Obscure 80s cartoons: Little Muppet Monsters

I can honestly say I never saw this one but in 1985 CBS expanded on the Muppet Babies cartoon with another half hour segment called Little Muppet Monsters that combined live action puppets and animated segments. Muppets Tug, Boo and Molly are locked in a basement by Scooter and start their own TV show. CBS cancelled after 3 episodes and kept on with Muppet Babies but according to Lost Media Wiki there have been recycled animation bits of this show in Muppet Babies and other puppet segments of the show that never aired have been found online.

2 thoughts on “Obscure 80s cartoons: Little Muppet Monsters

  1. Hi i just registered for your site. I am an 80’s kid through and through, it was the best decade ever!
    I remember these muppet monster segments. I watched muppet babies every saturday.

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