Year 5 continued the So-Soft, Twinkle Eye and Flutter Pony lines but also boasted some new types of ponies that have become big in collector circles. The Big Brother ponies, with their Clydesdale-like hooves and chunky builds, came prancing into Ponyland and were joined by the Twice as Fancy ponies with their full body symbol prints, followed by Newborn Twins, the smallest ponies at the time, Sea Sparkle Baby Sea ponies, First Tooth Baby ponies, the elegant Princess Ponies, the first non-pony Pony Friends, the ultra collectible (and huge) Soft Sleepy Newborns. 

**Ponies have multiple images which sometimes include backcards and accessories. Make sure to click through the galleries!


The second set of So-Soft Ponies is much harder to find and more sought-after for collectors. After the huge So-Soft release in year 4, year 5’s set completely departed from the previous trend and only put out 5 ponies.

A beautiful pony that’s soft and furry all over! “I’m soft & fuzzy!”  (*from packaging)

Crumpet: Crumpet topped off her tea party with a game of croquet. She wiggled her nose and made roses bloom into croquet balls! (*from Adventures in Ponyland game card)

It was a warm spring day – just right for Crumpet’s afternoon tea party. The ponies strolled to the party wearing dainty gloves and carrying pretty parasols. Beneath a shady tree, bluejays helped Crumpet set out the warm teapots and put the finishing touches on the sweet cakes made from flower petals and honey. “One lump or two?” Crumpet asked her guests as she added heart-shaped sugar cubes to the creamy cups of tea. When they were finished, Mimic suggested playing a game of croquet. Crumpet wiggled her nose happily. Croquet balls made of roses magically bloomed at the ponies’ feet, while rainbow-striped mallets appeared by their sides! When Bouquet knocked a ball into a nearby stream, a friendly turtle brought it back and joined the party. It was a splendid afternoon indeed! (*from backcard)

Taffy: “What’s for dinner?” Bouncy asked, standing in the doorway of the Paradise Estate kitchen dripping wet from her swim in the pool. “Spaghetti,” Taffy answered, grabbing a mop to soak up the puddle around Bouncy. No one noticed the mop handle accidently knocking over Cupcake’s jar of “Magic Sticky Stuff” and pouring it into the pot of spaghetti. “YUMM-this is delicious!” the ponies chanted as Taffy served dinner. As they ate, they noticed that the spaghetti stuck to their plates and forks. It took all the pulling and yanking they could muster to get the food into their mouths! Taffy couldn’t understand what went wrong until Cupcake spotted the empty jar. “I think you added an extra ingredient,” Cupcake laughed. Quickly, Taffy added some sugar and spice and turned the spaghetti into the best dessert the ponies ever tasted.

Twilight: “Welcome to my costume party!” Twilight greeted her guests, dressed like a movie star in a glamorous gown. “Who’s that in the space suit?” Locket asked from behind a colorful clown mask. The ponies were having fun guessing the new arrivals and sipping punch when, suddenly, the lights went out! “Time for some midnight magic,” Twilight giggled. She wiggled her ears and all the candles on the table flickered onto the floor. They danced a beautiful waltz as the punch bowl bubbled a merry tune. Delighted with the surprise, the ponies joined in for a midnight dance by candlelight! (*from backcard)

Bangles: Bangles woke to see the sun lifting its yellow head to the world. The morning dew was sparkling like brilliant diamonds in the early sunlight. Each row of pretty flowers resembled strands of colorful beads that wrapped around the garden like a giant necklace. Amazed at this jewel-like landscape, Bangles headed outdoors to enjoy the view. At the edge of the garden she spotted a shiny red object brighter than anything she had ever seen. “It’s a ruby from Majesty’s crown,” she said, recognizing it immediately. With a quick spin and a leap, Bangles flew over to Dream Castle where she found Majesty gloomily searching the courtyard. “Looking for this?” Bangles asked laughingly. Delighted that her ruby had been found, Majesty thanked Bangles by presenting her with a necklace made of heart-shaped diamonds and shimmering pearls. Bangles felt just like a princess wearing this royal gift. (*from backcard)

Angel: As Angel splashed in the ocean waves, she saw strange winged fish swimming beside her. “Who are you?” she asked. “We’re angelfish. Come play with us down below!” they answered. Suddenly, a huge bubble surrounded Angel and lowered her deep into the ocean. Angel and her friends floated through a magnificent castle made of pretty pink coral and shimmering white sand. They played tag with some friendly zebrafish in a seaweed jungle that tickled Angel’s nose. Exploring a watery cave, they glided past beautiful flowers that grew as high as trees. Then they rode with the sea-horses on a glittering seashell carousel until it was time for Angel to go home. “Come back soon,” shouted the angelfish as Angel waved good-bye through the waves. Angel could hardly wait to spend another day in the playground under the sea. (*from backcard)


Like the So-Softs from year 4, Twinkle Eyed ponies in year 5 were cut down to a 5 pony set and are much harder to find than their previous year’s sisters. While technically they are a 6-set, Speedy is a re-release from year 4. This set also contains arguably the most sought-after pony of collectors of all time.

Her eyes sparkle and shine like precious jewels. (*from packaging)

Tic-Tac-Toe: Tic Tac Toe loves to play games, and most of all she loves to play Tic Tac Toe. But because she is so good at it the other ponies take it in turns to play against her.

The waves gently rolled back and forth against the shore as the ponies tossed a ball in the foamy water. “Catch,” Mimic called to Tic-Tac-Toe who was sunbathing lazily on the beach. Tic-Tac-Toe raised her head just in time for the ball to bounce off her nose and into the middle square of a tic-tac-toe board Galaxy had drawn in the sand. Tic-Tac-Toe blinked her eyes and the ball sprang up into the sky, again landing in the center of a tic-tac-toe board formed by the clouds. The ponies laughed as the ball jumped from square to square above them, sprinkling colorful cloud dust that glittered as it fell. To her surprise, the ponies suddenly pulled Tic-Tac-Toe up to the sky and placed her right in the center square, shaping the clouds around her into a giant heart! It was a winning move indeed. (*from backcard)

Tic-Tac-Toe also had European releases.

