Soaps and Mini Series

If it seems like Days of Our Lives has been on forever, that’s because it has. I started watching at my babysitters house when I was 5 (it had already been on air since my mother was about 10) and 30 years later Bo and Hope are still trying to get it together. Only on TV! Here we include soaps, daytime TV, news and sports series that ran through the 80s and early 90s regardless of original air date.


Days of Our Lives – an 80s staple, began in the mid-sixties

All my Children

Santa Barbara

Ryan’s Hope

A World Apart

As the World Turns

The Best of Everything

The Edge of Night

Search for Tomorrow


Eastenders (UK)

Coronation Street (UK)



North and South

The Thorn Birds

War and Remembrance

The Winds of War

Wild Palms

The Civil War -Ken Burns’


News and Daytime Talk Programmes

Day One

A Closer Look / The Faith Daniels Show

Dr. Dean

Jane Whitney

Dr. Ruth

Ricki Lake

Regis and Kathie Lee



Sixty Minutes

Julia Child

Meet the Press

The People’s Court

Arsenio Hall

Sally Jesse Raphael

Jay Leno

Jane Pauley


Good Morning, America!

Barbara Walters interview specials


One on One with John Tesh

The Other Side

The Marsha Warfield Show



America’s Most Wanted

The Oprah Winfrey Show


Sports Regulars

Baseball Night in America

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Baseball


Rose Bowl Game

Thursday Night Baseball

ABC’s Wide World of Sports