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When I was little I was fascinated with Polaroid photos- how did my face magically appear on those little squares of paper And what made the cube flash go around on my mother’s Kodak? In the 80s you waited an eternity for your photos to pop up in the mail- there was no getting photos while you shopped, printing out photos or saving them anywhere other than a shoebox. Goodness help you if the camera door didn’t shut all the way or got jiggled open- your whole role was exposed and there went the vacation memories. When camcorders came on the scene it was then possible to watch home movies on your own TV as opposed to projecting them onto a screen or wall. And the culture of me-obsession was born. There were a lot of technologies now perfected in recording still and moving images that got their start in the 82s. Take a look: Disposable Cameras – 1986 Camcorders – 1983 Colour camcorders Betamax format VHS format Video Cassette Recorders (VCR) Laserdisc players Slide projectors Home movie projectors Polaroid Cameras Mamiya ZE 35m camera Fujica AX1 camera Pentax ME-F camera Sony Mavica Electronic Camera Hitachi VK-C1000 Scanners Nikon FM2 Kodac Disc Cameras Minolta Disc-5 camera Anesco Focus Free camera Kodak Partytime II Kodamatic Instant Camera Vestron VHS courtesy czar7474 Kodak Kodamatic 960 camera Kodak 980L camera Kodak Partystar Kodamatic camera Nimslo 3D camera Sony BMC 100 110 camera Sanyo Betamovie videocameras Pentax Neva still viewer Fisher Cam 500 videocamera Kodak Olympic courtesy tracy80sgirl Canon RC701 colour still camera Megavision digital still camera JVC GR-C1 videocamera Konica VC-301 videocamera Canon CI-10 colour videocamera Sony CCD V8 videorecorder Fuji Es-1 still videocamera Canon RC-1 still videocamera Canon RC-602 mirror system camera Tessera by MegaVision Digi-View by Newtek Sony Mavica, ProMavika Casio VS-101 still videocamera ImageWare Systems imaging photo booths Kodak Electro-optic digital camera Kodak Still Video System -multidisc recorder, CCD camera, printer Megaplus by Kodak / Videk Konika KC-400 still videocamera Kyocera Samurai SLR cameras Minolta Maximum 35 mm Olympus V100 still videocamera Panasonic Photovision still videocamera Canon RC-470 still videocamera Canon Xapshot Canon Q-Pik Canon Ion Fuji Card camera JPEG and MPEG formats developed Kodak Tactical Digital camera Kodak Prism XLC Electronic Previewing System Digital Darkroom software for Mactintosh Nikon QV-1000C SLR monochromatic still videocamera Polaroid HIRES still videocamera / printer Polaroid Cool Cam Sony Sports Handycam Konica Kanpai voice activated camera Color Studio 1.0 for Macintosh Kodak Hawkeye II Integrated Imaging Accessory digital camera Sanyo Stillvision Sony Digital Image Handler Olympus OM-1 35mm Canon EOS 650 automatic camera Pentac LX manual camera Nikon F4 electronic camera Canon A1 SLR Kodak launches disk photography Kodak Ektaprint Electronic Publishing System – KEEPS Kodak FLING camera Kodak Funsaver disposable camera Sources: Digicam History Web Designer Depot TimeToast Kodak history

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