We won’t forget about you- The Breakfast Club turns 30


Tampabay.com That’s right Gen Xers- if the Breakfast Club is 30, you’re —ahem and that makes Molly Ringwald- well you get it. In honour of BC’s 25th anniversary Universal released a 1 disc Blu Ray edition for the ultimate high school reunion. 1 disc? I was expecting for an 80s icon of this magnitude at least 2 additional discs of features. Hell I was expecting a VHS pressing just for nostalgias sake. Scratch that- Betamax. Now to be fair, Blu Ray is great quality viewing and the disc featured audio commentary by Judd Nelson and Anthony Michael Hall, a 51 min documentary on the film and a 6 min featurette. But seriously I’d like a little more and dare I admit this, I wasn’t really a BC fan (remember if you throw something you’re only going to hurt your own computer screen!!) I much preferred Ferris Beuller’s Day Off as far as teen dramedy went but I absolutely recognise the cultural value, particularly in the soundtrack, and so like I said, a little disappointed in you, 25th anniversary edition. BTW this same disc was rereleased in 2012 with a DVD and digital copy. So, nothing Universal?? I mean, my 30th birthday was even a step up in party factor. Well if not then I leave it to the masses on Tumblr and Pinterest and the internet superhighway of adoring 80s blogs to immortalize this chronicle of 80s teen angst- so much a defining factor of Generation X. In the meantime there are some nifty memorials you can check out- Nerve’s 30 pieces of BC trivia And a cast Where are they Now? On Bustle

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