Happy Christmas Eve from Yello80s!

When I was a kid we went to late service on Christmas Eve and usually stayed up at least until midnight to watch either A. Midnight Mass at St. Peter’s, B. A Christmas Carol (the Alistair Sims version) or C. Whatever special PBS was replaying after the earlier schedule. One year that stands out to me was when we watched The Snowman, the animated production based on British author/ illustrator Raymond Briggs’ picture book of the same name. Here it is, complete with original intro. If you’re still up, sit down with some cocoa and the family and enjoy this timeless 1982 special. Courtesy Xbeps’s Channel

Yello80s Advent countdown day 26: Christmas ads 1986

I remember 1986 as being an EXCELLENT year for toys, tv and films. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what our parents were saving up to get us for Christmas that year in this collection of 1986 Christmas ads. Courtesy the TjTube

Yello80s Advent countdown day 24: Christmas in Tattertown

A 1988 special made for Nickelodeon that didn’t quite stand the test of time- perfect for this nostalgia blog! Courtesy Geoffrey Darby

Yello80s Advent countdown day 23: Candy Claus 3/3

So glad you’ve stuck around for the finale, part 3! Courtesy SACDMan

Yello80s Advent countdown day 21: Candy Claus 2/3

And on we boldly go to part 2 of 3… Courtesy SACDMan

Yello80s Advent countdown day 21: Candy Claus part 1/3

By all accounts one of the weirdest Christmas specials ever, here’s part 1 of Candy Claus from 1987. Courtesy SACDMan

Yello80s Advent countdown day 20: Rubik’s First Christmas

Rubik the Amazing Cube wasn’t on tv very long but he managed to squeeze in a Christmas episode which starts off with Feliz Navidad and ends with Rubik filling in for Rudulph. Courtesy Rick Pheonix

Yello80s Advent countdown day 19: Santa and the Three Bears

This cute little special was actually aired in 1970 but still had airplay through the 80s. Courtesy Masterblaster T

Yello80s Advent countdown day 18: Fraggle Rock

The Fraggles celebrate their own version of Christmas called the Festival of the Bells- this was their festival song sung over the closing credits of the episode of the same name in 1984. Courtesy surafraggle

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to me!  Yep, I have one of those December birthdays and I wanted to share one of my favourite 80s things with you, which, naturally, is about Christmas. Here we have Every Christmas Eve, the opening title song from Santa Claus, the Movie, 1985. Courtesy Rich