Year 2 of My Little Pony came with the first real expansion of characters that brought the iconic Apple Jack who has survived even into the G4 line as well as the eternally popular Bow-tie and the unique earth pony sitting poses never used in the G1 collection again. Year 2 also introduced unicorn, pegasus, rainbow and sea ponies into G1. Year 2’s Rainbow Ponies began the trend of issuing 6 ponies for most waves in the form of 2 each: unicorns, pegasus and earth ponies.

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Soft ‘n sweet little ponies with long, silky hair to brush and braid! (*from packaging)

Bow-tie: Bow-tie loves ribbons, ribbons tied in bows and on packages, silky ribbons, satin ribbons, and ribbons every colour of the rainbow. She especially likes to have her hair braided with ribbon, with an extra ribbon tied in a bow at the end!

Featured in numerous G1 merchandise, Bow-tie remains one of the all-time favourites among collectors. She was issued in a plush version from Hasbro in year 3 and was re-issued as part of the Basic Fun 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 4.

SeashellSeashell loves the ocean. She spends hours chasing the waves, rolling in the sand dunes, and playing with all her seaside friends. She also loves to body surf on the giant waves.

Seashell was at the beach chasing the waves and rolling in the deep sand dunes. She bent down to lick the salt off her hoofs and, before she knew it, one of her Sea Pony friends had clamped on to her beautiful mane. “Why are you hanging on my mane, Sea Pony?” Seashell asked. “I want to go for a ride,” replied her friend, “a real pony ride.” “If you asked politely, I’d be happy to give you a ride,” Seashell said. But the Sea Pony said nothing and clamped down even harder. Shaking her head in dismay, Seashell gave her a ride she’d never forget! (*from backcard)

One of the only two US-issued G1 ponies in the sitting pose as well as a diamond forelock. Seashell was issued in 2019 by Hallmark as part of their G1 MLP set of ornaments. Seashell was also re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies wave 4.

APPLEJACK: Applejack is a silly pony. She is always knocking over fences and looking over her shoulder to see where she has been. She loves apples and is frequently found in the Apple Orchard.

Bubbles was racing down the hill looking for a muddy spot to roll in. She stopped suddenly and laughed. “What a silly sight,” she said. Hanging upside down in a tree like a monkey was Applejack. “How did you get up there?” asked Bubbles. Applejack whinnied in embarrassment. “I was jumping for apples. I jumped so high that I caught my heels on the branch.” Bubbles sighed. “Your appetite for apples is always getting you in trouble, Applejack!” Then she helped Applejack out of the tree, and was treated to a fine red apple from her thankful friend. (*from backcard)

One of the all-time most popular ponies, AppleJack not only features in multiple G1 merchandise items, she carries over into other generations as well. She also had several international versions in varying colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. Applejack was part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 4 and was the Hallmark 2020 g1 My Little Pony ornament.


BubblesBubbles is a shy pony who loves to play in the muddy field and roll about covering herself in goo. But bath time is also a favourite  time as she chases bubbles on the wind.

Lemon Drop saw a strange, muddy pony galloping toward her from across the field. “My goodness, I think you need a bath!” she exclaimed as she poured her favorite bubble bath into the waterfall beside the stable. Soon bubbles were everywhere, twinkling in the sun and floating on the gentle breeze. “Perhaps I put in too much bubble bath,” she thought. “Oh well, she really is very muddy.” After much scrubbing a beautiful, yellow pony emerged from the bubbly water. “I’ll call you Bubbles,” said Lemon Drop. Bubbles just smiled. She had found a new friend. (*from backcard)

One of the only two US-issued G1 ponies in the sitting pose as well as a diamond forelock. Bubbles featured on some of the earlier MLP merchandise including the MLP Christmas Coloring Book. Bubble was also re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies wave 4.