Mimic: Mimic was playing on the beach when a giant wave washed up, leaving a bottle with a piece of paper inside it at her feet. “It’s a treasure map!” she exclaimed. The first clue was a baby bottle. “The Lullabye Nursery!” she guessed. At the Nursery, Mimic found the second clue, a pair of pink ballet slippers, and raced to the Baby Bonnet School of Dance. There she discovered a green feather tied with a yellow ribbon. Mimic was soon joined by a parrot who cawed, “Pieces of eight – pieces of eight.” “That sounds like the Paradise Estate!” Mimic shouted. But when she arrived at the Estate, no one was there. Just then, hundreds of balloons fell from the sky and everyone shouted, “Surprise – Happy Birthday Mimic!” What a wonderful treasure, Mimic thought as she joined the party. (*from backcard)

Mimic is one of the all-time most sought after ponies by G1 collectors as she had a limited production run in the US and no international releases, though she is not the “rarest” pony out there.

Locket: Locket has a special bunch of keys which means that she can open doors to lots of adventures. All of the other ponies gather round when Locket uses one of her keys -waiting to see what surprise is in store.

“Could you hold these keys for me, Locket?” Milky Way asked with a secret smile, handing three keys to her curious friend. “I wonder what they open,” Locket thought to herself. After trying the keys in every door without any luck, she spotted Milky Way’s magic jewelry box on the dresser. Excitedly, she inserted the first key into the lock. It opened! She raised the lid and found a smaller box inside. Her eyes were twinkling wildly as she opened the smaller box with the second key. Inside was a golden locket that glowed as bright as the sun! When she put the last key into the locket the room filled with shooting stars and colorful rainbow arches! “I see you opened my magic locket,” Milky Way said peeking into the room. The two friends laughed and hopped on a shooting star for a whirling ride around the sky! (*from backcard)

Locket also had a European release.

Quackers:  Quackers gazed at the droplets of water dancing down the window pane. “Come play with us,” they called. Quackers donned her raincoat and hat and hurried outdoors. “Race you to the Waterfall,” the raindrops laughed. To Quackers surprise, little ducks were swimming happily in the pond as raindrops sprinkled around them. Quackers had an idea! She blinked her twinkle eyes and the raindrops magically changed into all the different colors of the rainbow. Pink, blue, green and yellow raindrops fell everywhere! The duckies laughed with delight as they ran back and forth through the colorful rain shower. Quackers joined her little friends in the pond, splishing and splashing away the rest of the afternoon. (*from backcard)

Bright Eyes: Bright Eyes likes to visit the Lullabye Nursery. She makes the alarm clock do a magical dance until all the Baby Ponies fall asleep. (*from Adventures in Ponyland game cards)

Everyone was having so much fun playing games and telling stories with Bright Eyes at the Lullabye Nursery, that the hardly noticed it was almost bedtime. “We want to play some more,” the babies yawned. Bright Eyes knew exactly how to make them go to bed. “Gather ’round,” she said as the babies formed a circle around her. She placed an alarm clock in the middle of the circle and tapped her foot. The soft tic-toc of the clock grew louder and LOUDER, until the clock began to spin like a top and the alarm bell rang a merry ring-a-ding-ding! When it stopped, the clock danced with each laughing pony, whirling and twirling her around the room until she was so tired that she willingly climbed into her crib. “Sweet dreams,” Bright Eyes called as she tucked the little ones into bed and blew them a goodnight kiss. (*from backcard)

Bright Eyes is also a very sought-after Twinkle Eyed pony with collectors.

SpeedySpeedy loves to dash about on her magical roller skates which let her skate up in the sky as well as on the ground. And if the Baby Ponies have been good, Speedy gives them a ride as a treat.

The ponies decided to spend a rainy afternoon exploring the attic of the Paradise Estate. As they dug through the boxes, Speedy discovered a pair of blue roller skates with a note attached that HANDLE WITH CARE. “What could be so special about an old pair of Skates?” she wondered. As soon as the rain stopped, Speedy and the other ponies raced outdoors to try out the skates. Carefully, she stepped into the skates when, suddenly, she was speeding along the ground, faster than a rocket! She zoomed up a hill and into the air, whooshing through a surprised cloud, before floating down to where Bouncy stood, laughing with delight. “What a ride,” Speedy exclaimed. Then she asked with a big smile, “Who’s next?” (*from backcard)

Speedy is a re-release from year 4.


Twice as Fancy Ponies are known for their extended symbols which reach over their backs and to both sides of their rumps, with a small corresponding symbol on the cheek or forelock. Well-loved by collectors around the world, Year 5’s set had a corresponding baby pony set released in Year 8 which was only by mail order and very sought after (and hard to find!) now.

The most beautiful ponies in Ponyland! (*from packaging)

Dancing Butterflies: Mr. Sun raised his sleepy head when Dancing Butterflies entered the enchanted forest to practice her newest ballet routine. “It’s so quiet here,” she thought as she donned her slippers, about to try a very difficult dance step. The leaves on the trees cast a magical shadow that looked just like a curtain rising above a stage. Dancing Butterflies took a deep breath, arched her back and stepped high above the ground as if she was wlking on air! She spun around – faster and faster – until her yellow mane wrapped around her like a lace shawl. “You did it,” a little voice called from the trees. “You’re as graceful as a butterfly!” another voice added. Dancing Butterflies looked up to see hundreds of beautiful butterflies watching her. Just then, the wind whistled a sweet melody that started her whirling and twirling again. “Come join me,” she said to the butterflies, who were already following her lead. (*from backcard)

Dancing Butterflies had European releases, some in a different pose.

Love Melody:  Love Melody likes to give fancy parties and tonight promised to be the grandest celebration of all! She decorated the courtyard of the Dream Castle with tall vases of flowers and satin ribbons that swayed in the breeze. In the center of the yard was a wishing well. As each guest arrived, she gave her a tiny heart-shaped pebble. “Drop this in the wishing well when you hear the clock chime three times!” she told her guests. Everyone was having so much fun sipping cherry punch and dancing to the music, that the three musical chimes took them by surprise. Following Love Melody’s instructions, they tossed the pebbles into the wishing well. Suddenly, giant fireworks exploded from the wishing well, filling the sky with magnificent colors that spelled out the name of each guest. The ponies cheered at the beautiful sight. It was a grand party indeed! (*from backcard)

Love Melody had several European releases which stayed very true to her colour scheme and pose, and an Argentinian release which departed from both.

