Popples Wednesday: Plushie Sunny

Available to collect at Target– plush Popples! While they’re not the originals for sure, the plushies are awfully cute -Say hello to Sunny (I think she’s my favourite- she has a topknot just like me)!


Popple Wednesday: Pop ‘n Roll Treehouse

Found this cute Popple playset at Target for the pop ‘n roll mini popples. How cute!  Comes with an exclusive Sunny Popple.


Yello80s Christmas Wishlist Day 8: Popples

yello80spoppleDear Santa,

Would you please bring me a Popple for Christmas this year? I’d like either Pancake or Prize but I’m sending you a picture of me and Pretty Cool because it’s pretty cool. Specifically, I don’t want a Costume Popple, Rockstar Popple, Sports Popple, Puffling, Pocket Popple (scary faces!), Pillow Popple (not Pillow People, Pillow Popples), Fruit Popple, Animal Popple or Cheerleader Popple. No, it’s the original gang for me. Unless you’ve got a Baby somewhere in your bag- then I’ll take Cribsy.