Cotton CandyCotton Candy galloped out of the stable garden with Blossom hot on her heels. “At least she’s stopped eating my beautiful flowers,” Blossom whinnied as she stopped chasing her. Cotton Candy slowed to a trot. She was forever getting into mischief, mostly because she tried to find her sweet treats in Blossom’s garden. “I’ll visit my mountain friends, I think the wild flowers will be out in the valley. Yum!” she said happily, licking her lips. (*from backcard)

Blossom: Blossom was happily digging in the garden. Many of her favorite plants were in bloom and she was proud of her garden. “Hi, Blossom,” said Peachy. “I’ve brought you a present. The noonday sun is terribly bright so I thought you’d like this sun hat.” Blossom was overwhelmed with Peachy’s nice gift. She reached down into the garden and brought up a beautiful bouquet of flowers. “Thank you, Peachy,” she said. “I want you to have a present, too.” (*from backcard)

Blossom and Cotton Candy were re-issued in year 2 with concave feet and had varying international versions including “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. Both ponies had Hasbro plush versions and 2 versions of Applause plushies all in year 3. Cotton Candy was featured in 2013 as the first of Hallmark’s G1 My Little Pony ornament line. *While Blossom was a lovely lavender shade, both my adult and baby Blossoms have faded considerably.



Pegasus ponies featured mono-coloured manes and tails and glittery cutie marks/symbols.

A little winged pony to fly through the air…with long, silky hair to brush and braid! (*from packaging)

Medley: Medley loves too sing, whistle, hum and stamp her hooves like thunderous drums. She’s happiest when music is in the air, on the wind, everywhere. Whether she’s flapping her beautiful wings, gliding across the sky, or cantering across the field, her moves are always musical.

Medley was sitting on a friendly cloud humming when Firefly flew up beside her. “Hello there, Medley,” said Firefly. Medley waved her tail, and the gentle sound of a harp tinkled on the wind. “Why are you so quiet today?” asked Firefly. “I’m too hot to make much noise,” answered Medley. “Let’s call the rain to cool you off,” Firefly said, then ran off to chase the clouds. “Come on, Medley! Bring the drum!” Medley ran after her and stamped her hoofs. Soon the deep, rolling sound of a thunderous drum filled the air and a light, gentle rain began to fall. (*from backcard)

Medley featured on many small items of G1 merchandise such as jewelry and erasers. She also had several international versions in varying colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. Medley part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 3.

Firefly: Firefly loves to race across the sky. Moving gracefully from cloud to cloud, she dances on her graceful hooves and sails on the wind. She often chases the rain and searches among the clouds for the pony’s special friend, the rainbow.

Firefly jumped on the wind and, soaring higher and higher, thought she might look for the rainbow. She knew it loved to play hide and seek. “I wonder where it’s hiding today?” she thought. The wind whispered the answer in her ear. “Thanks for the ride!” Firefly said as she jumped off. She danced across the sky, sailing from cloud to cloud. Finally she saw the snow-crested mountain peaks. Nestled in the deep mountain valley was the rainbow. Firefly laughed because under the rainbow was Blossom, sound asleep! (*from backcard)

Firefly enjoyed massive popularity in the 80s and is still a collector favourite. She was often in the My Little Pony cartoon and had a special My Little Pony the Movie issue.  As well as being heavily featured in G1 merch and picture  books, she had several international versions in varying colour schemes as well as “squeaky butt” versions in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. Firefly had 2 Hasbro and 2 Applause plushy versions in year 3. In 2017 she was released by Hallmark as one of their holiday ornaments and was also part of the Basic Fun 35th Anniversary ponies, Wave 3.


Unicorn ponies introduced two-colour manes and had glittery cutie marks/symbols. In the My Little Pony cartoon it was said that they could use their horns to “wink,” or disappear and reappear somewhere else.

For little girls who believe in magic…a special little unicorn with silky, long hair to brush and braid! (*from packaging)

TwilightTwilight is a shy, mystical creature who believes in wishes. She can appear and disappear at will. She prefers to explore the world at night but has been known to create a deep mist to move about in during the day.