Sweet Tooth: Early one morning, Sweet Tooth followed a sunbeam to a field of magical flowers. She gathered colorful powder from the flower petals and hurried back to her kitchen. “What a surprise this will be!” Sweet Tooth giggled as she sprinkled the powder on her latest batch of homemade lollipops. Just then, her friends appeared at the door. “I smell lollipops,” Bangles smiled. Strange things began to happen as the ponies licked the lollipops! “My lollipop is filled with my favorite strawberry taffy!” Taffy cried. “Mine turned into a basket of balloons!” Up, Up and Away exclaimed. “Look – my lollipop burst into a candy necklace,” Bangle laughed as she placed it around her neck. Then Sweet Tooth blinked her eyes and her own lollipop bloomed into a forest of lollipop trees! This was Sweet Tooth’s best batch of lollipops yet! (*from backcard)

Sweet Tooth had several European and Argentinian releases in varying poses; her name in the UK is Lollipop.

Sugar Berry: “Let’s pick berries for my berry pie,” Sugarberry said to Locket one sunny afternoon. They donned their straw hats and skipped to the big berry patch behind the Waterfall. Sugarberry just couldn’t resist nibbling a few berries as she picked them off the bushes. “Let’s take a rest,” Locket urged, standing beneath a shady tree. When they compared their berry baskets, Locket’s basket was full but Sugarberry’s was almost empty. “You ate all your berries!” Locket giggled to her friend. The rainbow heard their conversation and sprinkled a few colorful raindrops on the bushes. Suddenly, the drops burst into beautiful pink, yellow, green and blue berries! Sugarberry picked the berries as fast as she could, filling her basket to the top! “These berries will make the prettiest pies ever!” she said happily. (*from backcard)

Possibly the most loved pony of this set, Sugar Berry had several European releases and also a Brazilian release which all stayed faithful to her colour scheme. In Argentina she was released as a  blue-haired pony in the “shy” pose. In the UK Sugar Berry’s name is Strawberry Fair.

Milky Way: “What a rainy day,” Crumpet sighed, peering at the grey sky above. “We need something to get rid of these nasty clouds.” Milky Way had an idea! She touched a puddle with her unicorn, and the rain suddenly burst into a glowing arch of silver stars! “It looks like a stairway to the sky!” Crumpet exclaimed as they ran up the path, leaving a trail of stardust behind them. Even the sun beamed with extra light, giving everything a sparkling glow. When all the grey clouds left, Milky Way and Crumpet waltzed down the stars to the ground. As dusk fell over Ponyland, Milky Way tapped the path with her unicorn, filling the sky with shooting stars that lit up the sky. It was a lovely night indeed. (*from backcard)

Milky Way had several European releases and also notably, a release in Brazil where she was re-imagined as an earth pony in the rearing pose such as the 3 rearing ponies in Year 4’s So-Soft line. Her name in Portugese translates as the beautiful Rain of Stars.

Up, Up and Away: Up, Up and Away was so busy tying bunches of colorful balloons to baskets that she didn’t notice the other ponies watching her. “What are you making?” Love Melody asked her curiously. “It’s a surprise!” Up, Up and Away answered her friend with a giggle. “Hop in,” she told everyone as she finished attaching the last balloon. She blinked her eyes and the baskets rose high into the sky. Then Up, Up and Away wiggled her nose and the baskets formed a circle, whirling and twirling, just like a floating ferris wheel! The ponies laughed and cheered, enjoying the ride. As Up, Up and Away joined the spinning wheel, the rainbow gently lifted her basket to the top and released all the balloons into the sky for a happy ending to a wonderful ride. (*from backcard)

Up, Up and Away had European releases, though none seem quite as brilliantly coloured as her original dark pink US version.


Year 5’s Flutter Pony group was cut down to 4 poniesa and overall their colour schemes were brighter than their older sisters’ in Year 4.

Their beatiful wings flutter up and down at the gentle touch of a button. “I bring you good luck!” (*from package)

Wingsong: Flutter Ponies bring good luck, on every single day, and when you play with pony friends, Wing Song will watch you play.

Wingsong whistled a merry tune as she soared through the sky to spread her good luck. In a meadow behind the Waterfall, she spotted a little girl crying. “What’s wrong?” Wingsong asked. “I lost my grip on my big blue balloon and it flew away,” the girl sighed. Wingsong winked at the girl and leaped high into the sky with a flap of her magical wings. She found the balloon napping on a silver cloud and quickly returned it to the little girl. The little girl smiled as Wingsong flew off to answer the wind’s call for someone else in need of her help. (*from backcard)

Wing Song also had European releases.

Tropical Breeze: Flutter Ponies bring good luck, no matter what life brings, and when you need a helping hand, Tropical Breeze flutters her wings.

The soft summer winds tickled Tropical Breeze’s nose as she gracefully flew into the early morning air. Fluffy white clouds smiled at her and parted to let her by. The sunbeams giggled and spakled off her silky mane, happy to see her again. Even the treetops reached up to touch her magical wings in the hopes that some of their power would rub off. But Tropical Breeze leaped high and laughed. It was no secret that everywhere she flapped her beautiful wings, a shower of good luck was sure to follow. (*from backcard)

Wind Drifter:  Flutter Ponies bring good luck, with love which never ends, and everytime you need her help, Wind Drifter helps her friends.

Wind Drifter fluttered through the blue sky to see what good luck she could bring. In a green park, children sat sadly in the field. They couldn’t fly their pretty new kites because there was no wind! At a still pond, toy boats could not move without a cool breeze to fill their sails. Smiling Wind Drifter fluttered her wings, sending a gentle breeze that lifted the kites high into the sky and set the sailboats driftingon the pond. The children’s laughter and cheers filled the air as Wind Drifter flew happily on her way. (*from backcard)

Cloud Puff:  Flutter Ponies bring good luck, in everything they do.  No matter what misfortune brings, Cloud Puff will care for you.

As Cloud Puff drifted through the sky, she met some fierce grey rainclouds. Below them, children were playing games in the bright sunshine. Cloud Puff nudged the clouds away from the children and searched for a place where the rain would help. She spotted a sad garden with droopy flowers and curling stems. Fluttering her wings, she gently pushed the clouds above the garden, sending the rain down to the waiting flowers. With just one drop, the garden bloomed with brilliant flowers, ready for the children to pick. (*from backcard)

Cloud Puff also had European releases.


