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Teddy Ruxpin back again

While some thought Teddy Ruxpin was toy evil incarnate, I loved my storytelling buddy and wasn’t at all frightened by his spasms when I’d slip a black sabbath cassette in just to screw around (though I have seen Teddy deconstructed and seeing him without his fuzzy exterior nearly gave me a heart attack). But the new incarnation of Teddy Ruxpin is just terrifying. Using those “magical” (read: homicidal) LED eyes that they unleashed on the new Cabbage Patch Kids, Wicked Cool Toys departed from the original design by giving him a fat, doleful face and of course, no soul.

This poor guy looks like he’s begging to get out of that box. You can grab one at Target. Check it out:

Original Teddy courtesy peetoons

New Teddy courtesy Wicked Cool Toys

Author: Yello80s

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