80s Animated Soundtracks: Poor Unfortunate Souls

I’m not a huge Disney fan and I’m not a villain fan either though some people really get on one side or the other of that fence but Ursula in the Little Mermaid is just pure entertainment. Her talk to Ariel about catching a man sounds like something right out of my family. if you need a refresher on how awesome Ursula is, take a sec and watch her in action spinning her wicked ways to Ariel as she helps those ‘poor unfortunate souls’ get what they want in the worst of ways. Courtesy Ryan Porter

80s Animated Soundtracks: Nothing Can Stop the Schmooze

When My Little Pony: the Movie came out, I was not prepared for this big purple oozing thing which was the unstoppable Schmooze. Villains in Ponyland, let’s say, were rather lackluster but the purple, oozing Schmooze hit me out of left field for sure. It’s an odd song and while I can appreciate the vocal acoustics, in the end it just sounds like they ran out of money for an actual score. In any case, it’s definitely a kid-pleaser. Boom boom boom- boom boom- the Schmooze… Courtesy WishFaerie

80s Animate Soundtracks: The Hugga Bunch song

Though not actually animated, the Hugga Bunch debuted by Kenner in 1985 with a kickoff tv movie by Filmfair and featured puppets, or dolls, or some sort of terrifying non-human creature acting with actual children. Some people still love those weird dolls, some people have night terrors from them but either way, I think their horrible theme song is pretty unforgettably bad. Courtesy Ashley Merrill

80s Animated Soundtracks: I Want to Remember This

Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (And don’t come back!) was the 4th Charlie brown movie to be produced and thought by many to be the best of them at the time though considered to be the darkest of the films at the time. What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? Is the next in line after Bon Voyage and caps up the storyline. The poignant I Want to Remember is a fan favourite but the singer is not credited. Anyone have any idea? Courtesy wileyk209zback

80 animated soundtracks: Path of the Wind

Though My Neighbour Totoro came out in the US under Walt Disney in 2006, it’s original Japanese release by Studio Ghibli was in 1988 and it did in fact cross the Pacific in 1993 in a release by FoxVideo. The magical score by Joe Hisaishi is head by Path of the Wind (Kaze no Torimichi). Courtesy JakeGirnus’s channel

80s Animated Soundtracks: Ode to a Rat

Heidi’s Song, a 1982 film by Hanna Barbara, broke out of the usual Yogi Bear mould and had some interesting visuals. Ode to a Rat features Sammy Davis Jr on vocals and a mean trumpet section. Courtesy lolcoffeebandit

80s Animated Soundtracks: Once Upon a Time in New York City

Oliver and Company (AKA Oliver and Dodger) was Disney’s 1988 animated hit that brought a kid’s version of Oliver Twist to the big screen. Set in NYC with Oliver the cat and Dodger, the street-wise mutt, Oliver and Company featured this tune which shared the same title as the Pogues‘ famous Christmas hit. Courtesy disneysoundtrack89

80s animated soundtracks: The Touch

While I’m only a casual Transformers fan in the way of appreciating the toy and the concept, I have to say The Touch by Stan Bush from the Transformers movie (1987) is a really decent 80s riff. The animation from this film rocks too! Courtesy Dino Ignacio

80s animated soundtracks: A Real American Hero

Some productions take the easy way out and remix a cartoon theme when they move to the big screen. This was the case with the G.I. Joe movie in 1987. You can hear the Real American Hero theme sort of tossed in between ominous murmurings of “Cobraaa”. Still, I’m including it because I just can’t stop singing in my head ‘Go Joe!” Courtesy poa9s

80s animated soundtracks: Rise and Shine

Considered by many to be the worst of the Care Bears movies in the 80s, The Care Bears’ Adventure in Wonderland (Care Bears III, 1987) did have some cute songs by the wonderful John Sebastian. The title song, Rise and Shine, is cute and bouncy. Just what Grumpy Bears likes in the morning, huh! Courtesy cb82fan