One more knock to Chuck E Cheese

Ready for church with Chuck E Cheese

Since its beginnings the ShowBiz Pizza/ Chuck E Cheese empire has had its stops and stops but it seems to me that since the title rat was totally overhauled in 2013 it was the beginning of the end of the 80s glory days. Now the actual end has a date with the phasing out of the animatronic band that both entertained and scared the hell out of 80s kids birthday parties across the land. Citing the need to keep up with kids’ expectations of technology, Chuck E Cheese will be getting rid of the animatronic bands over the next few years. Now of course the band has been overhauled multitple times over the years but there’s something inordinately sad about saying goodbye to that “new” old technology. So until that final concert let’s look back at how Chuck E was back in those sweet days of pizza, rats in the restaurant and crying:

1982-1990 Chuck E Cheese Advert compilation courtesy BrenBill

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