Year 3 saw new waves of earth, pegasus, unicorn, rainbow and sea ponies and introduced the first baby and baby sea ponies. Year 3 also introduced pony fans to the ponies’ special friend Megan and her own special friend Sundance, and the very first mail-in offer ponies began with a line of monthly Birthflower ponies.

**Ponies have multiple images which sometimes include backcards and accessories. Make sure to click through the galleries!


Brush and braid her soft and silky hair! Tie it with a ribbon. (*from packaging)

Lickety Split: Lickety Split enjoys planning surprise birthday parties for her friends and makes sure there’s lots of delicious ice cream to accompany the cake. Whenever a pony is feeling sad, Lickety-Split will cheer her up with one of her special ice cream creations.

The ponies were enjoying Majesty’s birthday party in the Dream Castle garden when Lickety-Split announced she had a special surprise. As they sang Happy Birthday, Lickety kicked her heels twice and the mountains around the castle turned into giant scoops of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. Two smiling clouds poured hot fudge and whipped cream over the mountains while Cherries Jubilee flew up each creamy mountain and topped it with a bright red cherry. “This is the best birthday surprise I’ve ever had,” Majesty said handing Lickety-Split a heaping dish of chocolate ice cream. (*from backcard)

Lickety Split and Baby Lickety Split were part of a mother/baby set of plush ponies from Hasbro where 2 of the sets were mislabeled in a toy calalogue in year 4. They were officially released in Year 5 with all sets displaying the correct colours/symbols. Lickety Split also has several non so-soft versions with entirely different colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. In the UK, Lickety Split was part of the Groom and Style set. Lickety Split was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 8.

Tootsie: When Tootsie found a four-leaf clover she wishes for a ‘pollopop latch.’ Now, whenever she gets her words muddled, lollipops pop up. Of course, the baby ponies love Tootsie’s muddled words.

Tootsie was searching for lollipops when she discovered a 4-leaf clover. “Hold me up to the sun and make a wish,” the clover urged. “I wish for my own pollipop latch – I mean lollipop patch,” Tootsie laughed, correcting her silly words. The clover flew into the meadow, followed by beams of sunlight singing a sweet melody. Each time they sang a verse, a new flavor of lollipops popped up. “When you accidentally say a silly sentence, lollipops will grow in your garden. Your sweet tooth will remind you to pick them,” the clover explained. Tootsie could hardly wait to tell her friends about her wish come true. (*from backcard)

Tootsie was part of the Groom and Style set in the UK. She also had several international versions in varying colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be and was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 8.

Cherries Jubilee: Big, red juicy cherries are the favourite snack of Cherries Jubilee. She carefully tends to the cherry trees in the orchard and enjoys making beautiful decorations from the pretty pink cherry bo petals. On the Cherry Blossom parade her float is always the prettiest.

It was the day of the big Pony Parade and Cherries Jubilee was tying the last cherry blossoms to her float. “I hope this string holds the blossoms in place,” she thought to herself. She had worked very hard picking hundreds of cherry blossoms and stringing them together to form a beautiful rainbow. “Here comes Cherries’ float,” Tootsie” shouted from the stands. As the float passed before the judges, the string suddenly broke. A shower of colorful petals fell all over Ponyland. It was such a magnificent sight that Majesty officially named it The Cherry Blossom Parade and crowned Cherries Jubilee the queen of the parade. (*from backcard)

Cherries Jubilee featured a lot in the My Little Pony ‘n Friends cartoon series. She also had several international versions in varying colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. Cherries Jubilee was part of the UK Groom and Style set, had a plush version from Hasbro in year 4 and was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 8.

Posey: Posey loves her pretty garden and especially growing rows of her favourite tulip flowers. Posey’s garden is under the magic rainbow which chases away the grey rain so that her pretty flowers are always blooming.

