Year 8 marked a downturn in popularity for My Little Pony in the US, probably because the original group of kids who grew up with those adorable little horses were now in high school and other toy lines had sprung up to captivate their little brothers and sisters. Year 8 was nowhere near as large and pony groups issued this year had shrunk from 6 to 4 ponies each. Year 8 also made some interesting leaps with gimmicks long in use but not previously used in Ponyland with the introduction of the pose able Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies and baby Drink ‘n Wet Ponies.

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Baby Sparkle ponies didn’t correspond to the Sparkle Pony set of year 7 but rather took after the names of year 2 and 3 ponies. Their bodies were comprised of the same glittered plastic as the Sparkle Ponies but did not have tinsel in their manes and tails. In Europe, the Baby Sparkle Ponies were released as Baby Starlight Ponies with major changes to colouring and names. These ponies did not have the glittery bodies but did have tinsel in their manes and tails.

Baby pony that’s glittery all over! (*from packaging)

BABY SPARKLE GUSTY: One night, the Baby Sparkle Ponies looked out the nursery window and were surprised to see that Mr. Moon and the stars were not shining. Quickly, the baby ponies flew into the sky to brighten their nighttime friends. Baby Starflower and Baby Gusty polished the stars with soft flower petals, while Baby North Star and Baby Firefly rubbed glistening rainbow dew on Mr. Moon. Soon the stars were twinkling and Mr. Moon was glowing brightly. As the sleepy ponies rested on a cloud, the stars covered them with stardust to make them sparkle, then Mr. Moon wrapped the ponies in a moonbeam and gently carried them to bed. And that is the story of how the Baby Sparkle Ponies got their sparkles! (*from backcard)

BABY SPARKLE FIREFLY: *backcard was the same for all Baby Sparkle Ponies

BABY SPARKLE NORTH STAR: *Backcard was the same for all Baby Sparkle Ponies

BABY SPARKLE STARFLOWER: *Backcard was the same for all Baby Sparkle Ponies 


Rainbow Curl ponies were printed in such a way that their symbols extended up across their backs and in the case of Ringlet, along her wings as well. Rather than being a repeating symbol such as on the Twice as Fancy Ponies, Rainbow Curl symbols extended like a full scene. Their ultra-curly hair also set them apart from previous pony sets and their pastel-colouring differentiated them from earlier Rainbow Ponies.

Colorful pony with rainbow curls! (*from packaging)


RINGLET:  How the Rainbow Curl Ponies got their Stripes : In Ponyland, rain poured from the sky for many days. When the clouds drifted away, the Rainbow Curl Ponies skipped outside to splash in the puddles. As Stripes, Ringlet, Streaky and Raincurl danced in the wet grass, they noticed the rain had washed all the colors from the rainbow. Gathering their paints, the ponies climbed up the pale arch and began to paint the stripes with bright, new colors. When they finished, the rainbow gleamed in the sky. To thank them for their colorful help, the rainbow sprinkled each pony with magical rainbow crystals. When the crystals touched them, pretty rainbows appeared on the ponies. And that is how the Rainbow Curl Ponies got their stripes! (*from backcard)

Ringlet had international releases.

RAINCURL: *backcard was the same for all Rainbow Curl Ponies.

Raincurl had international releases.

STRIPES: *backcard was the same for all Rainbow Curl Ponies.

Stripes had international releases.

STREAKY: *backcard was the same for all Rainbow Curl Ponies.

Streaky had international releases.


Like many dolls in the 80s, the Drink ‘n Wet babies were hollow inside and came with a large bottle to fill with water and give so they could “pee” their magic panties that revealed a printed pattern when wet. Each baby also came with her own changing table.

When she wets her diaper, hearts magically appear! (*from packaging)

BABY RAINFEATHER:  How the Drink ‘N Wet Baby Ponies Got Their Magical Diapers: Wearing their new diapers, the Drink n’ Wet Baby Ponies scampered outside to toss a bouncy ball. They threw the ball higher and higher into the sky, until it bumped into one of the rainbow’s stripes. Magical crystals fell from the stripe and onto the baby ponies. The little ponies quickly splashed into their wading pool to wash off the sticky crystals. As they splashed in the water, the rainbow crystals on their wet diapers changed into little hearts, making the diapers as pretty as can be. Now, whenever the diapers get wet, colorful hearts magically appear. And that is how the Drink n’ Wet Baby Ponies got their magical diapers. (*from backcard)

Baby Rainfeather had several international releases. 

BABY SNOOKUMS: *Backcards were the same for all Drink ‘n Wet Babies.

Baby Snookums also had international releases. 


BABY FLICKER: *Backcards were the same for all Drink ‘n Wet Babies.

Baby Flicker also had international releases.

BABY CUDDLES: *Backcards were the same for all Drink ‘n Wet Babies.

Baby Cuddles had international releases, most notably being several Argentinian variants of differing colours.


The ballerina ponies departed from g1 with an odd head mold that wasn’t quite an adult pony nor was it as stylized as a Sweetheart Sister. These ponies had moveable legs which were molded with their ballet shoes and the body of the pony also had a molded leotard. Rather than have a rump symbol, the ballerinas’ symbols were printed across their back on their leotards. Each came with her own tulle tutu.

With moveable legs and head for graceful ballet poses! (*from packaging)


SILKY SLIPPER: How the Sweetsteps Ballerinas Celebrate Spring : On the first day of spring, the Sweetsteps Ballerinas stage a magnificent ballet to welcome the bright sunshine and budding flowers to Ponyland. The Gazebo in the park makes a perfect stage for each ballerina to display her special talent. Silky Slipper glides so gracefully that her feet hardly seem to touch the floor. When Twinkle Dancer spins, her hair wraps around her body like a shawl. No matter how high Tip Toes jumps, she always lands on her tippy toes. And the gentle swish and slide of Posey Rose’s feet sounds like the sweetest of melodies. Listen! The birds are chirping. Spring is here…on with the show! (*from backcard)

POSEY ROSE: *backcards were the same for all Ballerina Ponies.

