School Yard Stuff

Remember playing MASH during Science Class and passing around the cootie catcher? Heres a list of schoolyard stuff we did in the 80s. Playing Red Rover Playing Hide n Seek Playing on asphault and at least one kid breaking their head open every year on it Burning our rear ends on the metal slide The Presidents Physical Fitness Challenge (I always failed running) Chalk Graffiti Blowing Bubbles Picking gum off the desks Scratching pictures in the school desks with unwound paper clips Doing cartwheels at recess RECESS!! Playing One Two, Buckle my Shoe Jumping Rope= individually and with a group Playing ‘House under the monkey bars Having Boys vs. Girls ‘club’ meetings under the curly slide Walking up the curly slide and sliding back down Sitting in the middle of the roundabout with your head thrown back to get dizzy Leaping off the roundabout at it’s fastest to try and break your leg so you didn’t have to go to school Ditto falling off the top of the curly slide Ditto purposely flying off the swings Playing with Pinwheels Playing MASH Passing around notes Making cootie catchers out of homework papers Saying the pledge of Allegience Show n Tell Parents’ Night Using a ‘blackboard’ Typing class with actual typewriters Breakdancing contests Playing hopscotch Checking on the Elf on the Shelf Staging plays in the gymnasium Getting classmates to sign our autograph books Sticking stickers all over Trapper Keepers The yearly end-of-school carnival Showing off our new digital watches Really believing we were better than the kid next to us based on what was printed on our milk cartons Disaster Drills Playing 7up Making ‘copies’ of mimeograph sheets by pressing them onto clean sheets under our school books Not bringing home a bookbag- or any books for that matter Watching ABC Afterschool specials – after school of course Going to an afterschool programme or daycare til mom and dad got home Taking penmanship class and practising cursive The Scholastic Book Fair

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