Long ago on one warm and misty night, Twilight wanted to make a wish. Her keen eyes roamed the dark sky. “I do not see a single star to make a wish upon,” she said as she reared and pointed her horn at the moon. “Oh, dear Moon, please bring out a star for me tonight.” Suddenly, the sky was ablaze with light. Every single star that existed shone down on Twilight. “Make your wish quickly, Twilight!” boomed the Moon. Twilight wished that all the stars would shine so bright on that same night every year. Now all the ponies come out to make their own special wishes on these starry, starry nights. (*from backcard)

Twilight was re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 3.

Glory: Glory is the most elegant of all the earth-bound creatures. She moves from place to place with a magical stride, almost as though she had wings. Her magic takes her from kingdom to kingdom in search of a girl who believes in magic…and in unicorns!

Glory was looking for a special friend, a friend who believes in magic. One day she came upon a grand castle and saw a beautiful young girl sitting by the pond. Glory made an unusual sound. The girl turned to look at Glory, then ran toward her, arms outstretched in greeting. “I dream about you every night. Are you really here? Oh, please, please be here!” she exclaimed. Stars shot across the sky as Glory nestled her head in the young girl’s shoulder. Glory knew that she had found her special friend – her friend who truly believes in magic! (*from backcard)

Glory found her way into many G1 merchandise items, notably the picture books. She had a plush version by Hasbro in year 3 as well as 2 Applause plsuh versions. Glory was also re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies wave 3.

MoondancerMoondancer is a mischievious unicorn who loves to surprise the ponies by jumping out from behind the trees. With her special magic she can light the way even on the darkest night in the deepest forest.

Moondancer was sleeping peacefully. Awakening with a start, she found Twilight beside her. “Cotton Candy is missing!” said Twilight. “Have you seen her?” “Cotton Candy should go on a diet,” yawned Moondancer. “She ate my favorite bluegrass and my prettiest wild flowers. I put her in hibernation until winter!” Twilight was stunned. “Free her from the spell, Moondancer. Her friends are worried!” “Is it winter already?” teased Moondancer. But she freed Cotton Candy from the spell and even called the West Wind to give her a ride home. (*from backcard)

Moondancer can be found in some g1 merch, most notably as the only shaped pony clock released (though there were several metal or plastic round pony clocks with varying ponies throughout g1) and also had 2 plush versions by Hasbro in year 3. Moondancer feartured in Hallmark’s 2017 Christmas ornament collection. Moondancer was also re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies wave 3.

Sunbeam: Sunbeam’s sunny disposition brings light to a cloudy day and glitter to a dull afternoon. Even raindrops shine when she’s around. She is a happy outgoing unicorn who frequently hosts parties for all of pony world.

Sunbeam had a wonderful idea. “It’s time to have a party for all my friends,” she thought. “I’ll invite the sun, the clouds, the rainbow, and all of pony land. It will be a very special party.” Everyone came. The ponies feasted on wonderful food and danced until dark. Then the wind carried Firefly, Sunbeam, and Moondancer high above the castle. Soon beautiful colors danced across the sky – the fireworks had begun! All the ponies cheered and stamped their hoofs with glee. They had never seen anything like it. Sunbeam’s party was a great success! (*from backcard)

Sunbeam was also re-issued as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies wave 3.


Rainbow ponies were characterised by their rainbow-coloured manes and tails and featured glittery cutie marks/symbols.

Brush and comb your pony’s beautiful rainbow hair! Tie it with ribbon, too. (*from packaging)

Parasol: Parasol’s rainbow hair gives her magical powers which she uses to keep cool in the summer heat. She loves to stay in the shade of the rainbow, and paddling in the waterfall  to cool off her toes.