Posey was busily planting new rows of tulips in her garden when she spotted a fierce grey raincloud overhead. “The rain will wash away my newly planted tulip bulbs and ruin my garden.” she sighed. Parasol, racing through the clouds in search of a rainbow, heard her plea. “Don’t worry Posey.” Parasol Shouted. Ï’ll protect your tulips.” Parasol jumped into the raincloud. She tossed her rainbow mane and tail and dozen of pretty parasols fell from the clouds to cover her tulip beds. “Thank you, Parasol” Posey said handing her friend a bouquet of her finest tulips. (*from backcard)

Posey also had several international versions in varying colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. She had her own plush version from Hasbro in year 4 and was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 8.


Surprise: Just before sunrise, look up into the sky to catch a glimpse of a colourful balloon floating dreamily in the early morning breeze. Surprise left it there especially for you!

Surprise was traveling through the clouds and saw what looked like a rainbow far off in the distance. As she flew closer, she realized it was a runaway hot-air balloon flying frantically out-of-control. “Are you lost?” Surprise shouted to the giant balloon. Suddenly a head poked over the top of the basket. “Please take me home,” pleaded Spike, Majesty’s little pet dragon. Surprise gently guided the balloon all the way back to Dream Castle. Majesty was delighted to see her friend Spike and gave Surprise a royal “thank you!” (*from backcard)

Surprise was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 6. Surprise and Baby Surprise were part of a mother/baby set of plush ponies from Hasbro where they were mislabeled in a toy calalogue in year 4 as Lofty and Baby Lofty. They were officially released in Year 5 with the correct colours/symbols.

Heart Throb:  Every day is Valentine’s Day to Heart Throb! With her friends, the Lovebirds, Heart Throb makes heart shaped presents for everyone and spreads joyous messages of love and happiness to all who live on the far side of the rainbow!

Heart Throb was finishing the lace booties for the Baby Ponies when she started designing the beautiful valentine card. “I’ll give it to my favorite friend in pony land,” she said to herself. Heart Throb gathered some leftover lace from the booties, flowers from Posey’s garden and heart-shaped pebbles she found near the waterfall. She placed a poem she had written directly in the center of a heart-shaped lace doily. Pasting it all together, Heart Throb signed the valentine and proudly presented it to the love birds that live under the waterfall. (*from backcard)

Heart Throb was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 6.


Brush her long curls. Braid them with ribbon! (*from packaging)

Sparkler: Sparkler loves shiny, sparkling objects. When the moon is full, she follows the brightest star in search of glittering trinkets. On the night of the last full moon, Sparkler found a glowing diamond which she thought would be perfect for Majesty’s crown. But Majesty insisted Sparkler keep the jewel for someday she may have a crown of her own.

Sparkler stood out in the sun, admiring her collection. “It’s so beautifully shiny,” she remarked as she rearranged her glitter cards, gold coins and aluminum foil pieces. Sparkler loves shiny, sparkling objects. When the moon is full, she follows the brightest star in search of glittering trinkets. On the night of the last full moon, Sparkler found a glowing diamond. “This will be perfect for Majesty’s crown,” she thought. But Majesty urged Sparkler to keep the jewel because someday she might have a crown of her own! (*from backcard)

Sparkler was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 6.

Gusty: Gusty is happiest in the autumn when the leaves turn beautiful shades of red, yellow, orange and brown. With her unicorn magic, she can make leaves burst with spectacular colour, even in the heat of Summertime. If a leaf accidentally falls from a tree, Gusty is always glad to return it to its happy home.

Way up in the trees, the leaves had put on their autumn coats and Gusty was thrilled. “I love fall colors – orange, red and yellow!” Dancing happily. Gusty whirled through the colorful treetops. Suddenly a wild wind whistled through the sky and the leaves were yanked from their trees. They fluttered down and lay lifeless on the ground. “Back up there! Go back up!” Taking a deep breath, Gusty puckered her lips and blew on the leaves. At Gusty’s magical command, the leaves happily swirled around and returned to their home. (*from backcard)

Gusty enjoyed wide popularity all over the world and featured a lot in MLP books and merchandise , as well as the My Little Pony movie and cartoon. Gusty was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 6.

