What do Madonna and a 110 year old ghost ship have in common?

Papa don’t preach – a revolutionary song for the times for speaking out about a woman’s rights regarding abortion- and ghost ships? huh? So check this out: Some kayakers were out minding their own business in a kayak when they came across a ship wreck in an area off the Ohio river. ┬áCovered in plant life, it was sound enough to have a nosey around and turns out this 110-year old ghost ship has some history- from taking vacationers on tours to fighting in BOTH world wars, to being a guinea pig for communications experiments for Thomas Edison. So what was it’s greatest contribution to American history? Well, to 80s culture anyway- if you watch the music video for Papa Don’t Preach (scroll down) you’ll notice a docked ship at around 1:50 which is- dum dum dum dum! Our mystery ghost ship. Check out more details on this cool find and some awesome photos from Viral Forest. Papa Don’t Preach courtesy madonna
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