My Little Pony G2 USA / Europe


While the G2 ponies are somewhat forgotten outside of collector’s circles, Hasbro’s runner ups to the smash-hit G1 line began in 1997 but continued on only in Europe after 1998, ending in 2003. G2 ponies are slightly thinner with rounder faces and features than their G1 big sisters and while many 80s kids would have been in high school or graduated by the time G2 came out, many of these grown-up MLP fans are now collecting them. G2 have always had a “fakie” look to them in my estimation but it can’t be denied that the European counterparts had some interesting gimmicks.

Click here for G2 European Ponies 1999-2003

1997- 1998 USA 

Year One -1997

Secret Surprise Friends
Berry Bright
Clever Clover
Morning Glory
Petal Blossom
Sky Skimmer

Magic Motion Friends

Canopy Heart w/Light Heart Pony
Pony Garden Playcase
Pony Garden Playcase (Spanish Issue) w/ Ivy Pony

Year Two -1998

Secret Surprise Friends
Sugar Belle
Secret Tale

Magic Motion Friends European Line picked up here
Moon Shadow
Tipsy Tulip
Satin Splash
Sweet Berry

Sunny Garden Friends
Basket Surprise / Sweet Berry and Ivy
Birthday Magic / Light Heart and Sundance

Mail Order and Playsets
Seabreeze (US)
Wedding Chapel w/ Dainty Dove pony
My Pretty Parlor w/ Ivy pony


Unreleased Issues
Petal Blossom’s Tower playset
Holiday Playsets w/baby ponies