Powder: One day another Dream Castle appeared in Pony Land. Wherever had it come from? Then Powder, the mischievous unicorn, giggled loudly and her pony friends knew that she had been up to her snow-making tricks again!

Snow was gently falling from the clouds and Powder was in a mischief-making mood. “I’ve played a clever trick on Majesty!” Powder thought to herself. “Let’s go play in the Dream Castle,” she called to Majesty as they raced toward the castle far in the distance. When they got closer, Majesty exclaimed, “My Castle is covered with white fluffy snow!” Powder giggled. “That’s not the Dream Castle,” Powder explained. “It’s an ice castle I made from the snow!” Majesty laughed at Powder’s surprise! (*from backcard)

Skyflier: Skyflier loves to build kites to fly up in the sky. Sometimes she adds beautiful ribbons which look like streamers, trailing behind. One day she forgot to keep hold of the string- and it flew off and landed in the next field. Skyflier had been working on her beautiful kite for weeks. “Red, white and blue… yellow, green and purple, too,” she sang to herself as she added the finishing touches. Tossing it in the air, she ran along the tops of the clouds trying to fly it. Heart Throb, the pegasus, carried it high in the sky. Crash! Down it came. Skyflier was so disappointed. Bow Tie, watching from the meadow, offered a suggestion. “Ribbons! Give it a tail with ribbons!” Bow Tie tied on some of her prettiest silky ribbons and the kite quickly rose into the sky. “Thank you, Bow Tie!” Skyflier called. (*from backcard)


Take a magical journey to the far side of the rainbow. Comb and braid your Rainbow Pony’s beautiful hair then tie it with the pretty ribbon. (*from packaging)

Tickle: Tickle’s mane trailed prettily behind her as she flew high into the sky. She was on her way to add some feathers to her special pillow that was hidden just beneath a silver cloud.

The clock struck midnight and the baby ponies were still awake! “They’ve been tossing and turning all night,” Mother Firefly fretted to her pegasus friend Tickle. “What can we do to get them to sleep?” Tickle knew exactly what to do. While Firefly told the babies a bedtime story, she flew into the clouds, her rainbow mane trailing behind her. Hidden beneath a silver cloud was Tickle’s pillowcase full of the beautiful, soft feathers. She stuffed the feathers into a large comforter and made a fluffy feather bed for the baby ponies. They fell asleep immediately. They were still asleep st breakfast time. Tickle gently brushed a long feather under each baby’s nose. The baby ponies woke, feeling very frisky. Suddenly, feathers were flying everywhere as the baby ponies jumped up and down on their feather bed! Tickle and Firefly laughed and joined the baby ponies in a playful pillow fight. (*from backcard)

Tickle was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 5.

Confetti: Confetti will be the loveliest bride, and everything is prepared for her wedding. She was almost ready- only the veil to put on. Now she could hear the Wedding Bells in the distance, quick, it’s time to go.

Confetti liked to sit by the Waterfall and design beautiful toys from colored paper and streamers. One sunny afternoon, while cutting out paper dolls, a gentle breeze blew one of the dolls into the trickling stream of the Waterfall. Confetti chased after it, but couldn’t find it anywhere in the crystal waters. Suddenly, the rainbow appeared above the Waterfall. The paper doll peeked through the colorful arch, laughing as she came to life. Gliding down the rainbow like a slide, the paper doll landed right onto Confetti’s back. “Let’s ride through the clouds!” the doll exclaimed. Confetti clapped her hoofs together and off they went, with the rainbow leading the way. Confetti took her friend for magical ride through ponyland. During the ride, the paper doll combed Confetti’s rainbow mane and tail into hundreds of tiny braids that looked like rows of pastel ribbons waving in the clouds. (*from backcard)

Confetti is a favourite among collectors and around the world was issued in multiple poses. Confetti was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 5.

