My Little Pony and Friends

The My Little Pony ‘n Friends cartoon show ran from 1984 to 1987 with short animated segments from other Hasbro toy-based cartoons shown inbetween parts 1 and 2 of each episode. The series started after 2 pilot episodes were shown; “Rescue from Midnight Castle” and “Escape from Catrina.” In 1987 “My Little Pony: the Movie” was released. My Little Pony and Friends was followed in 1992 by My Little Pony Tales which ran for one year on the Disney Channel.

Characters seen in My Little Pony and Friends and movies:

Good Guys!
Spike (dragon)
Forget-Me-Not (Flutter pony)
Honeysuckle (Flutter pony)
Lily (Flutter pony)
Morning Glory (Flutter pony)
Peach Blossom (Flutter pony)
Rosedust (Flutter Pony)
Backstroke & Baby Backstroke (Sea ponies)
Ripple (Sea pony)
Sand Dollar (Sea pony)
Sea Light (Sea pony)
Sea Mist (Sea pony)
Sea Shimmer (Sea pony)
Sea Winkle (Sea pony)
Surf Rider (Sea pony)
Sun Shower (Sea pony)
Water Lily (Sea pony)
Wave Dancer (Sea pony)
Whitecap (Sea pony)
Buttons & Baby Buttons (Unicorns)
Fizzy (Unicorn)
Galaxy (Unicorn)
Gusty & Baby Gusty (Unicorns)
Mimic (Unicorn)
Ribbon & Baby Ribbon (Unicorns)
Heart Throb & Baby Heart Throb (Pegasus)
Locket (Pegasus)
Lofty & Baby Lofty (Pegasus)
Masquerade (Pegasus)
North Star & Baby North Star (Pegasus)
Paradise (Pegasus)
Surprise & Baby Surprise (Pegasus)
Twilight (Pegasus)
Whizzer (Pegasus)
Wind Whistler (Pegasus)
Cherries Jubilee (Earth pony)
Cupcake (Earth pony)
Gingerbread (Earth pony)
Knight Shade (Earth pony)
Lickety-Split & Baby Lickety-Split (Earth ponies)
Magic Star (Earth pony)
Posey (Earth pony)
Scoops (Earth pony)
Shady & Baby Shady (Earth ponies)
Sundance & Baby Sundance (Earth ponies)
Sweet Stuff (Earth pony)
Truly (Earth pony)
Princess Primrose (Princess pony)
Princess Royal Blue (Princess pony)
Princess Serena (Princess pony)
Princess Sparkle (Princess pony)
Princess Starburst (Princess pony)
Princess Tiffany (Princess pony)
4-Speed (Big Brother pony)
Quarterback / Score (Big Brother pony)
Salty (Big Brother pony)
Slugger (Big Brother pony)
Steamer (Big Brother pony)
Tex (Big Brother pony)
Baby Bouncy (Baby pegasus first tooth pony)
Baby Cuddles (Baby earth pony)
Baby Fifi (Baby earth pony- first tooth)
Baby Half-Note (Baby earth pony)
Baby Milkweed & Baby Tumbleweed (Baby earth pony twins)
Baby Quackers (Baby earth pony)
Baby Sleepy Pie (Baby earth pony)
Baby Sniffles & Baby Snookums  (Baby earth pony twins)
Baby Tic-Tac-Toe (Baby earth pony- first tooth)
Baby Tiddly-Winks (Baby earth pony)
AppleJack (Earth pony)
Bow Tie (Earth pony)
Bubbles (Earth pony)
Cotton Candy & Baby Cotton Candy (Earth ponies)
Ember (Earth pony)
Firefly & Baby Firefly (Pegasus)
Glory & Baby Glory (Pegasus)
Medley (Pegasus)
Moondancer & Baby Moondancer (Unicorns)
Skydancer (Pegasus)
Sparkler (Unicorn)
Twilight (Unicorn)
Powder (Unicorn)
Starflower (Unicorn)
Majesty (Unicorn)
Megan, Molly and Danny Williams (siblings)
TJ (Megan’s Horse)
Tauro (Megan’s bull)
Sundance & Baby Sundance (Earth ponies)
The Furbobs (Cousins to the Bushwoolies)
The Bushwoolies (Bushwoolies)

Bad Guys!
Captain Crabnasty (Crab)
Drog (Troggle)
Drudge (Rat)
Grundles (Trolls)
G’Nash (Ice Org)
Habbit (Rabbit)
King Hugo (Leader of the Grundles)
Kyrie (Songbird)
Pluma (Penna bird)
Ruff (Penna bird)
Sting (Bee)
The Moochick (Gnome)
Ahgg (Spider)
Arubus (Cloud demon)
Beezen (Warlock)
Bray (Donkey)
Catrina (Cat witch)
Crank (Lobster)
Crunch (Rockdog)
Draggle (Witch)
The Flores (Flowers)
The Gizmonks (Monkeys)
Grogar (Ram necromancer)
Hydia (Witch)
The Ice Cream Witch (Witch)
Jewel Wizard (Wizard)
King Charlatan (Penguin)
Lavan (Lava Demon)
Princess Porcina (Pig)
Queen Bumble (Bee)
Raptorians (Raptorians)
The Red Cloud (Cloud)
Reeka (Witch)
Rex (Lizard)
Scorpan (Demon gargoyle)
The Sea Monsters (Sea Monsters)
The Smooze (Slime Creature)
Somnambula (Witch)
Squirk (Octupus)
Tirek (Demon)
Wizard Wantall (Wizard)
Zeb (Zebra)
The Stonebacks (Armadillos)