Big Brother ponies were the first adult male ponies to be made (Lucky the Stallion, a baby male pony had been released as a mail order premium in year 4) and had a heavy, chunky build with feathering molded into their hooves like that of a Clydesdale. Though they in themselves ae collector favourites, their accessories are even more sought after, particularly their bandannas which often got lost or damaged. Some of this set of Big Brothers were also released as part of the Adventure Boy pony set in the UK, though there would later be UK exclusive Mountain Boys.

Salty: It was a beautiful day to go sailing. Salty put on his sailor hat and hopped into his little boat. The cool wind caught the sail and carried him onto the deep blue seas. Dolphins swambeside his boat and told him exciting tales of pirates, treasures and deserted islands. Suddenly, he saw a strange boat sailing ahead of him. “A pirate ship!” cried Salty. The boat stopped at a deserted island and a pirate carried a mysterious bundle off the boat. “A treasure chest!” thought Salty eagerly. He followed the pirate onto the island, chasing him through the trees to a sunny clearing. Just then, Salty laughed loudly. “Quarterback! I thought you were a pirate!” Salty said to his friend. “And that looks like a pirate’s treasure!” giggled Salty, spotting Quarterback’s picnic basket. The two friends stayed on the island all day, nibbling treats and playing pirate games. (*from backcard)

Salty also had European releases. In the UK Adventure Boy set his name was Tug.

Quarterback: Mr. Sun beamed warmly, and the trees rustled a happy song with the twittering birds. It was such a lovely day that Quarterback went for a long walk to visit his friends, the Flutter Ponies. He watched as the baby Flutter Ponies practiced flying in the blue sky. Quarterback applauded as a little Flutter Pony gracefully circled her mama and landed again. Suddenly, Quarterback remembered he was supposed to play in the big football game today! “I’m late for the game!” he cried to his friends. The Flutter Ponies gently picked him up and whisked him to the football field. As Quarterback landed on the field, he caught the football and raced to the goal post. “Touchdown!” exclaimed Tex. The ponies cheered in the bleachers and laughed with delight at Quarterback’s exciting entrance. (*from backcard)

Quarterback was also released in the UK as part of the Adventure Boy set. His name was Score. His football helmet is highly sought after

Tex: One morning, Tex opened his door to find a mysterious box on his doorstep. “Your very own magic hat,” read a note on the box. Tex opened the box and was delighted to find a cowboy hat! “But what’s so magical about a cowboy hat?” Tex wondered as he put the hat on his head. Suddenly, the Rainbow reached through the door and gently carried Tex to a spectacular desert! Pretty sand dunes glowed in bright pinks, yellows and greens. Tex strolled across stone bridges that arched over dazzling canyons and sparkling rivers. He played a fun game of tag with some friendly prairie dogs, then he sipped cool lemonade in the shade of a prickly cactus. At the end of the day, the Rainbow carried Tex back to Ponyland. The ponies listened eagerly to Tex’s trip to the desert. It was indeed a magical hat! (*from backcard)

Tex had European releases. His cowboy hat is highly sought after.

Slugger: It was the last inning of the Pony baseball game, and the score of the two teams was tied. The ponies crowded the bleachers, cheering happily and nibbling on popcorn and peanuts. Slugger got ready for his turn at the bat. “Bases are loaded, SLugger. We need a homerun!” said Steamer. 4-Speed’s famous fast ball zipped past Slugger before he had time to swing! “Strike one!” cried Mimic, the umpire. A second ball whizzed by Slugger. “Strike two!” called Mimic. The ponies watched breathlessly as 4-Speed pitched the final ball. With a loud crack, Slugger hit the ball, sending it so high it tickled Mr. Sun’s nose! “Home run!” laughed Slugger while the ponies ran to home base. Slugger wiggled his nose, and the baseball burst into dazzling fireworks to celebrate the winning play! (*from backcard)

Slugger was also released in the UK as part of the Adventure Boy set. His name was First Base.

Steamer: “Whoo! Whoo!” whistled Steamer as he pushed his toy train around a toy track. “I wish I could drive a real train,” he sighed. The Rainbow heard Steamer’s wish and sent a gentle shower of magical rainbow drops onto the toy train. Suddenly the train grew and grew until it was as big as a real train! “All aboard!” called Steamer to the ponies. The ponies eagerly sat on the velvet seats as Steamer climbed into the engine car and Quarterback hopped into the caboose. Steamer blinked his eyes, and rainbow-colored railroad tracks appeared! The ponies peeked out the windows as the train rode past Paradise Estate then up to the Rainbow for a ride in the sky! At the end of the ride, Steamer stopped the train at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe, where a delicious ice cream cake shaped just like Steamer’s magical train awaited them! (*from backcard)

Steamer had European releases and was also part of the UK Adventure Boy set. His name was Tracks. His conductor hat is highly sought after.

4-Speed: Locket was planning a spectacular party and asked 4-Speed to help her with the entertainment. “I have a great idea!” 4-Speed said eagerly, not telling anyone of his plan. The night of the party, Locket tied shiny satin ribbons in the trees, prepared delicious treats, and gave pretty party favors. “But where is 4-Speed?” she wondered. Suddenly, she heard a loud rumbling sound, and a colorful truck drove into the center of the party! 4-Speed hopped out of the truck and opened the doors. From inside the truck, rainbows and shooting stars burst into the air, filling the sky with bright designs. Next, hundreds of candy trucks appeared! The cabs were made of taffy, the trailers had chocolate sides and the windows were swirling candy canes. Lemondrop headlights shined brightly as licorice wheels rolled over the ground. “What a wonderful surprise, 4-Speed!” laughed the delighted ponies. (*from backcard)

4-Speed had European releases and was also part of the Adventure Boy set in the UK. His name was Trucker.


Known for their tinseled hair, and raised, metallic symbols, Princess Ponies were released in several countries and remain hot collector items, particularly their awesome accessories. While one could argue they weren’t the first princesses around (that honour goes to Majesty from Year 2’s Dream Castle playset), they were the first to have their own dedicated release. The UK also released their own version of the Princess Ponies in year 5 with differing names and these were accompanied by a corresponding dragon friend just like Majesty’s pal Spike, while the US Princesses had their own exclusive Bushwoolie pals. Princess Ponies also were almost exclusively earth ponies with only one unicorn in the set.