Pinwheel: Pinwheel just has to blink her eyes and shake her rainbow mane and, with the help of her unicorn magic, little pinwheel windmills appear. The Baby Ponies love going out with Pinwheel on a windy day! Pinwheel was taking the baby ponies for an afternoon stroll when a sudden gust of wind blew Baby Firefly’s bonnet high into the sky. The baby ponies giggled as the bonnet twirled around like a top, then fluttered to the ground. “The west wind is playing a game with us,” Pinwheel explained. “Now it’s our turn.” First, Pinwheel arranged hundreds of smooth, shiny pebbles in a large circle on the ground. With a blink of her eyes and a shake of her rainbow mane, Pinwheel’s unicorn magic turned the stones into a brightly colored, spinning ferris wheel. “Hop on,” Pinwheel said to the baby ponies, helping them into their seats. As the west wind puffed harder and harder, the ferris wheel spun faster and faster. “What a wonderful ride,” the baby ponies exclaimed as the ferris wheel stopped. Pinwheel handed each baby pony a special pinwheel toy with her name on it as they jumped off the ride. What a wonderful afternoon it was, playing with the wind! (*from backcard) Pinwheel was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 5.

Starflower: When the moon is shining brightly, Starflower loves to gaze into the pool beneath the Waterfall. If the falling drops of water turn into brightly coloured circles, Starflower knows that her unicorn magic has worked. 

One night, while sleeping in the clouds, Starflower had a wonderful dream. She dreamt she was standing on the edge of a rainbow with magnificent fireworks flying out in all directions. Red, green, blue and yellow bursts fell to the ground in beautiful patterns. When she woke, Starflower blinked her eyes three times and made a magical wish. “I wish that my dream would come true,” she said aloud. She searched for the rainbow and fireworks all day, but couldn’t find them. By nightfall, Starflower decided to go to the waterfall. She was amazed at what she was in the pool! “It’s really happening!” she shouted with delight. There in the pool was the reflection of the waterfall, glowing with rainbow colors. Each falling drop of water turned into expanding rings of colorful circles. Red, green, blue and yellow patterns were everywhere! “What a beautiful show,” she said contentedly. (*from backcard)

Starflower often comes up in collector wishlists but seems to be a little prone to marks in the plastic around her cutie marks/symbols.  Starflower was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 5.

Trickles:  Trickles laughed happily as she sprinkled water, from her magic watering can, over the cobbles in Dream Castle’s courtyard. She knew very soon the drops of water would turn into brightly coloured flowers. 

Trickles was filling her magic watering can at the Waterfall when she saw Posey in her garden. “Hmm, I think I’ll play a trick on Posey”, she thought. “Let me help you water your flowers,” Trickles offered. She pranced into the garden and swung the can around her head, spraying water in every direction. Suddenly, there were tulips everywhere! Red, blue, purple, green and orange ones, even some shiny polka dots and big, bright stripes. “Now, you really have a magic garden,” Trickles laughed. Posey giggled as she placed a purple polka dot tulip behind Trickles’ ear. (*from backcard)

Trickles was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 5.

Flutterbye: Flutterbye loves to fly through the dawn sky with her friends the honey bees. Sometimes she shakes her rainbow-coloured mane and dozens of beautiful butterflies magically appear. 

It was daybreak on a beautiful spring morning. Dawn raised her head while the sun rose over the hill. The honeybees in the garden buzzed happily from flower to flower, collecting nectar to make honey in their hive. A magical pegasus, with rainbow-colored hair, hovered over the beatiful flower garden. The bees stopped to stare at her. “She looks just like a rare rainbow butterfly!” one bee whispered to another. The pegasus gracefully flew down and said to the bees, “Your sweet smell so flowers! I mean… your flowers smell so sweet! May I pick some to take back with me?” (When the pegasus gets excited, she gets her “mix” all “talked” up.) The bees buzzed excitedly. “What’s your name?” they asked. “Butterfly… no, no it’s Flutterbye!” the pegasus answered, giggling at her mistake. The bees thought that Flutterbye was beautiful and very funny, so they gave her a huge bouquet of flowers and a large pot of their sweetest honey. (*from backcard)

Flutterbye was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 5.


