The New 80s

Dreamworks Trolls movie Chia Pet

All decades spill over into the next decade. The 1990s didn’t really get their flavour until about ’93 (while I think of the defining, golden-age years of the 80s as 1984-1986) and there were some fads of the 80s that had sort of a …teenage moment before phasing out in the mid-90s only to be resurrected in the 2000s (I’m looking right at your pointy eared faces, My Little Pony G2). But the 80s didn’t truly make it into the nostalgia hall of fame until around 2009 when 80s kids were old enough to have their own kids and as the most materialistic generation to date, figured they could clamour for their old toys, books and films to make comebacks so their kids could enjoy the good old days (yeah so our “kids” can enjoy them…).  Pop on into the New 80s pages to see the good bad and the ugly of 80s Remixes- sometimes it’s better off a second time around and other times things out to just go the way of Atari in the desert….

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