Princess Primrose: Princess Ruby can never make up her mind just what she wants to do next. In fact, she is so undecided that she never has the time to finish one thing before she starts the next. Her dragon, Sparks, spends all of his time following her around and finishing off the tasks which she has left uncompleted.

A beautiful butterfly floated past Primrose while she strolled to the Castle. She raced after it, admiring its pretty colors and delicate wings. It floated over hills and through fields, causing Primrose to run in a wavy line trying to keep up. At last, it stopped in the garden to rest. Primrose sat nearby, watching the butterfly dance from flower to flower to find the softest petal. Then Primrose heard someone calling her name. “Here you are!” exclaimed Princess Sparkle. “You were supposed to help me decorate the Castle.” The two ponies skipped back to the Castle with their lovely new friend leading the way. (*from backcard)

Princess Primrose came with the bushwoolie Chumster.

Princess Primrose had several European releases. The most notable for collectors are the variant UK ponies in which there are differing hair colours, non metallic symbols and some hybrid combinations of head and body from differing princesses. Her name in the UK was Princess Ruby and she came with her dragon Sparks.

Princess Serena: Princess Aquamarine loves to stand on the seashore watching the waves as they crash onto the beach. As she watches the sea, she makes up romantic stories to tell to the other ponies. Her special attendant and friend is a dragon called Prickles. Prickles has to take special care of Princess Aquamarine because she tends to walk around with her head full of romantic daydreams.

One hot sunny day, Princess Serena spotted Princess Tiffany sitting by a little pond looking very, very sad. “What’s wrong?” she asked. “The warm sun dried up the pond,” Tiffany sighed. Serena knew how to make her friend happy again! “Tiffany, go find some clouds to fill the pond with raindrops.” Tiffany flew into the sky and soon returned with two big rainclouds. Serena wiggled her nose and giant raindrops began to fall into the pond. Then she blinked her eyes and the pond changed into a beautiful heart shape! “Hooray!” shouted Tiffany as the two ponies danced between the rain drops then swam in the pretty pond. (*from backcard)

Princess Serena came with her bushwoolie Cheery.

Princess Serena had European releases. She has some UK variants and her name there was Princess Aquamarine with her dragon pal Prickles.

Princess Starburst: Princess Amber tackles life with lots of enthusiasm. Whatever happens she is always the first to get involved and the other ponies know that as soon as Amber says “That’s no problem” trouble is sure to follow. Making sure Princess Amber looks before she leaps is her special dragon friend Flash.

Princess Starburst fell asleep dreaming of a faraway land where marshmallow clouds floated above a castle made of chocolate bars. Lollipop trees lined the banks of a gurgling root beer stream. As Starburst enjoyed the spectacular sight, she spotted some children playing by the stream. “Come play with us,” they called to her, licking luscious ice cream cones. They played games and nibbled sweet treats until Starburst suddenly woke up! “What a wonderful dream,” she yawned, bumping something with her foot. At the end of her bed was the BIGGEST chocolate chip cookie she had ever seen! Her sweet dream had come true! (*from backcard)

Princess Starbust came with her bushwoolie Eager.

Princess Starbust was released in Europe but for collectors her UK variants are most interesting. There she was named Princess Amber and her dragon was Flash.

Princess Sparkle: Princess Amethyst is only really happy when she is helping someone else. In fact, she sometimes helps people even when they don’t need any help. But the other ponies don’t mind because they know that Princess Amethyst means well. Spiny is the dragon who looks after Princess Amethyst. But because Spiny is rather clumsy, sometimes it’s the Princess who has to look after him.

Princess Sparkle gazed at the pretty spring morning, eager for the day ahead. Today she was going to surprise her forest friends with a special visit! She packed a picnic basket then went to the garden to pick some flowers, but they were gone! She headed for the woods anyway, but no one was there when she arrived! “Mr. Owl! Bunny Rabbit!” she called. No one answered. Suddenly she heard a rustling noise nearby. She followed it and to her surprise, her friends had planned a tea party especially for her! “But how did you know I was coming today?” Sparkle asked. “That was easy,” laughed Mrs. Skunk. “We picked your pretty lilacs and knew you’d follow the scent!” (*from backcard)

Princess Sparkle came with her bushwoolie Hugster.

Princess Sparkle had European releases but her German variant is highly sought after by collectors. Her UK variants are multiple, including 2 in which she was also issued under the name Princess Crash. Her official UK release is under the name Princess Amethyst with the dragon Spiny.

Princess Royal Blue: Princess Sapphire is the wisest of all the Princess Ponies. She is always able to advise te others if they have a problem. Because she is the wisest Princess she has the youngest dragon, Smokey, as her attendant. Smokey doesn’t always get things quite right, but Princess Sapphire is always patient with him because she knows he always tries his best.

The Baby Ponies huddled in their cribs as heavy rain and crackling thunder rumbled outside. Royal Blue knew the storm would frighten the babies, so she quickly thought of a plan to soothe them. She raced through the grey clouds and gusty winds to where the babies wiggled under the covers. “No need to be afraid,” Royal Blue laughed. She told them a bedtime story about a faraway land she once visited, and gave each of them a steaming cup of warm milk. Then they had a rough and tumble pillow fight. The babies soon forgot about the storm and crawled wearily into bed. Soon they were fast asleep, dreaming happy dreams. (*from backcard)

Princess Royal Blue came with her bushwoolie Wishful.

Princess Royal Blue had European releases but her UK variant with glow-in-the-dark hair is most interesting. In the UK she was named Princess Sapphire and came with her dragon Smokie.

Princess Tiffany: Princess Pearl is rather a sensitive pony and her feelings can be easily hurt. The Baby Ponies love her best of all because she understands them and is always ready to comfort them if they are upset. A dragon called Fiery is Princess Pearl’s attendant. Fiery is a forceful character but he is always very careful to protect his Princess.