The first introduction of baby ponies in their own wave, Play and Care sets were loaded with accessories for the new babies. While “mommy and baby” sets were never really a thing in G1 (though adult ponies and their baby version showed up in merchandise), all of the baby ponies released in year 3 corresponded to an already released adult pony and followed the 2 unicorn/2 earth/2 pegasus pattern.

Baby Moondancer:  Dusk was falling over the forest when Baby Moondancer donned her tutu and ballet slippers to practice her dance steps. “Extend and stretch,” she remembered, just like her mother, Moondancer, taught her. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell onto a bed of soft moss. “I’ll never learn to dance like a real ballerina,” she sighed. Mr. Moon was watching Baby Moondancer pull herself to her feet. “Don’t stopbecause of a little fall,” the Moon urged. “I’ll help you dance by casting my shadow on the ground where you should take each step.” Baby Moondancer followed Mr. Moon’s instructions. Soon she was pirouetting and swaying with ease. While she danced, the wind quietly called Mother Moondancer to the forest. She was very proud indeed of her little ballerina. (*from backcard)

Your little baby unicorn to cuddle, comb and love! Now Moondancer has a baby pony! It’s a Baby Moondancer unicorn! (*from packaging)

Baby Firefly:  Flapping and fluttering her tiny pegasus wings, Baby Firefly hopped and bounced in the air. “I’m trying to fly to the waterfall!” Baby Firefly explained to her mother. After Baby Firefly made several unsuccessful attempts – and landed on her nose – Mother Firefly offered her help. “Grab hold of my mane and I’ll take you there,” she suggested, remembering how difficult it is to learn to fly. Baby Firefly held tightly to her mother’s mane as they quickly flew to the waterfall. Dressed in Sun & Fun outfits, Baby Firefly and her mother spent the day playing on the shore. While balancing a beach ball on her nose, Baby Firefly glanced down. “Mother!” she called excitedly. “look, I’m flying!” She had been concentrating so hard, that she began to fly without even realizing it! Firefly was very proud of her baby. By evening Baby Firefly was very tired indeed. “Tomorrow my wings will be stronger and I’m going to visit the rainbow!” she said with a yawn. (*from backcard)

Your little baby pegasus to cuddle! You’ll love to comb her curly hair! Now Firefly has a baby pony! It’s a Baby Firefly pegasus! (*from packaging)

Baby Surprise:  “Happy Birthday, Baby Surprise!” shouted all of the ponies at once. Hundreds of colorful balloons filled the room, giving the birthday party a very cheerful feeling. Baby Surprise pranced with excitement! “Open your present,” prompted Surprise, her mother. Inside of the brightly wrapped package was a cute little rocking chair – just her size! Baby Surprise was delighted. “Thank you all so very much!” As she spoke, the ribbons on the balloons magically wrapped themselves into her mane and tail. “Whoa! Whee!” Baby Surprise shouted as the balloons started to carry her up, up and away. At first she was frightened, but soon enjoyed the ride when she realized that her pegasus wings could steer. Gently flapping her wings, she returned to the party and landed right in her new rocking chair. Eversince that day, Baby Surprise has used balloons as “training wheels” to learn how to fly! (*from backcard)

Your little baby pegasus to cuddle! You’ll love to comb her curly hair! Now Surprise has a baby pony! It’s a Baby Surprise pegasus! (*from packaging)

Baby Blossom: Baby Blossom loves to admire the flowers in her garden. “Purple violets, pink petunias, red geraniums, and yellow daffodils – my garden has every color of the rainbow in it!” thought Baby Blossom to herself. Spying a beautiful orange flower with black stripes, Baby Blossom exclaimed, I’ll surprise my mother with a whole bouquet of these unique flowers!” When she reached down to pick the flower, it flew into the air and hovered in the wind. “Silly baby pony,” it giggled. “I’m not a flower … I’m a monarch butterfly!” Seeing Baby Blossom’s disappointment, the butterfly quickly added, “But my friends and I will be glad to help you with your surprise!” Then many, many butterflies flew down to Baby Blossom’s garden and sat together quietly. Baby Blossom was thrilled to show her mother the “butterfly bouquet” in the garden. (*from backcard)

