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The 1980s exploded with colour advertisments on television that tied food with merchandise like never before. 80s kids never knew a world without fast food toys and toys without breakfast cereal boxes touting their names and soft drinks duking it out with a little help from our favourite hollywood stars. And though previous decades certainly had their share of novel mail-in promotions, the 80s brought it together by tying food/tv/toys together- the stuff of kiddie dreams come true.

Wendy’s Where’s the Beef 1984 courtesy tvrewind

Wendy’s Where’s the Beef telephone courtesy Retrontario

Taco Bell Hockey courtesy Juggalo5246

Taco Bell Make a Run for the Border courtesy Crommy5

McDonald’s Lego Happy Meal courtesy Retontario

Bartles and Jaymes Thanks for your Support courtesy patofnavar

McDonald’s Big Mac 1984 courtesy Travis Church

McDonald’s Value Pack 1985 courtesy mycommercials

Seagram’s Golden Wine Coolers courtesy Chett01

McDonald’s Pizza courtesy Qode1

McDonald’s Double Double Cheeseburger 1987 courtesy VCRchivist

Miller Lite John Madden 1980 courtesy OldTimeSportsFan

Miller Lite 1987 courtesy dadsoldtapes

Keebler Tato Skins courtesy videoarcheology3

9-Lives Morris the Cat courtesy xntryk1

9-Lives Morris Crunchy Meals courtesy Chuck D

Chuck Wagon dog food 1985 courtesy Chuch D

Gravy Train dog food courtesy Lottoman17

Kibbles n Bits courtesy MYSATURDAYMORNINGS

Meow Mix Song 1984 courtesy Ecossaise

Sizzlean Bacon courtesy xntryk1

Rolos 1980 courtesy SaturdayMorningAlive

Bonkers Candy courtesy Dell Fields

Doublemint Gum Twins 1987 courtesy LoDiddie

Life Cereal- Mikey Likes it courtesy panbiscuit

Twix “Oh Yeah” courtesy spuzzlightyeartoo

Almond Joy/ Mounds Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut courtesy mycommercials

Burger King Have it Your Way courtesy standolfo

Burger King Croissanwich 1984 courtesy jurgostuff

1682 Burger King Whopper w/ Meg Ryan courtesy Crommy5

PacMan Pasta courtesy panbiscuit

PacMan Cereal courtesy TyroneSwanberg

Burger King Where’s Herb? 1985 courtesy splicerproductions

Heinz Ketchup Amusement Park Date courtesy WesterLeb

Heinz H57 Burger Blaster courtesy tasunluk

Heinz Ketchup Grandad courtesy DfunkShowzReRun

Heinz Ketchup w/ Matt LeBlanc courtesy xlogold

Dunkin Donuts 1984 Time to Make the Donuts courtesy robatsea2009

Dunkin Donuts Cereal courtesy quarv

Bud Light Spuds Mackenzie courtesy Rtrt67

Milk. It Does a Body Good- kid and model courtesy GloopTrekker

KoolAid Man Hockey spot courtesy dukeofcrydee

Bubble Yum Wacky Fruit courtesy SpacedCobraTV

Various Bubble Gum Adverts courtesy RememberTheEighties

Dr. Pepper I’m a Pepper courtesy seanmc31076

Mello Yello/ Mountain Dew The Choice courtesy knowwhatimeanvern

Coca Cola Grambling Marching Band courtesy GramblingTigers

Coke is it 1985 courtesy Joseph Perdue

Country Crock Butter 1988 courtesy MYSATURDAYMORNINGS

Post Crispy Critters Indubitably Delicious courtesy Brendon Briggs

Log Cabin Syrup courtesy Brendon Briggs

Hamburger Helper courtesy MyPygmygeek

Bisquick 1988 courtesy CommercialsOMNI

Smurfs Pasta courtesy vintageCOMclips

Chef Boyardee w/ Beef courtesy Travis Doucette

Beefaroni courtesy tracy80sgirl

Tic Tac Toe Pasta courtest Jeremy Noel

Beefsteak Charlie’s courtesy commercialclassic

Burger Chef adverts collection courtesy BHimes76

Sambo’s Restaurant courtesy FuzzyMemoriesTV

Ground Round courtesy Chuck D

White Castle- Castle Meal courtesy ForgotAboutThat

Arthur Treacher’s Fish and Chips courtesy stlouiscardinals1991

McDonald’s Michael J Fox First Kiss courtesy stlouiscardinals1991

Carvel Ice Cream Tom Turkey courtesy AllisonTheSNLGuru

Jell-o and Cool Whip courtesy Retrontario

Smurf Pasta courtesy Matthew Callan

Carvel Freezy Man courtesy pappynj

Del Monte Bill Cosby courtesy TheYOUDIEJOE

Video Game Food Adverts collection courtesy Patrick Scott Patterson

KitKat Give me a break courtesy ilovetvcommercials80

Tootsie Roll Pop with Mr. Owl courtesy bennyroni

Snickers packed with peanuts courtesy Ymmuymi

Pizza Hut Pizza to Go courtesy FuzzyMemoriesTV

Skittles 1988 courtesy Ymmuymi

Almond Joy courtesy bebouswirl

Friendly’s Ice Cream 1988 courtesy AllSuperVideos

Friendly’s Restaurants courtesy videoarcheology

Hostess Cupcakes courtesy seanmc31076

Dolly Madison pies Dolly did It courtesy FuzzyMemories

Chex Party Mix courtesy NESNESMASTER

Nestle Quik video game ad courtesy WishItWas1984

Nestle Alpine White w/ Almonds courtesy DatCommercial

Subway 1985 courtesy afterglide

Popey’s Chicken featuring Fats Domino courtesy seanmc31706

Big Boy Retaurant courtesy seanmc31076

Shoney’s Restaurant courtesy Chuck D

Rax Big Al courtesy videoarcheology3

Domino Pizza Noid courtesy raduniverse

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