WHAT! Life -size Lite-Brite!

Lite Brite at Nuit Blanche 2009, Toronto, Canada.
Lite Brite at Nuit Blanche 2009, Toronto, Canada. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I see a trip to the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History on my bucket list to visit this life-sized Lite Brite– check out Warm Hot Chocolate’s awesome pics from 2010 of the brilliant life-sized pegs. I can’t actually find the exhibit on the museum site but it seems like it’s sticking its tongue out at Chrome so maybe it’s just hiding somewhere. At any rate looks like they’ve got some other awesome stuff- a NatGeo Indiana Jones archaeology exhibit and an interactive Wizard of Oz special commemorating the 70th anniversary of the film. And did you know? Lori Kanary holds the Guinness World Record for her insane Giant Lite-Brite made of 62.856 pegs which she based on Claude Monet’s Impression Sunrise. Check it out at Canary Studio.  
250 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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