Your little baby pony to cuddle! You’ll love to comb her curly hair! Now Blossom has a baby pony! It’s a Baby Blossom! (*from packaging)

Baby Glory:  Baby Glory stopped at the pond for a cool drink after a hard day at play. As she bent down, a shiny pebble bounced off her hoof and into the pond. The ripple it made was dazzling, growing larger as it spread out into the water. Suddenly, the pond stood very still. Baby Glory could see her reflection in the water. It was like looking into a mirror! “Make a wish Baby Glory,” the voice from the water whispered. She closed her eyes and said dreamily, “I wish for a special friend to ride with me through the clouds, catch falling stars and chase rainbows.” Because she believed in magic, Baby Glory knew that someday, her wish would come true. (*from backcard)

Your little baby unicorn to cuddle, comb and love! Now Glory has a baby pony! It’s a Baby Glory unicorn! (*from packaging)

Baby Cotton Candy:  Baby Cotton Candy was playing in her playpen when she spotted a big bouquet of flowers near the waterfall. She remembered Blossom giving them to her mother that morning. “Ummm, those flowers look delicious! They would make a yummy treat.” She jumped out of her playpen, scooped up the flowers and scurried off behind the waterfall to munch on her sweet snack. “Where are my beautiful flowers?” a voice echoed. It was Mother Cotton Candy looking for the bouquet! Baby Cotton Candy ran off to find Blossom and explain what she had done. “You’re as mischievous as your mother,” Blossom laughed. “Because you told me the truth, I will give you another bouquet for your mother.” Blossom picked more flowers for Mother Cotton Candy and handed Baby Cotton Candy a special bouquet just for nibbling. (*from backcard)

Your little baby pony to cuddle! You’ll love to comb her curly hair! Now Cotton Candy has a baby pony! It’s a Baby Cotton Candy! (*from packaging)


Like Year 2’s Sea Ponies, Year 3’s also came with a shell to sit in but these were designed with a softer edge.

Sea Ponies are gallons of fun! They love to float on the waves in the bathtub and lounge in their seashell home. (*from packaging)

Sea Breeze: Have you ever hear the sea whispering to you! Well it’s really Sea Breeze whistling her favourite tunes and sweet melodies which carry across the waves on the breeze.

“I want to make the sea ponies proud of me,” Sea Breeze said as she prepared for the big ocean race. Everyone lined up at the coral reef. “Ready, set… GO!” shouted the whale. Sea Breeze was going as fast as she could when she saw a baby sea pony falling from the sand bar. Quickly, she swooped her up and put her back… but she wasn’t quick enough to win the race. The sea ponies awarded her a special trophy for her bravery. They were very proud of her indeed. Sea Breeze felt like the real winner! (*from backcard)

WhitecapWhitecap swims with the sea turtles when the waves are at their roughest- dark blue on the bottom on the sea floor and frothy sparkling white as each wave races the next to tip over and crash down.

The waves were quiet and the sea was calm as a sweet melody filled the air. “Where’s that music comming from?” Whitecap wondered, donning her ballet slippers. She followed the sound to the ocean floor where a lovely mermaid was playing the harp. Whitecap began to move to the music. She performed a spectacular water ballet, gracefully leaping and pirouetting to the music. “Bravo,” shouted all her sea friends who had gathered to watch. At the end of the dance, the rainbow dipped down and gave Whitecap a bouquet of pretty sea flowers which she proudly shared with the mermaid. (*from backcard)

Sea Mist: Sea Mist is a mysterious pony who likes to go swimming in the morning mist before any of the other ponies have woken up. She loves rolling about in the swirling mist as it uncovers the secrets of the ocean.

