What you didn’t know about David the Gnome


The World of David the Gnome aired on Nickelodeon in 1987 as an English dub by Cinar of the original Spanish language show that aired in 1985. David was voiced by Tom Bosley who had played everybody’s favourite blue collar dad Mr. C in Happy Days. The character was based on the gnome characters of The Secret Book of Gnomes by author Wil Huygen and illustrator Rien Poortvliet. If you’re a David fan and aren’t acquainted with the original book please please get this for the illustrations alone-Poortvliet’s work is amazing and Huygen details the lives of the little folk in such good humoresque detail you won’t for a minute doubt the woods are full of them. Huygen/ Poortvliet did other works involving the gnomes and other figures of Dutch myth- I was recently reading The Book of the Sandman which showcases the skill of Poortvliet as a painter and also the delux edition of Gnomes which shows more naked gnomes than you can shake a stick at- all in the name of Academia of course ;). I got them through my local library but Amazon carries others such as : The Living Forest: a world of Animals Farm Book Noah’s Ark Journey to the Ice Age: Mammoths and other Animals of the Wild He was One of Us: the Life of Jesus of Nazareth Daily Life in Holland in 1566 Gnomes deluxe collectors edition Dutch Treat The Book of the Sandman A Gnomes’ Christmas Dogs Secrets of the Gnomes Horses





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