Happy New Year from Yello80s!

Well it was a fast 2015- am I just getting old or was it a really quick year? Maybe I was just busier than normal. Check it:  
out. getting Pittsburgh on film
new haircut and dinosaur pajamas
christmas with Mr. Boo
hair is growing out!
me and Ducko at the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert
i turned 37 and 4am is now way too early..,
making cookies with mum
cozy with some troll babes at Too Groovy Toys
1st time in a Rowboat
hanging with a popple at Too Groovy Toys
coveting care bears at Too Groovy Toys
trying out a new look
kennywood trip with Mr. Boo
photo shoot with LumiNess
flying nun! making the best of kidney testing
hanging with good friends Nessie and Gretchen
working on a bad sunburn!
visit to old Allegheny County Airport
hawking my wares at the Too Groovy Toy Show
who cam win the most cracker crowns. on Christmas?
i think–
its me!
hanging on the couch with Mr. Boo
photo shoot with LumiNess
   Wishing all our readers everywhere, everyday, a hopeful, healthy and happy 2016 and big things are coming for Yello80s so make sure you’re subscribed for updates!!

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