The sea ponies were getting ready for King Neptune’s birthday party at his underwater castle. Everyone was bringing the king a present. Sea Mist wanted to make the king a royal robe from seaweed. She gathered the prettiest seaweed she could find and held it up to the sky so the west wind could help her weave it. While the rainbow dripped its beautiful colors on the robe, Sea Mist chose shiny seashells for the buttons. “Thank you, Sea Mist,” King Neptune exclaimed, opening his gift. “I will wear it always.” Sea Mist felt like a princess when the king wrapped the robe around his shoulders. (*from backcard)

Wave Jumper: Who can do the high jump better than Wave Jumper? Nobody. She’s such a strong swimmer she uses the waves to whisk her up in the air-the other ponies believe she’ll reach the sky soon!

Wave Jumper was surfing when she spotted a bottle floating towards her. Inside was a map that led to a buried treasure! She followed the arrows on the map and came to a huge sandcastle with hundreds of sand bags blocking its entrance. “How will I get in?” she wondered. Just then, the rainbow appeared and a GIANT wave rose from the shore, washing away the castle. Wave Jumper was amazed at all the beautiful trinkets in the chest. She chose a glittery star and placed it on the rainbow, then shared the rest of the treasure with the other sea ponies. (*from backcard)

High Tide: High Tide was following tiny footprints on the beach when she came upon a little girl collecting shells. “Would you like some help?” High Tide asked. “I’d like to take some shells home to remind me of the fun I’ve had at the beach.” With a twist and a swish, High Tide dove into the deep blue water. She returned with a large pink sea shell. “Hold this shell to your ear and you’ll hear the waves making beautiful music,” High Tide said, giving the gift to her new friend. “See you next year”, the little girl promised, waving goodbye. (*from backcard)

Sand Dollar: “I hope I get a good suntan,” Sand Dollar said settling down to enjoy the golden rays. A jellyfish jumped up beside her handing her some magic jelly. “Leave this on for one hour then wash it off in the ocean,” he cautioned before slipping away. Sand Dollar rubbed it on and started to build a sandcastle. She got so busy that she forgot about the jelly! Suddenly, she was covered with red, blue, green and yellow stripes! “You match the rainbow,” laughed the jellyfish. Sand Dollar ran off to show the rainbow before washing off the colors.  (*from backcard)


Baby sea ponies did not correspond to an adult sea pony and also did not come with a shell to rest in. They did, however, come with plastic floaty pool rings in animal shapes.

Splish, splash…Baby Sea Ponies are learning how to swim! Your Baby Sea Pony can float in the tub with her life preserver. (*from packaging)

Baby Sea Star: When it’s time for a party on the sea floor, Sea Star collects the prettiest shells and builds the biggest most spectacular shell castle. She invites all her friends and they dance in the moonlight until the sun rises the next day.

Sea Star was building a sandcastle when a giant wave hit the shore. All her hard work was washed out to sea! “My castle is ruined,” she sighed. “If only I could build one that wouldn’t fall, then my friends could play in it too.” Picking up her pail and shovel, Sea Star noticed the tide leaving hundreds of bright, sparkling shells on the shore. Quickly, she gathered as many shells as she could fit in her pail. “What are you doing, Sea Star?” asked Mr. Octopus who was sunbathing on a nearby rock. “I’m going to build a castle with these shells,” she answered, excited about her idea. Mr. Octopus called Mrs. Jellyfish and together they made a magic paste to hold the shells in place. By sunset, Sea Star had the biggest, most beautiful castle on the beach. That night, she invited all her ocean friends to a party in her lovely new shell castle. Even the waves dancing around the castle were happy it didn’t tumble. (*from backcard)

Baby Sea Shimmer: Every day at dusk, Sea Shimmer watches Mr Sun cast his rays over the sea before he drifts into dreamland. She often meets strange and beautiful creatures from the sea, like the magical mermaid who gave her a shimmery pearl.