The sun was shining very brightly and Parasol was hot… very hot. She sat under a rainbow-colored parasol sipping pink lemonade, unable to move. Gently closing her eyes, Parasol could see many of her pony friends bathing in the waterfall. “The Waterfall looks so inviting today!” said Parasol to herself. Blinking twice, her rainbow magic carried her to the edge of the pond. Sprinkles was so excited to see Parasol, she kicked up her heels, spraying everyone with water. The tiny beads of spray formed raindrops and when the sun shown through them, a beautiful rainbow appeared! Parasol could feel her energy returning. “Would you help me braid my hair into many litle rainbows?” Parasol asked the raindrops. And as she stood in the mist from the waterfall, her mane and tail were braided into beautiful rainbows. (*from backcard)

Parasol was given 2 plush versions by Hasbro in year 3. She was also re-issued in Hasbro’s 25th anniversary pony collection again as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 2.

Moonstone:   Moonstone is a beautiful unicorn with a long silky mane and tail. Her unicorn magic helps her to move quickly from one place to another. She loves to search for special stones with glisten in the moonlight.

Dusk was setting in, but Moonstone was determined to keep searching for her special friend, the rainbow. It was almost too dark to see the sky. “Maybe she’s hiding under the magical waterfall,” Moonstone thought to herself. Moonstone rubbed her unicorn in the moss of an old stump and in a twinkling, arrived at the base of the waterfall. Gazing into the pond, she saw a glint of light. Looking closer, Moonstone saw beautiful colors shimmering on the water. “I’ve found one!” she cried excitedly, tossing her head into the air. Many different colors came shooting out of her rainbow mane and tail like fireworks. Moonstone galloped along the water’s edge watching the beautiful colors dance in the moonlit pond. She was so excited she woke up Sunshine to show her. Sunshine only smiled because she knew that this time the rainbow was only a reflection on Moonstone’s beautiful rainbow-colored hair. (*from backcard)

Moonstone can be found on various G1 items internationally. She was part of Hasbro’s 25th anniversary ponies re-issue and again part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 2.

SkydancerSkydancer is the best dancer of all ponies. She loves to dance to the sound of the wind, especially when it flows through the clouds like the music of a harp. She whirls and twirls until her rainbow hair looks like a cloak around her.

Skydancer loves to dance to the sound of the wind, especially whenit flows through the clouds like the music of string harps. Dancing slowly, Skydancer’s hooves move like little ballet slippers and her mane and tail form two beautiful rainbow arches. As the wind blows harder, the tempo increases. Prancing up with her forelegs gracefully stroking the air and her neck arching, she pirouettes in tiny circles. Her pegasus wings are held lightly against her flanks, fluttering now and then to steady her. Skydancer whirls and twirls until her rainbow hair wraps about her body like a multi-colored cloak. The other rainbow ponies watch in awe. They all agree that Skydancer is the most beautiful ballerina they have ever seen. (*from backcard)

Skydancer was re-issued as part of Hasbro’s 25th anniversary pony collection and again as part of  Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 2.

StarshineStarshine likes flying to faraway places and making new friends. She loves exciting adventures and often calls impatiently to the clouds, begging them to take her on a secret rainbow journey.

On a cool rainy morning Starshine was ready for excitement. “I want to have some fun today!” she shouted to the dark giant rain clouds. Stamping her hoof impatiently on the ground, she pleaded, “Send me on a secret rainbow journey!” The clouds opened and a multi-colored beam of light swooped down to lift her up into the sky! Traveling in the beautiful light, Starshine’s rainbow-colored hair stretched out behind her like the tail of a shooting star. The light carried her on a special adventure to a land of enchantment and magic! “Hi, Ho my brightly colored beauty!” shouted the Milky Way. Starshine winked at a comet and laughed with the man in the moon. By evening she was home again. “This has been a very exciting day indeed!” she thought as she gazed up at the sky. Twinkling down the stars whispered, “Come back again, Starshine!” (*from backcard)

Starshine popped up in various G1 merchandise items such as the Butterick pillow pony patterns and had a “squeaky butt” version in Venezuela which feature a squeaker in the bum where normally the washer for a tail would be. Starshine had 2 pluish versions by Hasbro and was also re-issued as part of Hasbro’s 25th anniversary pony collection and again as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 2.

SunlightSunlight’s best friend is her shadow! She’ll play for hours, chasing it around a tree. When it rains, Sunlight asks the sun to beam her shadow through the raindrops. Then, a beautiful rainbow appears!

