While there were some family sets released in the g1 line of My Little Pony, notable the Loving Family (U.S) and Family Friends/Baby sets (EURO), Hasbro didn’t make much use of the idea of selling ponies in family units, which I personally think was a mistake. The only official mother/baby set released was the highly coveted A Day at the Beach mail order set. But collectors around nthe world have happily matched up stray babies with loving mothers and fathers, either through existing ponies in their collections or as whole new custom families. Here are some sets that “should” have been in the opinions of collectors. See if you agree!

*some ponies have multiple images so please click on individual galleries to see all images.


Baby Bow-tie and her 2 Mummies. Baby Bow-tie (UK/EURO), Collector’s pose Bow-tie (UK) and Bowtie (US).

Baby Apple Jack and her 2 Mummies. Apple Jack and Apple Jack variant (US), Baby Apple Jack (UK/EURO).

Baby Lemon Drop and Mummy Lemon Drop. Baby Lemon Drop (UK/EURO), Leom Drop (US).

Baby Moondancer and Munmy Moondancer- both US.

Baby Glory and Mummy Glory -both US.

Baby Firefly, Baby Chuck E. Cheese and their Mummies. Baby Firefly (US), Baby Chuck E. Cheese (US), Firefly’s Adventure version (US), Firefly (US), Firefly (Italy).

Baby Lickety Split and Mummy Lickety Split. First Tooth Baby Lickety Split (US), Lickety Split (US).

Baby Ribbon and her 2 Mummies. BBE Baby Ribbon (US), So-Soft Ribbon (US), deflocked So-Soft Ribbon (US).

Baby Gusty (US) and Mummy Napper (US). 

Baby Splosh (EURO) and Mummy Pina Colada (US)

Baby Blossom (US) and Mummy Blossom (US).

Baby Cotton Candy Triplets and their 2 Mummies. Baby Cotton Candy (US, Argentina, Peru), Cotton Candy (US variants).

Baby Surprise Twins and their 2 Mummies. Baby Surprise (US), Baby Surprise pearly mail order (US), NSS Surprise (US), So-Soft Surprise (US).

Baby Bouncy and Mummy Bouncy. First Tooth Baby Bouncy (US), So-Soft Bouncy (US).

Baby Tic Tac Toe and Mummy Tic Tac Toe. First Tooth Baby Tic Tac Toe (US), Twinkle Eyed Tic Tac Toe (US).

Baby Quackers and Mummy Quackers. First Tooth Baby Quackers (US), Twinkle Eyed Quackers (US).

Baby North Star and her 2 Mummies. First Tooth Baby North Star (US), So-Soft North Star (US), NSS North Star (EURO).

Baby Blue Belle and her 2 Mummies. Baby Blue Belle (Greece), Blue Belle (Greece), Blue Belle (US).

Baby Lickety Split (US) and Daddy Slugger (US). 

Baby Ember (US) and Daddy Quarterback (US).

Baby Beach Ball (US) and Mummy Half Note (US).

Baby Palm Tree (US) and Mummy Sweet Note (US).

Baby Moondream (EURO) and Mummy Kiss and Tell (EURO).

Baby Little Honey Pie (US), Mummy Kiss and Make Up (EURO), and Big Sister Ruby Lips (UK).

Baby Dangles (US), Mummy TAF Fifi (US), and Daddy Chief (US).

BBE Baby Gusty (US) and Mummy Gusty (US).

Baby Splasher (US) and Mummy Sea Winkle (US).

Baby Pineapple (US) and Mummy Tootie Tails.

Baby Drummer and Daddy Barnacle

TAF Sweet Tooth and TAF Baby Sweet Tooth

TAF Milky Way and TAF Baby Milky Way

TAF Sugarberry and TAF Baby Sugarberry

TAF Love Melody and TAF Baby Love Melody

TAF Up Up and Away and TAF Baby Up Up and Away

TAF Dancing Butterflies and TAF Baby Dancing Butterflies

Sunspot and Baby North Star