The night of the Pony Ball arrived! Princess Tiffany smoothed her gown as she prepared to make her royal entrance. But as she reached the staircase, her heel caught the hem of her dress, and she stumbled down the stairs! Everyone rushed to help, but all Tiffany could do was cry. Suddenly, Princess Starburst had an idea! She waved her magic wand, and Tiffany’s teardrops turned into sparkling diamonds that covered her gown. Princess Sparkle waved her wand, and a lovely bouquet of flowers appeared in Tiffany’s hand. Tiffany smiled, ready to try her entrance again. Everyone agreed it was a splendid evening after all, especially for Tiffany. (*from backcard)

Princess Tiffany came with her bushwoolie Friendly.

Princess Tiffany had European releases, the most interesting being the German version with bright yellow hair. In the UK she was known as Princess Pearl and came with her dragon Fiery. 


Newborn twins were the smallest ponies in Ponyland in Year 5 and theme wiht not only with adorable toys and tiny bottles but also with a larger accessory such as a double stroller or crib which are not terribly easy to find. While some twins came in 2 different body colours, really identical twins could be identified by slight pose differences.

Your newborn ponies to cuddle and love! Adorable twins for double the fun! (*from packaging)

Milkweed and Tumbleweed: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the newborn twin ponies, Milkweed and Tumbleweed! Milkweed and Tumbleweed are two pretty newborn ponies who look exactly alike! Their favorite nursery toys are twin pink rocking horses with bright blue ribbons for reins. While Milkweed pretends to chase outlaws on her rocking horse, Tumbleweed imagines she is riding a musical carousel in the park. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way … and they’re twice the fun for everyone! (*from backcard)

Milkweed and Tumbleweed came with a crib and sunshade.


Sniffles and Snookums:  Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the newborn twin ponies, Sniffles and Snookums! Sniffles and Snookums love winter! Eagerly, they watch as the white flakes cover the hills and ice sparkles on the pond. “Let’s go ice skating!” exclaims Sniffles. “And go sledding, too!” adds Snookums. They slip on the pretty mittens that their Mama knitted for them to keep their little hands warm in the winter cold. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way … and they’re twice the fun for everyone! (*from backcard)

Sniffles and Snookums came with a double stroller. In the UK, Sniffles was issued as a boy baby pony.

Jangles and Tangles: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the newborn twin ponies, Jangles and Tangles!Mama pony tucked Jangles and Tangles into their cribs for the night. “Please read us a nursery rhyme,” they asked, yawning drowsily. Mama pony read a pretty rhyme while the sleepy twins wiggled under the covers. When Mama pony finished the poem, the newborn twins were fast asleep, dreaming sweet dreams. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way … and they’re twice the fun for everyone! (*from backcard)

Jangles and Tangles came with 2 snail-shaped rockers.

Doodles and Noodles: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the newborn twin ponies, Doodles and Noodles! In the nursery, pretty Doodles and her twin brother Noodles sang the alphabet song as they stacked their letter blocks. “A, B, C, D!” sand Doodles. “E, F, G!” chanted Noodles. Giggling, Noodles nudged the swaying tower, and the colorful blocks tumbled to the floor. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way … and they’re twice the fun for everyone!

Doodles and Noodles came with 2 snail-shaped rockers. While not officially issued as such, the US backcard states that Noodles is a boy baby pony.

Dibbles and Nibbles: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the newborn twin ponies, Dibbles and Nibbles!Dibbles and Nibbles were too young to swim in the pond. “But the water is so pretty,” sighed Dibbles. Just then, a beautiful swan glided by. “Climb on my back, and I’ll take you for a ride,” offered the swan in a gentle voice. The newborn twins climbed on their graceful friend’s back for a pleasant ride around the pond. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way … and they’re twice the fun for everyone! (*from backcard)

Dibbles and Nibbles came with a crib and sunshade. In the UK comic books series their birthday is stated as 13th June. Dibbles and Nibbles were also released in Mexico.

Rattles and Tattles: Early one morning, a double Rainbow glistened in the sky to announce the arrival of the newborn twin ponies, Rattles and Tattles!Rattles and Tattles look so much alike that no one can tell them apart! One day, the twins met a little bunny as they played in the meadow. “Can you tell us apart?” asked Rattles. Just then, another bunny appeared who looked exactly like their furry friend! “No, but can you tell us apart?” laughed the bunny to the surprised twins. Newborn twins like to laugh and play in their very special way … and they’re twice the fun for everyone! (*from backcard)

Rattles and Tattles came with a double stroller. They were also released in Mexico.


Though there were other baby ponies with a tooth released as part of other baby pony groups, the official First Tooth babies were part of Year 5 and included 4 earth babies and 2 pegasus. They correspond to 2 Twinkle Eye and 4 So-Soft adults but were never released with these ponies as mummy/baby sets. The babies came with accessories to take care of those teeth as well as some unique toys not released with other baby ponies such as teething rings, sippy cups and Glo-worm dolls (Glo-worms were another Hasbro toy that had their own cartoon segment which played sometimes as part of the My Little Pony and Friends cartoon).

Baby Pony with First Tooth. Grooming tip: Let curly hair dry before grooming. (*from packaging)

Baby Fifi: The winter wind whistled outside, whirling the big snowflakes that fell from the sky. Baby Fifi happily watched the first snowfall cover the ground like a fluffy white blanket. Mama Fifi entered the room while she searched in her closet for her sled and ice skates. “Can I go outside and play?” asked Baby Fifi, wiggling excitedly. “Yes, Baby Fifi. And you can wear this sweater that I knitted especially for you,” said Mama Fifi. She opened a large bag and took out a beautiful blue sweater. On the sweater, she had knitted a pretty white poodle with a pink bow in its hair! “My favorite friend!” cried baby fifi, happily putting on the warm, wooly sweater and heading outside to the winter wonderland. (*from backcard)


Baby Lickety Split: “May I help you make ice cream pies?” Baby Lickety-Split asked her Mama. “Put the pies in the shade to cool, Mama Lickety-Split urged. While Baby Lickety-Split sat near the pies, she gazed dreamily as a kite floating in the sky. Suddenly, she saw melted vanilla, strawberry and choclate chip ice cream flowing past her feet and into the Waterfall! “The ice cream pies melted when I turned away,” she called to her mother with tears in her eyes. “Everyone is enjoying them just the same,” Mama laughed as the ponies licked the ice cream from the Waterfall! Baby Lickety-Split was happy that the pies weren’t ruined, and joined the delighted ponies for delicious ice cream floats! (*from backcard)

Baby Lickety Split came with a Glow-Worm toy. She was also released as a premium in the Dutch Pony Fanclub with her toothbrush.