Out in the meadow, Sunlight was playing games with her shadow. The brighter the sun shone, the more beautiful Sunlight’s shadow became until it took on every hue of the rainbow! “Let’s play hide and seek,” said her rainbow shadow. “I’ll be it.” Sunlight hid in the shade under the spreading oak tree. “Found you!” whispered the shadow. “I’m under here too.” Sunshine ran out from under the tree and sure enough, her beautiful shadow was right behind her. “Your turn to hide!” Sunlight shouted and ran as fast as the wind, but the lttle rainbow followed her every step. In the wink of an eye a large dark rain cloud moved in and covered the sun. Sunlight frowned, her shadow was gone. She looked and looked, but it has disappeared. “Olly olly in-free,” sang Sunshine. “Where are you,” she shouted. Sunlight looked up at the sky and sang to the rain cloud, “Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day!” The wind helped by taking a deep breath and blowing very, very hard. The sun broke through the clouds. In a flash, Sunlight’s shadow returned and they galloped together across the meadow. (*from backcard)

Sunlight was re-issued as part of Hasbro’s 25th anniversary pony collection and again as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 2.

WindyWindy is the fastest of all the rainbow ponies and often makes a strange whistling sound as she races against the wind. Her magical horn gives her magical energy. She runs so fast that she’s almost invisible..except for a rainbow trailing out behind her!

It was a very special day for Windy, the fastest of all the rainbow ponies. She was the winner of the annual Rainbow Race held at the Dream Castle. In celebration, Majesty had invited everyone to an ice cream party. The party was held outside in the royal courtyard. Majesty started scooping out the many colorful flavors of ice cream just when Windy whistled in like a comet. “I see something is missing!” Windy said to the sun. With a toss of her mane, she was gone on the wind, leaving a rainbow of light in her wake. She stopped in the strawberry patch and a pineapple grove and even gathered nectar from the flowers.  “These will make more than enough toppings for our ice cream sundaes!” she thought to herself. And with a wink of her eye, she rode the rainbow all the way back to the party. Her friends were delighted and they gave her the biggest serving of all! (*from backcard)

Windy was re-issued as part of Hasbro’s 25th anniversary pony collection and again as part of Basic Fun’s 35th anniversary ponies, Wave 2.


Sea Ponies came with a plastic shell “shelf” with a rubber suction cup on back to attach to a bathtub or shower and an indent in the bottom for the pony to sit in. With a metal washer inside their tails to act as a weighter, Sea Ponies could “float” in water.

Splash & float…Sea Ponies are gallons of bathtub fun!! (*from packaging)

Seawinkle: Seawinkle dove off the dock, swam through the crystal clear blue water, and hopped aboard her new little sailnoat. “Seashell,” she shouted, “Come take a sail with me!” So Seashell swam out to to the boat for a ride. The wind was brisk and the little boat skimmed quickly across the calm blue water. The two friends sailed on and on, returning home only when the sun was sinking low into the horizon (*from backcard).


Wavedancer: One bright, sunny day when the clouds were dancing in the sky, Wavedancer was surfing in the ocean with the other Sea Ponies. They would ride a big blue wave all the way in to shore, then merrily swim out to catch another. One giant wave they caught carried them up, up, up… all the way up to the prettiest cloud in the sky. They played up in the cloud for hours, then slid down the rainbow and landed in the ocean with a big SPLASH!! (*from backcard)


Sealight was swimming gracefully among the coral with the other Sea Ponies. Suddenly she dove down, wiggling her tail until she reached the bottom. “Sealight!” Starfish exclaimed as she crawled out from beneath a rock. “I saw you wiggling your way down here. Let’s go ask Mr. Dolphin for a swim on his fin!” Mr. Dolphin, always ready for play, let them hang on to his fin while they swam around in the beautiful warm turquoise ocean. (*from backcard)

*pony descriptions taken from the 1987 My Little Pony Fact File (UK). Backcard descriptions taken from US packaging.

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