcing toy releases for Jan/Feb/March: Baby Sparkle Pony, Tropical Pony, Glittery Sweetheart Sister Pony, Drink ‘n Wet Baby Pony, Rainbow Curl Pony, Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Pony, Pretty ‘n Pearly Ponies, Sunsparkle Ponies, Pretty Pony Parade, Pony Bride, Petite Pony Homes

April/May/June:  Sweetsteps Ballerina, Princess Baby Buggy,  (Dream Beauties) Shimmering Beauty, Rainbow Beauty, Showtime Beauty, Sweet Perfume Beauty, Highflying Beauty, Petite Pony Shoppes, Prancing Pony Carousel

July/Aug/Sept: Trim ‘n Grow Beauty, Royal Pony Palace, Sweet-Ice Delight Cottage (for Petite Ponies, unreleased)

US “Lively Ponies” toy catalogue

Includes Sea Ponies, Earth Ponies, Pony Wear, Pegasus and Unicorns, Rainbow Ponies, Dream Castle, Show Stable, Pretty Parlour, Waterfall playset.