Baby North Star: Baby Northstar brushed her first tooth, admiring its pearly shine. As she snuggled under her bedcovers, she watched the stars outside her window. “I wish I could dance in the sky,” she murmured. Just then, a little star knocked on her window. “Come out and play!” it cried to Baby Northstar. Baby Northstar held the little star’s hand and they flew into the sky! The stars danced merrily, weaving sparkling patterns in the black sky. Baby Northstar waltzed and twirled with her friends until Mr. Sun began to open his eyes. She floated down to her bedroom and climbed into bed. Soon she was fast asleep, dreaming of her starry adventure. (*from backcard)

Baby North Star came with a Glow-Worm toy. She was also released in Mexico, Europe and also released as a premium in the Dutch Pony Fanclub with her toothbrush.

Baby Quackers: “May I go out and play?” Baby Quackers asked her Mama. “It’s raining, so wear your coat and boots,” reminded Mama Quackers. While Baby Quackers splished and splashed, it began to rain so hard that the puddles became a flowing river! A giant lily pad floated past her with a little duck sitting on it. “Hop on,” called the friendly duck. Baby Quackers climbed on the lily pad beside the duck. “Hold tight,” said the duck as the lily pad floated down a hill, sailed over a small waterfall and landed in the pond! “What a wonderful ride!” laughed Baby Quackers to the smiling duck. The two friends hurried up the hill with their lily pad for another fun ride on the water slide. (*from backcard)

Baby Quackers came with a tooth pillow and a little felt tooth to slip inside it. She was also released in Mexico and as a premium in the Dutch Pony Fanclub with her toothbrush.

Baby Bouncy: Baby Bouncy was showing off her new tooth when a drop of Rainbow dew made her leap and dance. (*from Adventures in Ponyland game card)

Today was a special day for Baby Bouncy. She got her first tooth! She smiled at everyone, proudly showing her new tooth. “I’m so happy!” she cried, kicking her little heels. “Would you like to see my tooth, Rainbow?” she asked her colorful friend. When the Rainbow dipped down to see Baby Bouncy’s tooth, a magical drop of Rainbow dew fell on her. “I’m so happy I could dance!” she laughed. She took a step, and bounced high in the air! “The rainbow drop is making me bounce!” she laughed. She bounced up to the clouds and over the top of the Rainbow! The other ponies watched her dance and leap. “Her new tooth put a real ‘bounce’ in her step!” her friends laughed.

Baby Bouncy was also released as a premium in the Dutch Pony Fanclub with her toothbrush.

Baby Tic Tac Toe: The mama ponies were having a party for all the baby ponies with their first teeth. “Where is Baby Tic-Tac-Toe?” wondered her Mama, while the others put on party hats and blew noisemakers. “Baby Tic-Tac-Toe is missing the goodies,” frowned the mama ponies as the baby ponies ate cupcake decorated with sparkling frosting. Then the baby ponies played a game of tic-tac-toe, on a big board with the baby ponies dressed as X’s and O’s. “She’s missing her favorite game,” sighed her Mama. “Tic!” cried baby Fifi. “Tac!’ said baby Northstar. “Toe!” laughed baby Tic-Tac-Toe, leaping onto the board. All the ponies laughed at Baby Tic-tac-Toe’s surprise entrance! (*from backcard)

Baby Tic Tac Toe came with a tooth pillow and a little felt tooth to tuck inside. She had European releases and was also released as a premium in the Dutch Pony Fanclub with her toothbrush.


Exclusive to the US, Pony Friends were the first non-pony animals in Ponyland with their own line of toys (though there were of course the bushwoolies and dragons in Year 5 that accompanied Princess Ponies) and were considerd to be baby animals. There is evidence that there were prototypes planned for the friends to accompany human dolls that would also be friends for Molly, Megan’s little sister who was released with her pony Baby Sundance in their own set in Year 4. The human friends dolls were not produced.

Baby animal friends for all your ponies! (*from packaging)

Spunky Camel: When the sun shines brightly and the birds twitter merrily, it’s time for Spunky to take a wonderful trip to the far side of the rainbow! Spunky loves adventures! She and her pony friends like to explore mysterious places in beautiful Ponyland. She plays with the ponies in a magical garden at the end of the rainbow, and she flies with the Flutter Ponies to a faraway mountain that glows like sparkling jewels. It’s always an exciting day of magic and adventure for Spunky and her pony friends! Pony Friends like to play with their magic pony pals. Each day sparkles with laughter as they join the ponies for fun and adventure! (*from backcard)

Spunky’s prototype human friend was named Cornelia.

Kingsley Lion: When the sun shines brightly and the birds twitter merrily, it’s time for Kingsley to take a wonderful trip to the far side of the rainbow! Kingsley arrives at her first party in Ponyland. It’s sure to be a wonderful day! Kingsley wears a bright bow in her mane and a matching ribbon in her tail. She plays a game of musical chairs with the ponies and hurries to the last chair – winning the game! For a prize, the ponies give Kingsley a magical bouquet of balloons that takes her for a ride in the sunny sky! Pony Friends like to play with their magical pony pals. Each day sparkles with laughter as they join the ponies for fun and adventure! (* from backcard)

Kinglsey’s prototype human friend was named Kimball(?) Kimber(?)

Creamsicle Giraffe: When the sun shines brightly and the birds twitter merrily, it’s time for Creamsicle to take a wonderful trip to the far side of the rainbow! It’s a beautiful fall day, so Creamsicle helps the ponies pick apples to bake delicious pies. Birds sing happy songs and weave pretty heart-shaped baskets with colorful ribbons. While the ponies gather apples from the low branches, Creamsicle uses her long, graceful neck to pick apples at the tippity-top of the trees! As they work, the happy friends nibble on the juicy red apples. Pony Friends like to play with their magical pony pals. Each day sparkles with laughter as they join the ponies for fun and adventure! (*from backcard)

Creamsicle’s prototype human friend was named Alyssa.

