McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the 80s- 1987

Happy Meal toy and promotion selection from 1987. 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990-1993 Crayola 2 sets w/plastic stencil and crayola marker or crayon – Hamburglar w/ crayons, Birdie w/ orange or green marker, Grimace w/ flourescent crayons, Ronald McDonald w/ blue or red marker Under 3– Cardboard stencil of Ronald in a firetruck w/ crayons Promotional bag printed like a Crayola crayon box w/stencils, crayons and an entry blank for “What America Means to You/ Draw America” contest Muppet Babies 2 (test in 1986) – Plastic figures w/ their own separate ride-on toy-  Baby Gonzo w/tricycle, Baby Piggy w/convertible, Baby Fozzie w/ Hobbie Horse, Baby Kermit w/ Skateboard Under 3- Baby Kermit and Baby Piggy on roller skates Boats ‘n Floats – plastic boats with decals that doubled as Happy Meal containers- Grimace Ski Boat, Fry Kids Raft, Birdie Float, McNuggets Life Boat Real Ghostbusters school accessories– Slimer pencil and topper, Staypuft Notepad and Eraser, Containment Chamber pencil case, Ghostbusters 6″ ruler w/XOGraph scenes, Stay Puft pencil sharpener Berenstein Bears 2- flocked set – Papa w/ wheelbarrow, Mama w/ cart, Brother w/ scooter, Sister w/ wagon, U3 Papa (not flocked) Under 3-  Mama (not flocked) Hallowe’en Pumpkin Pails– lids had smaller patterns of holes in them- McBoo, McGoblin, McPunk’n Disney Favourites Activity Books– The Sword and the Stone colouring book, Lady and the Tramp sticker book, Cinderella paint with water, Dumbo press out book Runaway Robots– Bolt, Skull, Jab, Beak, Flame, Coil Little Engineer train engines w/ decals– Grimace Purple Streak, Fry Girls Express, Birdie Sunshine Special, Ronald’s Railway, Fry Guys Flyer Under 3– Fry Guy Happy Car, Grimace Happy Taxi Metro Zoo rubber animals w/map of Miami Zoo– Gorilla, Elephant, Flamingo, White Tiger TV Lunch Box w/ decals– Frys, Road McDonaldLand Lunch Box that doubled as a Happy Meal container- 2 colour w/McDonaldland scenes on the white side – Ronald McDonald in Spaceship, Sliding Down a Rainbow, Playing Football, Playing Baseball Kissyfur flocked rubber toys – Kissy Fur, Gus, Floyd, Jolene, Duane, Toot, Beehonie, Lennie McDonaldland Band instruments-Fry Guy Trumpet, Ronald Harmonica, Hamburglar Whistle, Grimace Saxaphone, Ronald Whistle, Ronald Pan Pipes, Fry Guy Boat Whistle, Birdie Kazoo Under 3– Train Whistle, Pan Pipes Design-O-Saurs toys w/interchangeable parts-  Ronald on Tyrannosaurus, Grimace on Pterodactyl, Fry Guy on Brontosaurys, Hamburglar on Triceratops Castle Maker sand moulds– Cylindrical, Rectangular, Square, Dome Changeables– McDonald’s food package toys that transform into robots – Chicken McNuggets, Quarter Pounder with Cheese, French Fries, Big Mac, Egg McMuffin, Shake Macthbox Super GT cars, each came in 2 colours- Ms. Bigfoot 0.9″ wheels, Ms. Bigfoot 1.3″ wheels, Bronco 0.9″ wheels, Bronco 1.3″ wheels, Bigfoot 1.3″ wheels, Bigfoot 0.9″ wheels, Shuttle 0.9″ wheels, Shuttle 1.3″ wheels McDonaldland figures – Fry Guy on McBronto, Hamburglar on McTops Under 3– Team McDonald’s, Happy Taxi Other promotion items for 1987 Super Sticker Squares– 9 scenes w/100 reusable stickers Stickers Fun Set Cookie Cutters– Fun Mold-Fry id, Fun-Mold Ronald Fry Guy on Brontosaurus, Hamburglar on Tricerahamburglar Triceratops 45 RPM record– Mac Tonight Fun Times Magazine Snow White Posters- Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves w/ the Dwarfs’ cottage, Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs w/birds and rabbits  35×23″ Christmas ornaments from Disney’s Cinderella free w/ $5 gift certificate book– stuffed Gus and Jacque mice MCKids white plastic cup 5 1/2″ Garfield glasses– Just me and the road, Poetry in motion, Home James, Are we having fun yet? Frisbees- Fling ‘n Fly Ronald McDonald, Wild West Flinger Ronald McDonald, Flying Wheel Ronald McDonald 3 1/2″ Sunglasses– Mac Tonight Small activity books, 10 fold 3 1/2″ x 4 1/8″ – Games ‘n Riddles, Travel Fun Postcards– McDonaldland characters “The Whole Gang” McKids logo ball cap Hamburglar cloth doll 12″ Birdie cloth doll, 12″ Fry Girl cloth doll, 12″ Fry Guy cloth doll 12″ Fry Kids cloth ornaments – guy and girl, 31/2″ Muppet Babies Christmas stuffed dolls– Baby Kermit 10″, Baby Miss Piggy 11″, Baby Fozzie 12″ Ronald McDonald cloth doll w/raised arms 13″ Images: Images in the toy pages are courtesy McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys from the Eighties – Joyce & Terry Losonksy And courtesy McDonald’s Collectibles 2nd Ed.– Gery Henriques & Audre Duvall  

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