Yello80s Advent countdown day 26: Christmas ads 1986

I remember 1986 as being an EXCELLENT year for toys, tv and films. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and see what our parents were saving up to get us for Christmas that year in this collection of 1986 Christmas ads. Courtesy the TjTube

Yello80s Advent Countdown: Day 7: How Great Our Joy

Bethlehem-lutheranchurch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In German known as Als ich bei meinen Schafen wacht or the Echo Hymn due to the echoing response: How great our joy (great our joy)  Joy! Joy! Joy!  (Joy! Joy! Joy!), How Great Our Joy was the one piece I thought was part of the Messiah (containing the Hallelujah Chorus) growing up and couldn’t see why it was not!  While the Messiah comes from composer George Frideric Handel, this hymn is from a fellow German Friedrich Spee, around 50 years earlier. English While by the sheep we watched at night, Glad tidings brought an angel bright. Refrain: How great our joy! Great our joy! Joy, joy, joy! Joy, joy, joy! Praise we the Lord in heav’n on high! Praise we the Lord in heav’n on high! There shall be born, so He did say, In Bethlehem a Child today. Refrain There shall the Child lie in a stall, This Child who shall redeem us all. Refrain This gift of God we’ll cherish well, That ever joy our hearts shall fill. Refrain Deutsch 1. Als ich bei meinen Schafen wacht’, ein Engel mir die Botschaft bracht. Des bin ich froh (bin ich froh), froh, froh, froh (froh, froh, froh), benedicamus Domino (benedicamus Domino). 2. Er sprach:”Der Heiland Jesus Christ zu Bethlehem geboren ist!” Des bin ich froh… 3. Er sagt, das Kind läg da im Stall und sollt die Welt erlösen all. Des bin ich froh… courtesy ChristmasMusicForAll

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: 1986 Xmas ads

Now that we’ve had a DVR for a number of years I have complained to my husband I miss commercials- particularly Christmas ads. Well thank you, Youtube! 1986 Christmas Ads courtesy TheTjTube

Christmas Pebbles at Target

PebblesSomehow I missed these during the Christmas season (and I don’t know how because I’m embarrassed to admit how often I’m in Tar-jay) but I just found Pebbles Sugar Cookie flavour on the clearance aisle in Target. Now, clearance in Target is like a dime off and these are not an 80s cereal but I felt compelled to bring this news to you, my fellow 80s children.   **Mr. Breakfast has added a page for Sugar Cookie Pebbles at, one of the coolest sites on the planet-make sure you check it out!!
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Cabbage Patch 30th Birthday Celebration ‘Kids at Toys ‘R Us

Babyland General has rolled out the Vintage Limited Edition dolls for the 30th Birthday Celebration and like CPKs always were, these are a little pricey at $49.99. A little digging found out that Toys ‘R Us has the Strawberry Blonde Girl Brunette Girl for $34.99 in store and online.  They’ve also got these sweet little guys with glasses also selling for $34.99 at Toys ‘R Us: TRU CPK 30vin1 TRU CPK 30vin2 TRU CPK tooth1 TRU CPK tooth2 TRU CPK tooth3  
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