Every day at dusk, Sea Shimmer watches over the sea before it drifts into dreamland. Last night, while watching the sunset, Sea Shimmer heard a faint voice calling for help. Following the voice to an inlet, she found a beautiful mermaid tangled in a mound of seaweed. Gently, Sea Shimmer removed the wet grass to free the mermaid. The mermaid whispered her thanks as she dove into the water. The next evening, while watching the sun go down, Sea Shimmer thought about the mermaid. “I wonder what her name is and where she lives?” she pondered. Suddenly, a brilliant rainbow appeared in the sky and a gleaming pearl wrapped in seaweed washed up to Sea Shimmer’s tail. When the wave rolled back, the words “See You Soon” appeared in the sand. Sea Shimmer smiled because she had found a very special friend. (*from backcard)

Baby Backstroke: Backstroke swims better than any of the baby sea ponies. She is so graceful gliding backwards about in the water that all her baby sea pony friends want her to give them swim lessons. What fun they have splashing around learning to swim.

Splasher was playing with her turtle float on the shore when she heard splashing coming from the cove by the rocks. Quietly, she hid behind a rock to watch. Another baby sea pony was in the shallow water, bobbing its fins and flippers up and down. She was so graceful, gliding about in the water, just like they learned in swimming class.”What a wonderful swimmer!” Splasher said out loud. The baby sea pony looked up in response to Splasher’s voice. “Can you teach me to swim like that?” Splasher asked, joining her in the water. The two baby sea ponies swam and played together until it was time to go home. “You swim so well that I’m going to call you Backstroke,” Splasher laughed. From then on, Backstroke the baby sea pony, was known as the best swimmer in the sea and taught all the other sea ponies how to do the backstroke. (*from backcard)

Baby Tiny Bubbles: Tiny Bubbles is happiest when she is exploring underwater. She lets the air out of her float to get down really deep to uncover all kinds of treasures. All her baby sea pony friends always share in the excitement as she comes to the surface with her wonderful surprises.

One sunny day, Tiny Bubbles was feeling especially adventurous. She decided to play near the old wrecked ship on the bottom of the ocean. To get down that deep, she let some of the air out of her float. While holding her breath, she spotted a sea urchin. Inside the sea urchin, Tiny Bubbles discovered a rusty old key. When she inserted it into the sea chest, the lid popped open, revealing hundreds of beautiful necklaces, bracelets and glittering gems. “A buried treasure!” exclaimed Tiny Bubbles. As she spoke, her words were carried up to the surface in air bubbles. All of her baby sea pony friends were delighted when she presented them with treasures from the deep. (*from backcard)

Baby Splasher: Splish, splash, that’s how Splasher got her name. She never really liked to practice her swimming strokes- all she wants to do is jump and splash. After school she rushes off to play hide and seek in the waves and to splash everyone she finds.

Every Tuesday, all of the baby sea ponies attended their nursery swimming school. One day, Splasher was practicing her baby backstroke before class started. “Stroke, stroke, stroke, and breathe,” she counted softly to herself. Her turtle float bobbed up and down with her as the waves rose and fell. Just then a giant wave tossed her high into the air. When she came back down her tail smacked the water with a loud SLAP… and splashed Tiny Bubbles right in the face! That splash of water had soooo much sunshine and salt in it, that Tiny Bubbles’ hair dried into many, many curls and ringlets. Splasher thought Tiny Bubbles’ hair was so pretty that she gave her a collection of colorful sea shells to wear as barrettes in her curls. (*from backcard)

Baby Surf Rider: Surf Rider loves to catch the tail of a big wave and ride it while it comes crashing down. She will stop any dolphin she can find to ask it to swish its tail and make nice waves for her to ride on.

Surf Rider loves to catch the tail of a big wave and ride it while it comes crashing down. One day, when the sea was flat, stretching endlessly in every direction, Surf Rider wished for a giant wave to ride. Spotting a group of dolphins swimming by, Surf Rider called out, “Please swish your tail and make a nice wave for me to ride upon!” The waves that the dolphins made were the biggest that Surf Rider had ever seen. She giggled with delight as she and her fish float rode the waves for the rest of the day. (*from backcard)

*pony descriptions taken from the 1987 My Little Pony Fact File (UK). Backcard descriptions taken from US packaging.

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