Showing off my AirbrushPerfect Legs!

       I recently received a Sally Hansen Airbrush Perfect Legs voxbox from Influenster. Looks like this: SHlegs2
Now I grew up knowing Sally Hansen as that nice lady who helps poor girls look like they almost got a manicure  at one of those, you know, salons. I was raised by the generation who laid out on tinfoil slathered in baby oil and smoked for fashion’s sake so I have never ever in my life tried to get a tan on purpose. NO baby oil, NO tanning beds, NO laying on the beach. My skin goes from white to blisters so when I got this I thought, I don’t have any need to have tan legs but hey, sounds somewhat safe.
Anyone who has ever done anything from an ‘inthebottle’ product will probably tell you if it doesn’t naturally fit in a bottle anyway, it’s not going to work. I kept an open mind and got to smearing.
So, it went on very smooth. I couldn’t help but think of Nair but the AirbrushPerfect lotion didn’t stink or anything so there’s a thumbs up. It was a bit hard to get evenly applied though. When I was through I had a look in different lights and then put it past my husband, who can always be counted on to put it bluntly. “That’s very… nuclear.” Nuclear as in, really quite orange. Now, I am used to makeup foundation almost always having an orange tint on me so it didn’t really surprise me. Am I purposely going to buy something that makes my legs look like carrots? No. I get enough comments on their chalkiness.
I did keep the product on all day while I cleaned and gardened, so about 10 hours and it definitely stayed put- no fading or anything. It was actually kind of hard to wash off which was surprising to me but it didn’t stain anything so I think if they work on the tint, Sally Hansen will have a winner.
All products received complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.
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