80s Animated Soundtracks: Our Love

While Yello80s.com doesn’t endorse Adult animation, we’re looking solely at animated feature soundtracks of the 80s this month and so are ending on one of the more obscure films of the 80s, Hey Good Lookin (1982 with a soundtrack release not until 2006). Our Love is a really nice ballad from the film. Courtesy HeyGoodLookinOST

80s Animated Soundtracks: Nothing Can Stop the Schmooze

When My Little Pony: the Movie came out, I was not prepared for this big purple oozing thing which was the unstoppable Schmooze. Villains in Ponyland, let’s say, were rather lackluster but the purple, oozing Schmooze hit me out of left field for sure. It’s an odd song and while I can appreciate the vocal acoustics, in the end it just sounds like they ran out of money for an actual score. In any case, it’s definitely a kid-pleaser. Boom boom boom- boom boom- the Schmooze… Courtesy WishFaerie

80s Animate Soundtracks: The Hugga Bunch song

Though not actually animated, the Hugga Bunch debuted by Kenner in 1985 with a kickoff tv movie by Filmfair and featured puppets, or dolls, or some sort of terrifying non-human creature acting with actual children. Some people still love those weird dolls, some people have night terrors from them but either way, I think their horrible theme song is pretty unforgettably bad. Courtesy Ashley Merrill

80s Animated Soundtracks: I Want to Remember This

Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (And don’t come back!) was the 4th Charlie brown movie to be produced and thought by many to be the best of them at the time though considered to be the darkest of the films at the time. What Have We Learned, Charlie Brown? Is the next in line after Bon Voyage and caps up the storyline. The poignant I Want to Remember is a fan favourite but the singer is not credited. Anyone have any idea? Courtesy wileyk209zback

80sAnimated Soundtracks: Funny Little Things

While The Hobbit by Rankin & Bass predates the 80s, the Lord of the Rings trilogy was much a part of 80s fantasy animation. Funny Little Things is a funny little song about some odd birds indeed. Courtesy Kanal von GlennReturns

80s Animated Soundtrack: With You I can Run Forever

Animalympics came pole-vaulting to screens via HBO in 1985 with big names Billy Crystal and Gilda Radner doing voice-work. The film was produced in 1981 after a commission from NBC in 1978 but never found a distribution route in theatres. The disco-ish soundtrack by Graham Gouldman of the British bands 10CC and The Yardbirds features the end credits song With You I Can Run Forever. Courtesy Matt Laufenberg

80s Animated Soundtracks: Flying Dreams

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH used to be on many school reading lists but more 80s kids will probably remember the animated film version by Don Bluth, The Secret of NIMH (FYI, NIMH strands for the National Institutes of Mental Health. Weird topic for a kids’ book, right?). Flying Dreams, the theme from the film, was sung in the film’s opening but then later by Mrs. Frisby to her ill son, Timothy (sung by Sally Stevens). Courtesy AkiAquaStar

80s Animated Soundtracks: Once Upon a Time in New York City

Oliver and Company (AKA Oliver and Dodger) was Disney’s 1988 animated hit that brought a kid’s version of Oliver Twist to the big screen. Set in NYC with Oliver the cat and Dodger, the street-wise mutt, Oliver and Company featured this tune which shared the same title as the Pogues‘ famous Christmas hit. Courtesy disneysoundtrack89

80s animated soundtracks: The Touch

While I’m only a casual Transformers fan in the way of appreciating the toy and the concept, I have to say The Touch by Stan Bush from the Transformers movie (1987) is a really decent 80s riff. The animation from this film rocks too! Courtesy Dino Ignacio

80s animated soundtracks: A Real American Hero

Some productions take the easy way out and remix a cartoon theme when they move to the big screen. This was the case with the G.I. Joe movie in 1987. You can hear the Real American Hero theme sort of tossed in between ominous murmurings of “Cobraaa”. Still, I’m including it because I just can’t stop singing in my head ‘Go Joe!” Courtesy poa9s