Here you will find a listing by no means exhaustive of known factory prototypes, factory flaws, MLP Club promos, very rare promotional items and anything else to be considered very rare or exceptional. Photos are property of their owners. ***No ponies or items on this page are for sale! Thanks to @whitneyMLP for sharing her knowledge and personal collection for edicational and entertainment use.

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Prototypes (known, verified by private collectors and NOT for sale)

unhaired/unpainted “skin test” Bangles protoype w/ warm pink skin (close to Skyflier’s)


Factory Errors

Bluebelle known errors: Yellow Bluebelle body with purple hair/ pink cutie mark. Yellow body/ pink cutie mark Bluebelle w/purple hair, blue head. Blue body w/ purple cutie mark Bluebelle w/ yellow head and purple hair. Lavender body w/purple cutie mark Bluebelle with blue head and purple hair.

Mein Kleines Pony/ MLP/ Mon Petit Poney Party table decorations w/ Applejack, Firefly and Bubbles error (Bubbles with Snuzzle cutie mark)

Image property @whitneyMLP


Insider Rarities

Hasbro News – this was an internal employee-printed newsletter that featured toy news and employee spotlights.


MLP Club

1988 “Mama Passport” club exclusive (Holland)

1986  UK Activity Club member premiums:  Welcome to Ponyland 1986 Activity Club membership certificate, 1986 Round Majesty Club Member round metal badge, 1986 Club member cloth drawstring bag w/ Bowtie, Bubbles, Firefly, 1986 pink hair ribbon w/blue printing , 2 colour newsletters

1987  UK Activity Club member premiums: 1987 Round Majesty Club Member round metal badge, Welcome to Ponyland 1987 Activity Club membership certificate, 1987 Member colour changing pens,1987 plastic bag with Bowtie, 1987 soft zippered pencil case with Posey and Baby Sea Pony, 1987 wall frieze, 1987 12 month calendar, 2 colour newsletters

1988 UK Activity Club member premiums: 1988 Round Majesty Club Member round metal badge, Welcome to Ponyland 1988 Activity Club membership certificate,  Adventures in Ponyland game, Pony purse w/ strap, 2 colour newsletters 

1989 UK Activity Club member premiums: 1989 Majesty Activity Club Member round plastic white/raised blue printing, white unmarked activity club Baby Pony, Baby Pony adoption certificate, activity book, Colour-Me Fun diary, Christmas fun pack, 3 b/w newsletters

1990 UK Activity Club member premiums: 1990 Cookery Pony(?) round metal Activity Club badge w/ white/red printing, pony wedding invitation, Baby Bridesmaid activity club pony, red hair ribbon with blue printing, Colour-Me 1991 12-month calendar, wedding activity color and cut sheets, 3 newsletters, Christmas fun pack.

1991 UK Activity Club member premiums: 1991 Baby Fun ‘n Games round metal Activity Club badge w/ white/blue printing, Baby Fun ‘n Games activity club pony, activity club ruler, Colour-me postcards, 3 newsletters, Christmas fun pack.

1992 UK Activity Club member premiums: The UK Activity Club ended in 1991 but Baby Ribbons and Hearts was available as an actvity club baby pony through the mail order with Horseshoe Points and was assumed to have been the intended 1992 club premium originally. 

MLP Fan-Klub round yellow sticker w/ Peachy (Holland/ Denmark (?)

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Large Items

Unknown Pink Pony w/ blue hair (3 yellow stars and a red star mark) carousel-type ride-on outside of Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant, Denver. W/blue base 50cent moneybox and MLP official logo. Another sighted in the southern states, unk location.


Other Promotional items

My Little Pony the Movie promotional kit: Folder w/ official movie poster artwork, press release (?), b/w artwork

MLP Fact File binder w/information on over 100 ponies (UK)


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