TWINKLE DANCER: *backcards were the same for all Ballerina Ponies.

TIP TOES: *backcards were the same for all Ballerina Ponies.


Trailing along on the massively popular day-glo colour fad of the mid-late 80s, Tropical Ponies were the raddest ladies to hit Ponyland.

With colors as hot as the tropical sun. (*from packaging)

HULA HULA: One sunny day, four pony friends sailed under the rainbow’s arch and discovered a tropical island where everything shone with the brightest and most beautiful colors the ponies ever saw. Pina Colada and Sea Breeze hopped onto the dazzling pink beach to play volleyball, while Tootie Tails and Hula Hula splashed in the sparkling blue water. While the four friends nibbled a tasty lunch beneath gleaming green palm trees, tropical rainbow dew fell on them and changed them into the brightest ponies of all. The delighted friends quickly sailed back to Ponyland to show everyone their brilliant new look. And that is the story of how the Tropical Ponies got their bright colors! (*from backcard)

Hula Hula also had international releases.

TOOTIE TAILS: *backcards were the same for all Tropical Ponies

Tootie Tails also had international releases.

PINA COLADA: *backcards were the same for all Tropical Ponies

Pina Colada also had international releases.

SEA BREEZE: *Backcards were the same for all Tropical Ponies.

Sea Breeze also had international releases.


While they didn’t vary too much from their earlier Sweetheart Sisters, Prom Queens came with a flouncy skirt and small bottle of perfume for the big dance.

Elegant prom sweetheart with real My Little Pony Perfume! (*from packaging)

PRETTY BELLE: The Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies wanted to look as glamourous as queens at the Sweetflower Prom. With smiles on their pretty faces, the four friends placed bouquets of flowers on a vanity. They blinked their eyes and -poof! – the flowers changed into bottles of perfume. They sprinkled their shoulders with the sweet scent, and beautiful ruffles unfurled. As they dabbed perfume on their ears, earrings magically appeared. Then, they touhed their wrists with the fragrance to make lovely corsages bloom. When they arrived at the prom, the other ponies crowned their elegant friends queens of the prom. (*from backcard)

CHA CHA: *backcards were the same for all Sweetheart Sister Prom Queen Ponies.

SWEET SUNDROP: *backcards were the same for all Sweetheart Sister Prom Queen Ponies.

DAISY DANCER: *backcards were the same for all Sweetheart Sister Prom Queen Ponies.


These were the ultra-fancy TAF versions of the Sweetheart Sister Ponies.

Glamorous pony with shining hair and splashes of glitter!  (*from packaging)

TWINKLER: One day, the Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies strolled in a magical garden that grew under the rainbow. The four friends gathered flowers shaped like hearts, stars, and bows, and wove them into their beautiful hair. While they sniffed the sweet blossoms, Mr. Moon awoke from his daytime nap and smiled at his pony friends. Puffing his round cheeks, he blew shiny moondust into the garden. The glitter drifted onto the ponies, who danced with delight at Mr. Moon’s sparkling gift. And that is how the Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies got their glitter!  (*from backcard)

Twinkler also had a curly-haired version.

SUNBLOSSOM: *backcards were the same for all Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies.

STARFLASH:  *backcards were the same for all Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies.

BRIGHT NIGHT: *backcards were the same for all Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies.


Petite Ponies were sort of a larger version of the Mommy Charms and came in sets of 5 or 10 rather than being released with individual names (although Petite Playset ponies did have names). Petite Ponies had a molded horseshoe in the bottom of their base that allowed them to be turned in certain areas of their playsets like a key to make certain features work in the playset. These ponies did have tiny cutie marks and some also had brushable tails and came with a hair pick to share amongst them. While most Petite Ponies are earth ponies, there are a few pegasus and no unicorns.

Petite Ponies are keys that unlock a world of magic! A fun-filled world of tiny ponies, playsets and accessories. (*from packaging)


PRETTY PONY PARADE SET: A colorful collection of terrific ponies! (*from packaging)

The 10 ponies in this set have molded manes and tails and by cutie mark are: White duck, purple umbrella, purple ballet slippers, purple ice cream cone, orange sun, aqua teapot, white beach ball, aqua butterfly, purple crayon, purple teddy bear.

SUNSPARKLE PONIES: With shining colors like beams of sunlight! (*from packaging)

The 5 ponies in this set are made of translucent plastic and by cutie mark are: yellow ring, pink ice cream soda, yellow perfume bottle, purple balloons, red hot air balloon.

PRETTY ‘N PEARLY PONIES: Shimmering with a pearly glow! (*from packaging)

The 5 ponies in this set are made of pearlised plastic and by cutie mark are: aqua leaf, purple moon, blue winged heart, blue seashell, pink umbrella.

PONYTAIL PONIES: With soft, brushable hair for tails of fun! (*from packaging)

There are 3 sets of 4 ponytail ponies + hair pick in each set. These ponies have either curly, straight, or super curly tails for you to comb out rather than the molded tails of the previous sets.

Set One: Curly tail/dark orange mirror, curly tail/yellow brush and comb, super curly tail/ blue clock, straight tail/pink pizza. Came with aqua star-shaped pick.

Set Two: Super curly tail/orange clock, curly tail/purple brush and comb, Curly tail/gold mirror, straight tail/ pink pizza. Came with orange star -shaped pick.

Set Three: Curly tail/purple mirror, curly tail/ green brush and comb, super curly tail/aqua clock, straight tail/orange pizza. Came with dark pink star-shaped pick.

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