Standalone episodes
My Little Pony – U.S. VHS Release title Firefly’s Adventure — U.K. VHS release title Dreamland — DVD release title Rescue from Midnight Castle

My Little Pony ‘n Friends

1984 Escape from Catrina
1986 My Little Pony, the Movie

1986 My Little Pony ‘n Friends

Series 1
The End of Flutter Valley parts 1-10
The Ghost of Paradise Estate pts 1-4
The Great Rainbow Caper
The Glass Princess pts 1-4
Pony Puppy
Bright Lights pts 1-4
Sweet Stuff and the Treasure Hunt
The Return of Tambelon pts 1-4
Little Piece of Magic
The Magic Coins pts 1-4
Mish Mash Melee
Woe is Me pts 1-2
Fugitive Flowers pts 1-2
Would be Dragonslayer
Baby it’s Cold Outside pts 1-2
Crunch the Rockdog pts 1-2
The Revolt of Paradise Estate pts 1-2
Through the Door pts 1-2
Rescue from Midnight Castle special pts 1-2 (also titled Escape from Midnight Castle)

1987 My Little Pony ‘n Friends

Series 2
The Quest of the Princess Ponies pts 1-4
Spike’s Search
The Golden Horseshoes pts 1-2
Flight to Cloud Castle pts 1-2
The Ice Cream Wars
Somnambula pts 1-2
The Prince and the Ponies
Escape from Catrina special from 1985 pts 1-2

Segments shown during MLP episodes:

1986 Glo Friends
The Quest pts 1-10
Baby Gl Worm goes Bye-Bye
Two of a Kind
Make no Mistake, it’s Magic
The Forest Brigade
Caverns of Mystery
Front Page
Bean Ball
The Masterpiece
Beware the Tales of Gold
Glo Friends meet the Glo Wees pts 1-4
Easy Money pts 1-2
Wizard of Rock

1986 Potato Head Kids
Abbad’un in a Bottle
The Case of the Fouled up Pharoah
The Curse of the Silver Dragon
Follow the Chocolate Cake Road
The Great Candy Caper
The Grin-Ness Book of Records
Horse Hide and Seek
Left Foot Forward
One Potato, Zoo Potato
Pig Out
Pot of Gold
Potato Head Pirates
Puff’s New Job
Robin Potato Head
Romancing the Rock
Sam Spud, Private Ere
A Side Order of Soggy Spuds
Small’s Potatoes
Spike Spiked
Surfin Potato Heads
The Trash Can Derby

1986 MoonDreamers
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star Child pts 1-2
All in a Night’s Sleep
The Star of Stars
The Poobah of Pontoon
The Dreamkin
Minor Problems
Igon the Terrible
Stuck on Bucky
The Dreamnapping
Bucky’s Comet
Dreamland Express
Whimzee Come Home
Zodies on the Loose
The Night Mare pts 1-2

Characters seen in My Little Pony Tales
Starlight (Earth pony)
Sweetheart (Earth pony)
Melody (Earth Pony)
Jing-a-Ling and Ting-a-Ling (Twin earth ponies)
Bright Eyes (Earth pony)
Clover (Earth pony)
Bon Bon (Earth pony)
Glow ‘n Show Ponies
Misty (Earth pony)
Amber (Earth pony)
Twink (Earth pony)
Rusty (Earth pony)
Baby brother (unnamed in show)
Teddy (Big brother pony)
Ace (Big brother pony)
Lancer (Big brother pony)
Miss Hackney (Earth pony)
Mr. Kiddoo (Earth pony)
Meadowlark (Earth pony)
Cheval (Big brother pony)

Episodes and songs from My Little Pony Tales
Slumber Party,  song: Things are Not Always What they Seem
Too Sick to Notice,  song: A Little Attention
The Battle of the Bands, song: Sweet Music
And the Winner is…  song: The Choice
Stand by Me, song: You don’t know the Boy
The Tea Party, song: Boys! Boys! Boys!
The Masquerade, song: The Best Dream
Out of Luck, song: When Fortune Smiled on Me
The Play’s the Thing,  song: The Magic of Theatre
Shop Talk, song: A Juicy Story
The Impractical Joker,  song: Practical Jokes
The Great Lemonade Stand Wars, song: Think Again
Blue Ribbon Blues,  song: It’s Harvest Time
Roll Around the Clocks, song: Play it Cool
Princess Problems, song: A Princess Must Look Beautiful
An Apple for Starlight, song: Lessons
Up, up and Away, song: The Adventure
Sister of the Bride, song: Today’s My Wedding Day
Birds of a Feather, song: In the Forest
Send in the Clown, song: She’s so Much Better than Me
Happy Birthday Sweetheart, song: An Unforgettable Party
Gribet, song: Off You Go
Bon Bon’s Diary, song: Secrets
Just for Kicks, song: Perfect Pair
Ponies in Paradise, song: We may be Different
Who’s Responsible, song: A Lot Less Litter