iCade for iPad or iPhone brings retro fun to Christmas this year

So you love the 80s but can’t part with your iStuff? Want a great Christmas gift for kids who didn’t get to experience arcades in person? Just feeling a little geeky and want a more tangible game experience on your tablet? Check out iCade and iCade Jr- an arcade cabinet for your iPad or iPhone. I saw these first in Parents magazine’s Dec 2013 Christmas gift list so they’ve passed muster as an all- round parent- approved gift for kids. But I’m not talking to parents here for their kids (although it’s the next best thing to illustrate the massive fun of 80s arcades to young people born after phone booths died), I’m talking to you fellow 80s children! If you love the 80s and your mobile devices as much as I do, this is a must have! Available on ThinkGeek and Amazon



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