Zig Zag Zebra: When the sun shines brightly and the birds twitter merrily, it’s time for Zig Zag to take a wonderful trip to the far side of the rainbow! Zig Zag joins her pony friends for a special springtime party. They play games in the bright sun, then they gather at the Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe for delicious desserts. As a special surprise for Zig Zag, the ponies create a wonderful dessert just for her. Zig Zag laughs with delight as the ponies serve her a big dish of vanilla ice cream covered with chocolate stripes! Pony Friends like to play with their magical pony pals. Each day sparkles with laughter as they join the ponies for fun and adventure! (*from backcard)

Zig Zag’s prototype human friend was named Zinnia (?).


Perhaps owing to the fact that Sea Ponies had no cutie marks/symbols and not much else to work with design-wise in the line, Sea Sparkle babies were given a printed “necklace” across the throat to distingush them from any other sea pony line. They are tough to find now.

Your Baby Sea Pony wears a sparkling necklace! (*from packaging)

Baby Sea Spray: Sea Spray played a game of tag with a mischieveous wave. When the game ended, the wave gave her pretty
seashells and glowing pearls. (*from Adventures in Ponyland game card)

Sea Spray and Dipper were sunning themselves on a rock. “The sun feels so good,” sighed Sea Spray. Suddenly, a mischievous wave hit their rock and splashed drops of seawater on them! “Silly wave!” laughed Dipper as she dried herself with a beach towel. The wave splashed more water on them. “The wave wants to play with us,” noticed Sea Spray. Sea Spray and Dipper wriggled into their inner tubes and dived into the water. They played a game of water tag with the happy wave. When the wave “tagged” them, it playfully sprayed them with drops of seawater. At the end of the day, the wave gave Sea Spray and Dipper pretty seashells and glowing pearls. “We’ll come back tomorrow for another game!” promised Sea Spray and Dipper to their new friend. (*from backcard)

Baby Wavy: Wavy and Dipper were gathering seashells in the sand. “Look out, Wavy! A big wave is coming!” Dipper cried. The wave gently lifted Wavy up and carried her into deeper water. “Whee! This is fun!” exclaimed Wavy as the wave lifted her high into the sky, then slowly brought her back to shore. “Let’s make a present for Mr. Sun,” suggested Wavy. They strung together a beautiful bow tie made of seashelss. “Can you bring us to Mr. Sun?” Wavy asked the big wave. The wave happily lifted Wavy and Dipper into the sky. They wrapped the bow tie around Mr. Sun’s warm sunbeams. When he sprinkled a magical sundrop on Wavy and Dipper, the sundrop burst into a beautiful necklace made of glowing pearls and glittering seashells. What a perfect souvenir for a day at the beach! (*from backcard)

Baby Surfy: “It’s time for Surfy’s beach party!” exclaimed the baby sea ponies. They paddled into the ocean to play a game of water volleyball. “Whee!” cried Dipper as she bounced the ball over the net with her nose. “Time for lunch!” called Surfy, opening a basket filled with delicious treats — seashell-shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cool glasses of lemonade and sweet slices of watermelon. “Let’s go surfing!” cried Surfy when lunch was finished. The ponies paddled into the ocean and rode the small waves into shore. When a gaint wave appeared, the sea ponies swam out of its path, but Surfy eagerly paddled out to it. She rose up into the airon the big wave, so high she touched the clouds! The other baby sea ponies cheered as Surfy glided smoothly onto shore like a real surfer girl! (*from backcard)

Baby Sea Breeze: “What a wonderful day to go sailing!” exclaimed Sea Breeze, the cool breeze ruffling her hair. Wiggling into her inner tube, she paddled into the ocean. “I’m too little for the wind to push me,” she sighed. A friendly dolphin heard her sigh and brought her a big seashell. “I’ll use it as a sail to catch the wind!” cried Sea Breeze. When she lifted the shell, a beautiful pearl rolled into her lap! Sea Breeze quickly tied the shell around her neck with a strand of seaweed. Just then, the wind caught the seashell, and Sea Breeze sailed over the bright blue ocean. She played a game of tag with the fish and raced the dolphins to shore. At the end of the day, she wrapped her pearl necklace around the friendly dolphin who gave her the seashell sail. (*from backcard)

Baby Salty: “A Pirate Adventure!” read the mysterious party invitation. When the baby sea ponies arrived at the beach, a treasure map and a pirate costume waited for each of them. Salty quickly put a black patch over one eye and a red bandana around her pretty mane. The baby sea ponies dashed through the water, following their treasure maps. Salty was the first to arrive at the tropical island. “Do you know where the pirate’s treasure is?” Salty asked a parrot perched in a palm tree. The parrot flew to a big rock. Beneath the rock, Salty found a treasure chest! The other baby sea ponies gathered around as Salty lifted the lid. Inside, the chest was filled with beautiful jewels that sparkled and gleamed! “There’s enough for everyone!” exclaimed Salty, as they dug into their “buried treasure”. (*from backcard)

Baby Dipper: “A Pirate Adventure!” read the mysterious party invitation. When the baby sea ponies arrived at the beach, a treasure map and a pirate costume waited for each of them. Salty quickly put a black patch over one eye and a red bandana around her pretty mane. The baby sea ponies dashed through the water, following their treasure maps. Salty was the first to arrive at the tropical island. “Do you knoow where the pirate’s treasure is?” Salty asked a parrot perched in a palm tree. The parrot flew to a big rock. Beneath the rock, Salty found a treasure chest! The other baby sea ponies gathered around as Salty lifted the lid. Inside, the chest was filled with beautiful jewels that sparkled and gleamed! “There’s enough for everyone!” exclaimed Salty, as they dug into their “buried treasure”. (*from backcard)


Somewhat a cross between the original My Pretty Pony that preceded My Little Pony (and almost as large but of the softer plastic of MLP) and year 4’s Beddy Bye Eye baby ponies, Soft Sleepy Newborns were both enourmous and a little scary. They came with a pacifier and cloth panties and baby bonnet and are now very rare. With only 3 ponies to this set, there were no more attempts at giant babies after Year 5 in G1.

Adorable pony with a sweet newborn look to cuddle and pamper! Brush her beautiful tail and she’ll close her eyes! Her pretty eyes close when she takes a nap, too!  –Brush her tail…and her eyes close!  (*from packaging)

Pink Dreams


Sweet Dreams

*pony descriptions taken from the 1987 My Little Pony Fact File (UK). Backcard descriptions taken from US packaging.

**Adventures in Ponyland game Adventure Cards came in specially marked pony packaging to collect and play the game with in year 5.

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