Santa Claus the Movie: OST vinyl

ywsctm4One of my all-time favourite 80s movies (possibly my favourite Christmas movie) is Santa Claus: the Movie. It’s one of those that has a fantastic soundtrack but other than at key anniversary times it seems everyone forgets this one. 2015 was the 30th anniversary of this delightful film (with a young John Lithgow and a young-ish? Dudley Moore) and I went searching online for the soundtrack by Henry Mancini (yes, the guy who did the Pink Panther). Seeing that is was 1985 when it was released, I held out a little more hope than probably realistic for a CD release in the U.S. Barring this, I took to eBay, the repository for all things nostalgic and picked up a very reasonable vinyl copy from Vinyl Garage Japan. My record came in perfect condition like it was 1985 all over again, featuring Sheena Easton on It’s Christmas All Over the World and the very sweet Christmas Eve and Thank You, Santa. The only bad lemons on this collection are Patch, Natch which is just weird and Shouldn’t Do That featuring Kaja which sounds like it’s from the wrong film altogether. Vinyl Garage Japan has lots of shipping options and packaged my disc extremely well for the long journey- keep them in mind for your obscure vinyl needs!